Kathleen Stock

Kathleen Stock, a philosophy professor at Sussex University, has resigned from her position after having endured a relentless hate campaign against her by some students, colleagues and other gender cultists. This page is for all news reports and articles about Kathleen.

Posters put up by anonymous cowards around Sussex University


The meaninglessness of moderation | Josephine Bartosch Jo Bartosch in The Critic 03.06.23

The gender wars are not a gift to the Right – UnHerd Kathleen Stock in UnHerd 07.06.23

Kathleen Stock is the opposite of an extremist The Telegraph 30.05.23

We hid in a broom cupboard: my mad day at Oxford with Kathleen Stock Janice Turner in The Times 01.06.23

Free speech laws threaten to swamp debate TheTimes 31.06.23

Rishi Sunak backs Kathleen Stock after trans uproar over Oxford invite The Telegraph 29.05.23

Those who want to silence free speech ‘do not speak for us’, says Oxford Union The Telegraph 21.05.23

University closes book on lecturer transphobia complaints Sydney Morning Herald 21.05.23

Oxford scholars back Kathleen Stock’s right to speak The Times 17.05.23

Free speech in peril as trans row engulfs Oxford University The Telegraph 16.05.23

Kathleen Stock wins free speech debate at Cambridge The Post 18.11.22

Entering the parallel universe of transactivism Kathleen Stock 23.03.22

Kathleen Stock: ‘On social media, the important thing is to show your tribe that you have the right morals’ The Observer 05.12.21

Professor Kathleen Stock and the toxic gender debate The Times 19.11.21

Sussex University inquiry after trans row The Times 17.11.21

Kathleen Stock: Exiled academic joins free-speech college The University of Austin The Times 10.11.21

Could the ‘Kathleen Stock’ amendment backfire? The Spectator 09.11.21

Foreign Office is still paying Stonewall thousands of pounds months after Liz Truss urged ministries to pull out of diversity scheme Mail 08.11.21

Kathleen Stock reveals what it’s really like to be vilified for your beliefs after being driven out of Sussex University by trans hate mob Mail 06.11.21

Kathleen Stock — free speech and fear on campus Financial Times 05.11.21

Striking lecturers’ union boss REFUSES to condemn ousting of feminist professor Kathleen Stock after academics spoke out in trans rights row Mail 05.11.21

Kathleen Stock — free speech and fear on campus Financial Times 05.11.21

Kathleen Stock: I won’t be silenced Julie Bindel in Unherd 04.11.21

Kathleen Stock ‘fled university hyperventilating’ amid transphobia row The Times 03.11.21

Academics must not be silenced, says university watchdog chief The Telegraph 31.10.21

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch says she is ‘appalled’ at the treatment Kathleen Stock and says the feminist professor is ‘in step with the majority of the population’ after she quit Sussex University over trans rights row Mail 31.10.21

Trans activism is on the retreat. Let’s hope Professor Stock is these bullies’ last victim Sarah Ditum in The Times 31.10.21

The persecution of Marion Millar and Kathleen Stock  The Spectator 28.10.2

Kathleen Stock deserved better Joan Smith  28.10.21

Kathleen Stock resigns from University of Sussex after trans rights row The Times 28.10.21

Boris Johnson backs Kathleen Stock and LGB Alliance in trans rights row The Times 21.10.21

Kathleen Stock and Sussex University: the war over academic freedom New Statesman 20.10.21

We will not bow to trans activist bullies on campus The Sunday Times 17.10.21

Inside the ‘cloak and dagger’ campaign against Kathleen Stock The Times 16.10.21

Bookshops are scared to display my work, claims trans row author Kathleen Stock The Times 15.10.21

Kathleen Stock: professor in trans row splits Labour and Tories The Times 13.10.21

The hounding of Kathleen Stock Timandra Harkness 13.10.21

Universities union backs bullies over threatened professor Kathleen Stock The Times 12.10.21

Hung out to dry Jo Bartosch 12.10.21

The Hounding of a Female Academic Sarah Phillimore 12.10.21

Trans community rallies to defence of threatened professor Kathleen Stock The Times 12.10.21

They have come for Kathleen Stock. Who is next? Suzanne Moore 12.10.21

The Times view on the Kathleen Stock trans row: Assault on the Academy  Jo Bartosch 12.10.2

Liz Truss hits out at abuse of Kathleen Stock, professor in trans dispute The Times 11.10.21

The Kathleen Stock case is about much more than trans rights Matthew d’Ancona 11.10.21

The cancellation of women is bigger than a “culture war” Miriam Cates MP in The Telegraph 11.10.21

Kathleen Stock, the Sussex University professor in trans row, urged to get bodyguards The Times 10.10.21

Professor hits back in ‘toxic’ transgender row The Times 09.10.21

Do women not have rights on campus? Raquel Rosaria Sanchez 09.10.21

The silent majority must stand up to student bullies Janice Turner in The Times 08.10.21

Calls for public inquiry into ‘bullying’ of people who speak out about gender issues The Telegraph 09.10.21

University defends ‘academic freedoms’ after calls to sack professor The Guardian 08.10.21

Woke students try to cancel feminist lecturer Kathleen Stock Mail 07.10.21

I refuse to be bullied into silence: PROFESSOR KATHLEEN STOCK was ostracised and denounced by 600 colleagues because she dared to challenge the trans orthodoxy sweeping Britain Mail 17.01.21

The sinister attempts to silence gender critical academics Kathleen Stock in The Spectator 13.01.21

Kathleen Stock: life on the front line of transgender rights debate Times Higher Education 07.01.20

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