Suzanne Moore


The article that earned her the condemnation of trans cultists:

Women must have the right to organise. We will not be silenced Suzanne Moore 02.03.20

And articles written as a result – latest at the top.

The Guardian’s trans rights civil war rumbles on Douglas Murray 21.03.20

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I was hurt that so many of my ‘colleagues’ denounced me Suzanne Moore The Spectator 14.03.20

Here is the letter in which her spineless, anti-feminist ‘colleagues’ denounce her. Suzanne has published a list of their names here.

In defence of Suzanne Moore Brendan O’Neill 11.03.20

I wish everyone raw strength, however they identify Suzanne Moore Guardian 10.03.20

The row over Suzanne Moore is a test for the Guardian’s liberal credentials The Spectator 08.03.20

Why women have a right to call ourselves ‘women’ – Susan Dalgety The Spectator 07.03.20

Letters to the Guardian from readers 04.03.20

Trans Woman Announces Resignation From The Guardian In Packed Staff Meeting Amid Transphobia Row Huffington Post 03.03.20