Suzanne Moore


Why I had to leave the Guardian Suzanne Moore on UnHerd 25.11.20

Suzanne Moore defended my views on sex and identity. Now it’s my turn to stand up for her Selina Todd in The Times 21.11.20

Suzanne Moore’s departure is a sad day for the Guardian  The Spectator 16.11.20

The article that earned her the condemnation of trans cultists:

Women must have the right to organise. We will not be silenced Suzanne Moore 02.03.20

And articles written as a result – latest at the top.

The Guardian’s trans rights civil war rumbles on Douglas Murray 21.03.20

The appalling treatment of Suzanne Moore Julie Bindel 19.03.20

I was hurt that so many of my ‘colleagues’ denounced me Suzanne Moore The Spectator 14.03.20

Here is the letter in which her spineless, anti-feminist ‘colleagues’ denounce her. Suzanne has published a list of their names here.

In defence of Suzanne Moore Brendan O’Neill 11.03.20

I wish everyone raw strength, however they identify Suzanne Moore Guardian 10.03.20

The row over Suzanne Moore is a test for the Guardian’s liberal credentials The Spectator 08.03.20

Why women have a right to call ourselves ‘women’ – Susan Dalgety The Spectator 07.03.20

Letters to the Guardian from readers 04.03.20

Trans Woman Announces Resignation From The Guardian In Packed Staff Meeting Amid Transphobia Row Huffington Post 03.03.20







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