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Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights

Launched two weeks ago, this document has been put together to counter any move by the UN to change sex to gender in UN Law. Read all about it here and please consider signing and helping to spread the word.

No amount of mockery seems enough for City of London police and Accenture


Last Thursday evening a company of four women went to what was billed as an ‘inclusive event’ for Accenture International Transgender Day of Visibility. The sight of these women –  believed to be lesbians – sitting quietly in the audience waiting for the event to start, was apparently very upsetting for panel members, who happened to include Susie Green of the atrocious Mermaids charity. Security staff tried to get them to leave and ended up calling police to physically remove them. Check out the Twitter thread and be very afraid of #Lesbiansonchairs.

Seven police officers sent to remove four women from ‘inclusive’ talk on transgender issues featuring CEO of Mermaids Telegraph 22.03.19

Trans Pride Scotland defend performer’s exhortation to “throat-punch” feminists.

Apparently it’s OK promote violence against women if it’s just “tongue in cheek”, regardless of how it makes us feel because our feelings don’t matter compared to those of precious, entitled misogynists like Peyton Rose, who said the comment was made while in a state of vulnerability and stress and in self defence. Self defence against what? Being violently misgendered again?

Here are the relevant news stories:

And here is Trans Pride Scotland’s statement as posted on their Facebook page. A feminist who shared it on her FB page accompanied by the term DARVO got a 30-day suspension. Perhaps somebody could remind TPS that the world isn’t a kind place to women either and acting as apologists for those who promote violence isn’t making the world a better place for anyone.

Trans Pride Scotland Statement from A Woman’s Place UK 23.03.19


Cambridge student stages silent protest


This is Jay Man, a student at Cambridge University, who has been dressing as a handmaid and staging silent protests in Cambridge. Follow Jay on Twitter.

Jay tweeted: “My message ‘acknowledging biological sex is NOT hate speech’ and the ‘woman:noun’ separate protest – described as ‘anti-transgender’, ‘discriminatory and unacceptable’, ‘disrespect’, and King’s students are ‘putting all our power into solving this issue’.”

This is the story she’s referring to: King’s College Council votes not to fly transgender flag Varsity 23.02.19


What do London’s National Gallery, Royal Opera House and BBC buildings have in common?

Find out here: There’s only one Posie Parker!

What’s this site about?

Like all decent people, I care about human suffering. I want to be compassionate, I want to challenge prejudice and fight discrimination against others, especially on grounds that they can’t help. That includes having gender dysphoria or other medical conditions that might lead one to reject the gender roles and expectations associated with their biological sex. People can’t help how they feel and if they are so unhappy with their body and their lives that they feel they have to have surgery and/or take hormones for the rest of their lives, I’m not going to judge them for that. On the contrary, I try to empathise and show love and support to those I know personally who are in that position.

But when such people lack the empathy to understand why a woman who’s been abused by a man doesn’t want to share a room in woman’s shelter or shower communally in a prison with somebody who has a penis, when they express classic sadistic male sexual fantasies to try to belittle and humiliate women, when they resort to bullying and violence to try to intimidate women who disagree with them – as they did with me at Speakers Corner – that’s when I start fighting back and this website I am creating is part of my personal fightback as well as a way of channeling my anger over what happened to me. For those who don’t understand the name of this website, ‘peak trans’ – a term originally coined by a radical feminist named Jane Crafts – is the moment when you realise that much of your sympathy and support for transgenderism has evaporated.

Mine came early in 2017. At that time I had bookmarked under the trans topic maybe twenty articles, comments and videos that had made some kind of impression on me. Now I have collected a few hundred more and they are getting unwieldy, so I decided to put the ones I found most interesting on a website as a resource for others.

On many pages, I have included some of my own thoughts, which reflect where my head is at now and which I will update as my ideas evolve and change or become consolidated.

Where I’m at now is that, in spite what many transgendered people seem to think about those of us who challenge their ideas, I categorically believe that transgendered people matter as much as everyone else and are entitled to the same human rights. I do not accept that those who “identify” as women are the same as those of us born female and should have free access to all sex-segregated spaces and sports. The same goes for those women who identify as men.

I completely reject the claim that those men who have raped or been violent in any other way towards women and those who joke about, promote or applaud violence against us for any reason are themselves women. That is what it’s all about as far as I am concerned. If it wasn’t for the hatred towards women standing up to trans ideology that I see displayed every day on social media, I wouldn’t see the trans agenda as dangerous and I wouldn’t be devoting any time at all to fighting it.

I have read many blogs and articles by transgender activists and have found the majority to be poorly argued and unpersuasive. I’ve also read several books including Excluded by Julia Serano and Transgendered Voices by Lori B. Gerschick. Let nobody accuse me of not trying to understand.

A major headache I’ve had in writing for this website has been about language and choice of words. I don’t want to offend anyone, except for the violent males who claim to be women and the women who shield them, all of whom I hold in contempt. But I can’t please all the people whose feelings I care about. For this reason, I have decided to do what feels most comfortable to me and mostly use male-born/female-born trans or MtT and FtT (male to trans and female to trans) for those who usually describe themselves as ‘trans women’ and ‘trans men’ respectively. There is a glossary in the menu bar above.

Also, I sometimes refer to those trans people plus allies who are basically Men’s Rights Activists and enemies of women and progress and who behave in a cultish manner as the ‘trans cult’ or ‘trans cultists’, which are terms I have learned from certain trans folk I am happy and privileged to count as friends.

There is much more in the pipeline to add to this site and it will continue to be a work in progress for the foreseeable future. But I’ve decided it to launch it now as 2017 – which I will always think of as my year of peak trans – comes to a close.

Maria MacLachlan 27th December 2017