This page is for links to news stories and features related to transgenderism in the UK – except Scotland – that can be defined as generally political or legal and which don’t particularly fit. Scottish stories are on a separate page here and stories from outside the UK are here.

Links to pieces about the various UK political parties can be seen here and about the proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act –  now dead as a dodo – are here.


Sex and the Law Society: Open Letter to the Simon Davis, President of the Law Society Rebecca Bull at Legal Feminist 07.10.20

Teachers are told not to push tomboys to change their gender just because of the way they like to dress or play  Mail 27.09.20

Government issues gender identity guidance for teachers in England Guardian 25.09.20

Liz Truss’s GRA Consultation Response Reaffirms Women’s Rights in the UK Helen Saxby 22.09.20

The government is right to reject self-identification Spiked online 22.09.20

Changing gender to get cheaper but ‘self‑identify’ scheme is off The Sunday Times 20.09.20

Why is scrapping GRA reform such good news for women and girls? Fair Play for Women 20.09.20

Non-Binary People Protected By U.K. Equality Act, Says Landmark Ruling Against Jaguar Land Rover Forbes 16.09.20

Trans challenge over equality advice The Times 07.09.20

Lawmakers push back against medical transition of minors The Post Millennial 31.08.20

Use transgender pronouns or face possible dismissal: new guidelines for NI’s 23,000 civil servants News Letter 31.08.20

New Tory MPs demand reform to Gender Recognition Act The Times 28.08.20

Dear Rebecca Hilsenrath… Maya Forstater 13.08.20

Why I’m glad Boris and Starmer are sitting out the trans rights war James Kirkup in The Spectator 03.08.20

Mermaids and other trans groups dropped by BBC Advice Line service The Times 30.07.20

The authoritarian groupthink of the left  Jo Bartosch 28.07.20

Britain Comes Close to Defeating Trans Overreach Debbie Hayton 23.07.20

Action Aid is embroiled in trans row after declaring there is “no such thing” as biological sex The Telegraph 17.07.20

28% of Britons back easing rules on gender change The Times 16.07.20

Trans advocates who threaten violence are seeking power not equality The Post Millennial 18.07.20

‘Gender recognition and the rights of transgender people’: a response to the common’s briefing paper @hatpinwoman on Jane Clare Jones blog 17.07.20

Self-ID for transgender people ‘unlikely’ to get ministers’ support BBC 14.07.20

Liz Truss to scrap ‘self-identification’ plans in the next few days Telegraph 12.07.20

Send this ready-made email to Liz Truss Fair Play For Women 04.07.20

I am suing Stonewall to stop them policing free speech Allison Bailey 27.06.20

New Stonewall boss suggests fresh approach to division on trans rights The Guardian 27.06.2

Has trench warfare on trans issues come to an end? Sarah Ditum 16.06.20

Now GRA reform is dead, let this toxic debate end  Janice Turner in The Times 15.06.20

Let’s not expand ‘hate crime’ even further Clare Foges in The Times 15.06.20

Boris Johnson scraps plan to make gender change easier Sunday Times 14.06.20

The NHS has quietly changed its trans guidance to reflect reality James Kirkup 04.06.20

Voters seek to return to common sense in revolt against political correctness The Times 24.05.20

Three human rights organisations bravely capitulate Maya Forstater 17.05.20

Let’s talk about “Trans Rights” Maya Forstater 16.05.20

Girl, 14, takes on prosecution service over ‘pro-trans bias’  The Times 16.05.20

Transgender man loses appeal court battle to be registered as father Guardian 29.04.20

CPS pulls its hate crime guidance for schools after 14-year-old girl mounted legal challenge Telegraph 30.04.20

CPS Guidance withdrawn for review Joint Statement from We Are Fair Cop and Safe Schools Alliance 29.04.20

U-turn on trans toilets in schools: Parents force council to pull guidance allowing transgender pupils to use girls’ loos and dormitories Mail 27.04.20

