Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel has been hated by trans activists for a very long time and for no good reason other than that she has opinions they don’t like – which is, of course, reason enough to be hated by trans activists.

Yes, she made a mistake many years ago in a piece written for the Guardian, when she was new to journalism, of mildly mocking transsexuals with the words,

Think about a world inhabited just by transsexuals. It would look like the set of Grease.
Although it made sense in context, she later apologised but has never been forgiven, having been no-platformed several times and frequently targeted by cultist protesters. In recent years I have often been struck by how respectfully she speaks about transgender people, even using their preferred pronouns (unless they try to thump her).

The last time I heard her speak in person was at a WPUK meeting in London in May 2019. (A video of her talk can be seen here.) Mercifully there were no protesters outside that meeting but soon afterwards she was at another speaking engagement in Edinburgh where she was physically attacked. This page is for stories related to that attack and for articles about the hate campaign against Julie Bindel, feminist hero.


Julie Bindel attacked by a vicious trans cult bully

Why I’m suing the council that tried to bully me into silence Julie Bindel in The Mail 27.06.22

Feminist writer Julie Bindel goes ahead with talk OUTSIDE local library after Stonewall-backing council cancelled the event because her views ‘fly in the face’ of their position on trans rights Mail 25.06.22

Council axes talk by feminist writer because of her views on trans rights The Telegraph 25.06.22

Police investigate after feminist ‘almost punched’ after women’s talk in Edinburgh The Scotsman 17.06.19

Feminist speaker Julie Bindel ‘attacked by transgender person’ at Edinburgh University after talk Scotsman 06.06.19

Julie’s own account: Julie Bindel: the man in a skirt called me a Nazi — then attacked The Times 09.06.19

It’s Time for Progressives to Protect Women Instead of Pronouns Julie Bindel 14.06.19

My view: The physical attack on Julie Bindel and the trans cult response 

Hundreds of us signed a letter of protest to the Guardian about the paper’s abominable reporting of the incident. The Guardian refused to publish the letter. See here.

See also:

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Other articles by or about Julie Bindel

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