This page is for links to news stories and features related to transgenderism in the UK – except Scotland – that can be defined as generally political or legal. They include articles about the BBC, the NHS and the military. Scottish stories are on a separate page here and stories from outside the UK are here.

Links to pieces about the various UK political parties can be seen here and about the proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act are here.


Two important pieces:

Conversion therapy: the path to good law Text of a talk by barrister Naomi Cunningham 16.11.21

Gender Self-Declaration and Women’s Rights: How Self Identification Undermines Women’s Rights and Will Lead to an Increase in Harms: A Reply to Alex Sharpe, ‘Will Gender Self-Declaration Undermine Women’s Rights and Lead to an Increase in Harms?’ (2020) 83(3) MLR 539 Alessandra Asteriti and Rebecca Bull in The Modern Law Review 22.07.20


‘No debate’ has damaged Welsh democracy Nation Cymru 11.05.24

Whistleblower ‘forced out’ of Whitehall over gender beliefs The Telegraph 18.05.24

UN throws out Stonewall’s bid to downgrade “trans hostile” EHRC over trans row  Free Speech Union 11.05.24

Separate toilets for men and women must be built in new restaurants, shopping centres and offices under new building rules Mail 06.05.24

Why are BBC staff trying to get me fired? The Spectator 05.05.24

HR body attacked over self-ID policy on women’s toilets The Telegraph 05.05.24

President of the Family Division issues warning against Gender GP Transgender Trend 02.05.24

Breastfeeding charity suspends trustees who want to ban trans women from its services The Telegraph 01.05.24

Teen prescribed ‘dangerously high’ hormone dose by online clinic The Times 01.05.24

Trans patients may have own room if others want single-sex NHS wards The Times 30.04.24

Social worker suspended by her council bosses over her belief a person ‘cannot change their sex’ awarded damages of £58,000 after winning landmark harassment claim Mail 28.04.24

‘Chestfeeding’ to be banned in NHS crackdown The Telegraph 27.04.24

Census data on number of trans people in Britain is ‘deeply flawed’ The Telegraph 23.04.24

Call for public inquiry into NHS and school transgender ideology The Telegraph 20.04.24

Legal opinion says promotion policy discriminates on basis of gender-critical beliefs Sex Matters 20.04.24

Private doctors who give children puberty blockers may be struck off The Times 15.04.24

Toilet politics and death threats: why transgender judge Victoria McCloud quit The Times 14.04.24

NHS loophole allows children to be prescribed puberty blockers despite ban The Telegraph 07.04.24

Britain’s first transgender judge who’s quitting is accused of demonstrating ‘hostility against people with gender-critical beliefs’ by ‘engaging publicly and inappropriately in debates on sex and gender’ on social media Mail 02.04.24

‘You can’t police the world’: barrister takes on ‘insane’ hate crime law The Times 30.03.24

Church tribunal clears clergyman who called trans archdeacon ‘a bloke’ The Times 28.03.24

Self-ID versus survivors  Shonagh Dillon in The Critic 27.03.24

Teacher’s trans row tribunal collapses over anti-Tory slurs The Times 26.03.24

New legal challenge aims to restrict private gender clinics for teenagers New Statesman 24.03.24

BBC Presenters Must Beware “Transphobic” Label After JK Rowling Errors Deadline 22.03.24

Maya Forstater: A simple amendment to the Equality Act could protect women’s spaces. What are ministers waiting for? Conservative Home 21.03.24

‘Pro-trans’ website for children given £3m a year by NHS is under investigation The Telegraph 21.03.24

“BBC News has an Editor-in-Chief who believes his duty is to be nice to middle-aged men who imagine themselves to be women” The Critic 21.03.24

Lawyer sued after saying only women have periods The Times 19.03.24

Gender-critical teacher, 60, tells tribunal he was sacked after refusing to use trans student’s preferred pronouns – and claims pupil ‘tried to subject me to compelled speech’ | Daily Mail Online Mail 19.03.24

Justin Webb and the trans row causing a ‘meltdown’ at the BBC The Telegraph 19.03.24

FA urged by government to consider banning transgender women from playing women’s football to prevent ‘unfair advantage’  Sky News 19.03.24

Puberty blocker clinic accepted £20k donation from ‘sugar daddy’ The Times 17.03.24

EHRC urgently reviews employer guidance on single-sex jobs The Telegraph 16.03.24

Staff who promoted puberty blockers get large payouts The Times 16.03.24

Trans activists ‘must stop invoking suicide in puberty blockers debate’, says government adviser The Telegraph 14.03.24

One day, we’ll look back on era of puberty blockers with horror Janice Turner in The Times 14.03.24

