Allison Bailey

Allison Bailey is heroic feminist barrister. This page is for links to articles about her lawsuit against Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers.


Allison Bailey’s appeal takes on Stonewall The Times 22.09.22

Law firms ‘should quit Stonewall advice scheme’ after Allison Bailey ruling The Times 04.08.22

Allison Bailey’s fight Raquel Rosario Sanchez in The Critic 29.07.22

How Allison Bailey crushed Stonewall Julie Bindel at UnHerd 28.07.22

Tavistock gender clinic forced to shut over safety fears The Times 28.07.22

The bravery of Allison Bailey James Kirkup in The Spectator 27.07.22

Barrister Allison Bailey wins discrimination case over gender critical views The Times 27.07.22

Trans dispute led Stonewall to ‘insult lesbian barrister The Times 21.06.22

Accusations of transphobia are pure misdirection Ann Sinnott in The Critic 07.06.22

Allison Bailey tribunal against Stonewall captivates the Bar The Times 28.05.22

Bailey Tribunal: Lesbian Sexual Boundaries Like ‘Racial Segregation’ Redux 24.05.22

The remarkable poise of Allison Bailey The Critic 17.05.22

Tribunal probes ‘attempt at intimidation’ in gender critical barrister case Independent 17.05.22

Lawyers ‘wanted Stonewall business’ The Times 14.05.22

Stonewall boss demands mother, dog and support staff for hearing The Times 12.05.22

‘We are not inherently male or female’: Stonewall campaigner sparks storm by saying bodies ‘are just bodies’ in discrimination case against charity Mail 11.05.22

Lesbian lawyer faced a ‘complete lack of sympathy and support’ from her chambers over fears Stonewall trans activists would assault her, tribunal hears Mail 11.05.22

Ex Stonewall employee rejects claim that the LGBTQ charity operates like a ‘criminal protection racket’ in its work to make firms more inclusive, tribunal hears Mail 10.05.22

Stonewall ‘Head of Trans Inclusion’ Pauses Testimony For Support from Mom and Dog Jo Bartosch 10.05.22

Allison Bailey: Stonewall’s activism is ‘like protection racket’ The Times 06.05.22

Stonewall is lecturing firms on transgender issues, tribunal told The Telegraph 03.05.22

Barrister was discriminated against for gender-critical views, tribunal hears Guardian 29.04.22

If Stonewall doesn’t represent a woman like Allison Bailey, then who is it for? Suzanne Moore 26.04.22

I am suing Stonewall to stop them policing free speech Allison Bailey 27.06.20

Lesbian barrister: my bosses bowed to transgender ‘hate mob’ The Sunday Times 27.10.19

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