Real Transphobes

Dozens of vulgar transphobic responses by men to this tweet went unchallenged by the trans activists who habitually attack women.

There is a lot of hate for trans-identifying people online. As I was looking at eye-watering examples on twitter, it struck me how similar a lot of it is to the hate that so many trans people and their allies express towards those of us they call “TERFs”.

OK, the “choke on my lady dick” type of taunt isn’t there but the desire to violently assault or kill certainly is.

None of this transphobic abuse comes from feminists, however. I’m not saying that feminists never express transphobic views but I have yet to see any promotion of violence or murder against trans-identifying people from the feminists of today.

No, it comes overwhelmingly from right-wing men, including some who appear to be fundamentalist Christians. And yet the trans activists devote all their time attacking us and not these violent, hateful men who want to beat and kill “trannies”.

We are constantly reminded that trans-identifying people are victims of violence, are being murdered, are committing suicide as if this is our fault for opposing some of their demands. Yet they largely ignore those who plainly express violent intent towards them.


Perhaps because, like those trans activists who themselves resort to abuse against women, the violent and abusive critics of trans people have no cogent arguments. Therefore they are easy to ignore while those of us prepared to challenge harmful ideas through reasoned argument are a much bigger threat and their only hope of silencing us is through intimidation and violence.

Or perhaps they’re just cowardly men who don’t have the guts to stand up to real transphobes.










Updated 26.08.18

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