Women athletes launch landmark case against transgender inclusion  The Times 14.03.24

No more puberty blockers for children, says NHS England Hannah Barnes in The New Statesman 13.03.24

NHS bans puberty blockers for children The Times 12.03.24

Liz Truss bill would define sex as biological The Times 10.03.24

Eight quangos still Stonewall members despite government edict The Times 09.03.24

How trans identification can dramatically skew crime statistics The Telegraph 08.03.24

All roads lead to WPATH Malcolm Clark in The Critic 07.03.24

Why disturbing leaks from US gender group WPATH ring alarm bells in the NHS Hannah Barnes in The Observer 10.03.24

How influential trans health doctors and activists have secretly shaped NHS policies for more than a decade  Mail 08.03.24

The trans activist house of cards ought to be collapsing Kathleen Stock in The Telegraph 06.03.24

The WPATH Files — Environmental Progress Environmental Progress 05.03.24

Just how much does the BBC suck? The Critic 04.03.24

Trans rights activists in Civil Service ‘undermine’ policies, claims gender-critical group The Telegraph 03.03.24

Stop doing ‘daft things in the name of diversity and inclusion’, Wes Streeting urges NHS The Telegraph 02.03.24

Restoring sanity takes time Helen Joyce in The Critic 01.03.24

GPs receive urgent warning not to work with discredited transgender clinic The Telegraph 28.02.24

Why is the BBC calling Scarlet Blake a woman? Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 27.02.24

UK’s only trans judge quits over risk of ‘politicising the judiciary’ The Times 22.02.24

Sex offenders will be blocked from changing their names The Telegraph 21.02.24

Kemi Badenoch sticks to the facts New Statesman 08.02.24

Rishi Sunak: It’s wrong to link my trans comment to Brianna Ghey The Times 08.02.24

Crocodile Keir Jo Bartosch The Critic Magazine 08.02.24

No, Rishi Sunak should not apologise for his ‘trans jibe’ Brendan O’Neill in Spiked 07.02.24

Kemi Badenoch: I have strong evidence gay young people are being told they are transgender The Telegraph 07.02.24

Why won’t progressives speak up about NHS conversion therapy? Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 07.02.24

The Times view on NHS Stonewall guidance: Dirty Word The Times 29.01.24

How a service set up for traumatised women forgot its core function Joan McAlpine in Holyrood 29.01.24

Government statistics body worried about triggering staff over transgender census questions The Telegraph 27.01.24

The law is now clear: you can’t be punished for having gender-critical views. So why does it keep happening? Susanna Rustin in The Guardian 26.01.24

A Phoenix rises The Critic 24.01.24

Kemi Badenoch steps in as trans row ignites over gender pay gap Telegraph 22.01.24

Jo Phoenix wins tribunal case over gender-critical views Joan Smith in UnHerd 22.01.24

Open University academic wins tribunal case over gender-critical views The Guardian 22.01.24

‘A politically toxic issue’: the legal battles over gender-critical beliefs The Guardian 19.01.24

Regulator approves private hormone clinic for children BBC News 16.01.24

Inside NHS England’s faltering plan to replace the Tavistock – New Statesman Hannah Barnes in The New Statesman 16.01.24

Gender identity is a faith. Writing it into law is as impossible as it is misguided Suzanne Moore in The Telegraph 16.01.24

Children wanting to transition ‘can ignore parents’, says Civil Service diversity ambassador The Telegraph 13.01.24

Social workers ‘scared to speak about trans issues’ The Times 12.01.24

The right to be gender critical Michael Foran in The Critic 10.01.24

Social worker wins discrimination case over gender critical beliefs The Guardian 09.01.24

Nurses and midwives may face being struck off for intentionally mis-gendering patients under updated guidance that claims it’s a ‘BELIEF’ that people can’t swap sex Mail 08.01.24

Gender change loophole on UK passports is revealed: Ministers’ fears over ‘self-identification’ after it emerges that official documents can be altered with just a doctor’s note  Mail 01.01.24

Teaching children they can be born in the ‘wrong’ body is harmful, Kemi Badenoch warns after the government issues new trans guidance for schools Mail 19.12.23

Prison officers are being asked to use ‘gender neutral language’ and consider the needs of ‘breast feeding people’ under new Ministry of Justice framework Mail 17.12.23

Kemi Badenoch is right about Britain’s trans ‘epidemic’ Jo Bartosch The Post 14.12.23

Kemi Badenoch: We must protect single-sex spaces because predators outnumber trans people The Times 14.12.23

Kemi is right: trans ideology is a threat to gay kids Dennis Kavanagh in Spiked 07.12.23

