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Now hived off from the page carrying stories about UK political parties, this page is just for the parties in Scotland though most stories about the SNP in government remain on the main page about Scotland.



SNP equalities officer threatened to ‘beat the f*** out of terfs and transphobes’ in abusive tweets Daily Record 09.10.22

SNP have ‘ignored evidence’ of bullying in schools due to gender guidance say teachers Scottish Daily Express 05.09.22

SNP accused of flouting court ruling to define biological men as women The Telegraph 20.07.22

Trans row fuelling online civil war, say SNP members The Times 18.11.21

So, First Minister, do you think a woman is an adult human female? Iain McWhirter in The Herald 22.09.21

Abuse, threats and smears’: Why Joanna Cherry believes her days as an SNP MP are nearly at an end The Telegraph 17.09.21

SNP out of step on trans law, says poll The Sunday Times  12.09.21

Dear Nicola Sturgeon, please read this plea from a sister feminist about the trans debate The Scotsman 16.07.21

How the debate over trans rights is splitting the SNP New Statesman 14.05.21

Lack of equalities policy shocks SNP’s new convener Lynne Anderson The Times 06.02.21

Trans row at SNP meeting leaves MP in tears The Times 04.02.21

SNP warned by activists over trans rights censure The Sunday Times 31.01.20

Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Silence is not an option’ on transphobia Herald 27.01.21

Senior SNP member blasts ‘morally repugnant’ use of gender reforms for political profile boost Herald 16.12.20

Anger over trans woman on all-female SNP shortlist The Times 22.10.20

The SNP, trans rights and the war on women The Spectator 17.10.20

Alex Massie: SNP must recognise gender reform pitfalls The Sunday Times 27.09.20

Mhairi Black calls for the SNP to admit transphobia The Times 30.06.20

Malcolm Clark on John Nicholson MP (pdf) 14.05.20

SNP must get its act together on gender bill Jenny Mara Sunday Times 15.03.20

Nicola Sturgeon must defend women’s rights or lose the next election Iain Macwhirter 04.03.20

Joanna Cherry tells party to tackle trans-activist trolls The Times 02.03.20

SNP has ‘no mandate’ for sex self declaration, campaigners claim The Scotsman 24.02.20

SNP members ‘victims of LGBT campaign’ The Times 06.12.19

I will not suppress my views on gender, says Joanna Cherry, SNP hopeful The Times 23.11.19

Several women ‘close to quitting SNP over gender recognition plans’ Guardian 14.10.19

SNP group formed to uphold rights of women amid transgender row The Scotsman 13.10.19

Candidates for SNP Women’s Convener offered ‘protection’ advice The National 12.10.19

No-Independence Day (about Mhairi Black MSP) Wings Over Scotland  04.07.19

An SNP politician’s lonely fight in the gender identity debate Spectator 07.05.19

At last, an MP brave enough to say: Twitter hates women James Kirkup 02.05.19

Dundee councillor Gregor Murray quits SNP over party’s ‘institutional transphobia’ Dundee Courier 15.05.19

Dundee councillor suspended for two months after breaching code of conduct over ‘abusive’ messages Dundee Courier 15.05.19

Nicola Sturgeon criticised in leaked conversation on trans rights The Scotsman 17.04.19

Joan McAlpine defies ‘bullies’ in sex and gender dispute The Scotsman 07.04.19

Joan McAlpine receives online abuse for remarks on sex and gender The Scotsman 31.03.19

SNP equalities chief in row over trans rights comments The Herald 17.03.19

SNP Councillor Gregor Murray launched into a stream of explicit tirades on Saturday following reports of an anti-trans protest at a London Pride event. Dundee Courier 12.07.18

The Scottish Green Party

Patrick Harvie will not accept Cass review on gender identity The Times 22.04.24

Robin Harper quits Scottish Greens as party has ‘lost the plot’ BBC 02.08.23

Scottish Greens suspend trans activist Beth Douglas after allegations of violent tweets Scottish Express 09.02.23

Scottish Greens to cut ties with UK party in trans row The Times 18.10.22

Patrick Harvie accused of ‘trivialising fascism’ at trans rally in Edinburgh Scottish Daily Express 06.09.22

Scottish Greens MSP resigns claiming ‘intolerance’ over women and trans rights Guardian 18.12.20

Patrick Harvie accused of smear over claim parliament was ‘platform for transphobic hatred’ 23.06.19

Patrick Harvie shares blog calling SNP politician a “w*****” The Scotsman 23.04.19

‘Sinister’ warning after Green MSP’s meeting apology The Sunday Times 09.05.19

Scottish Labour


Second Alba member resigns in gender row after trans women tweet The Times 04.03.24

Gender row rocks Alex Salmond’s Alba as founding member quits The Times 04.03.24

Alex Salmond slams Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘self-indulgent’ transgender law The Times 07.02.23


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