Parents force council to suspend transgender advice The Times 25.04.20

Girl launches changing room privacy case The Times 23.04.20

A rare victory for common sense in the trans debate Jo Bartosch 23.04.20

The importance of Liz Truss’s trans promise James Kirkup 22.04.20

Transgender law will change to protect under-18s, Truss signals The Times 22.04.20

Transgender law will change to protect under-18s, Truss signals The Times 22.04.20

Why now? Historical specificity and the perfect storm that has created trans identity politics Redline 30.03.20

The Striking Similarities Between the Treatment of Modern Gender Critical Feminists and British Suffragettes Dana Vitalosova 25.03.20

The Left purges its heroes in the name of equality Sunday Times 15.03.20

Why a trans woman thinks self-ID is a mistake Julie Bindel 11.03.20

People cannot define themselves as gender neutral on passports, court rules Independent 10.03.20

The 2010 Equality Act Is Being Undermined by Official Guidance Uncommon Ground 06.03.20

The Great Trans Rights Post-Brexit Looniness Law & Liberty 04.03.20

The law only seems to protect trendy beliefs David Aaronovitch The Times 04.03.20

Trans lobbyists have no place in the justice system Caroline Ffiske 26.02.20

Warning over judges’ transgender guidance Law Gazette 24.02.20

The minister who politely refused to play the trans language game James Kirkup 11.02.20

Transgender prisoners won’t get jail choice The Times 17.01.20

Is the tide beginning to turn on trans lunacy? Spiked Online 28.12.19

The left needs to drop the woke nonsense Spiked Online 24.12.19

The Times view on the risks of gender self-identification: The Gender Trap The Times 10.12.19

Trans activists are making life harder for trans people Debbie Hayton 12.12.19

BBC’s Emily Maitlis accused of breaching impartiality by expressing women’s concerns Prick News 06.12.19

No, passports should not have a third gender option Spiked Online 04.12.19

UK refusal to issue gender-neutral passports unlawful, appeal court told Guardian 03.12.19

The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists James Kirkup 02.12.19

Election 2019: Twenty-one candidates seeking election call women ‘terfs’ Fair Play for Women 27.11.19

Where Each Party Stands on Self-ID and Women’s Rights Uncommon Ground 28.11.19

No wonder politicians won’t talk about gender James Kirkup 22.11.19

Northern Ireland: School transgender support guidelines published BBC 17.10.19

Why is Aimee Challenor still advising Stonewall? Graham Linehan 24.07.19

Response to Stonewall FOVAS 02.07.19

Women’s rights activists hope the victory will trigger a rethink in England and Wales The Sunday Times 30.06.19

The Left Has Not Abandoned Us. Gender Ideology Has Abandoned The Left Jeni Harvey 30.05.19

Campaigners claim Leeds gender change system will ‘threaten women’ Leeds Live 23.04.19

Letting criminals self-identify gender ‘putting women at risk’ The Times 14.03.19

Is Britain FINALLY coming to its senses over transgender madness? James Kirkup 03.03.19

What MPs are still getting wrong about the trans debate James Kirkup 24.02.19

Transgender people need reliable census data to inform future planning for our needs Debbie Hayton 16.02.19

Get over it – cis women are just on the wrong side of history Iain McWhirter Sunday Herald 17.02.19

Trans orthodoxy is poisoning politics Jo Bartosch 12.02.19

Government funding ‘biased to trans activists’ The Times 11.02.19

Don’t let the right hijack gay liberation Morning Star 23.01.19

This MP has summed up everything wrong with the transgender debate James Kirkup 21.11.18

Turning off the Fawcett — Why I Won’t Stand Jo Bartosch 19.07.18

Labour and Tories finally see the truth about the gender debate James Kirkup

Don’t you just love it when a man explains to you what it means to be a woman? Hadley Freeman

Why are some MPs trying to shut down the transgender debate? James Kirkup

The Left Are Abandoning Women; and in Doing So, Abandoning Everything They Stand For Tom Farr

#NotAllWomen are Feminist Critical Sisters

How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom Miranda Yardley, June 2018