Labour peer backs Kemi Badenoch and says children should not be encouraged to change gender The Telegraph 07.12.23

Kemi Badenoch: ‘epidemic’ of children being told they’re trans The Times 07.12.23

The government should stop this social experiment on children Stephanie Davies-Arai in The Critic 07.12.23

LIZ TRUSS: Worried mothers told me I had to act to protect women and girls from an increasingly divisive woke agenda Mail 05.12.23

Tory rebels seek ban on conversion therapy The Times 05.12.23

Equalities watchdog staff opposed changes made by gender-critical chief The Telegraph 02.12.23

Trans rules row: Bid to force schools to ‘out’ pupils The Times 02.12.23

An Epic crisis is unfolding in the NHS Sex Matters 29.11.23

The Times view on guidance in schools: Teachers and Trans The Times 28.11.23

Hospitals recorded ‘gender identities’ of newborn babies The Times 27.11.23

Transgender people two-and-a-half times more likely to come from poor areas The Telegraph 26.11.23

Schools are discouraged from letting pupils change their pronouns as ministers toughen up long-overdue transgender guidance Mail 21.11.23

Cherry urges UK government to review impact of trans rights activism The Times 21.11.23

Maternity hospital downgraded in diversity report for using the word ‘mother’ The Telegraph 18.11.23

EHRC plans ‘incompatible with safeguarding’, gender-critical campaigners warn The Telegraph 18.11.23

So over the rainbow: The Gender Zealots Running the NHS Rainbow Badge Scheme
 Glinner substack 23.11.23

Britain’s sinister denial of biological fact must be stopped James Esses in The Telegraph 08.11.23

How THIS badly-worded question could have seen THOUSANDS of foreign-speaking Britons wrongly identify as trans because they didn’t understand it – but the ONS refuses to downgrade the numbers Mail 08.11.23

Sunak urged to change law after Scottish court says definition of woman ‘not limited to birth sex’ The Telegraph 05.11.23

Judges warn CPS have been ‘captured’ by pro-trans lobby The Telegraph 04.11.23

Is the UK really one of the worst places to be trans? Joan Smith in UnHerd 02.11.23

‘Silly’ pronoun rows distracting us from bigger issues, Kemi Badenoch warns The Telegraph 01.11.23

The Welsh government’s fixation on trans issues is baffling Suzanne Moore in The Telegraph 31.10.23

Delays, rows and legal challenges: inside the stalled new NHS gender identity service Guardian 27.10.23

Parents ‘may still face legal battle to see sex-education lessons’ Times 25.10.23

Human rights chief cleared after row over her trans views The Times  24.10.23

Give parents details of sex education, Gillian Keegan tells schools The Times 23.10.23

Mother wins landmark court ruling to stop child having private trans treatment The Times 22.10.23

NHS hospital chiefs defend £96,000 ‘diversity’ job advert The Times 21.10.23

Health Secretary Steve Barclay tells NHS bosses to stop wasting money on diversity staff… and hire more doctors! Mail 19.10.23

Library run by Labour council reinstates gender-critical books after backlash The Telegraph 19.10.23

Medics know full well that only women can be mothers Julie Bindel The Telegraph 18.10.23

Rishi Sunak set to ban gay and trans conversion therapy The Times 18.10.23

Trans woman wins £25,000 in UK’s first sex discrimination tribunal over ‘deadnaming’ after council bosses did not change worker’s identity on its systems Mail 16.10.23

No right to self-identify gender, UN expert tells Scottish conference The Times 15.10.23

NHS Guidance Encourages Trans-Identified Females To Continue To Use Testosterone While “Chestfeeding” Despite Unknown Risk To Baby Reduxx 16.10.23

Women’s groups accuse UN of promoting “rape culture” by saying trans women can be lesbians The Times 12.10.23

The NHS has dealt trans activists a huge defeat Julie Bindel in The Telegraph 03.10.23

Suella Braverman to ban sex offenders from changing name and gender The Times 03.10.23

Trans women to be banned from female hospital wards The Telegraph 02.10.23

Royal Navy personnel told to introduce themselves with pronouns in trans guidance Telegraph 30.09.23

Brits are turning against gender ideology Jo Bartosch Spiked 30.09.23

The government needs to put safeguarding first  Stephanie Davies-Arai in The Critic  26.09.23

What ‘lessons’ will the ONS learn from its trans census? Joan Smith in UnHerd 25.09.23

Census ‘hugely overstated’ trans population Telegraph 23.09.23

Involve parents before pupils ‘socially transition’ at school, says NHS England The Guardian 21.09.23

Britons more liberal on non-traditional families — but not trans issues The Times 20.09.23

Teenager on waiting list for NHS gender clinic commited suicide  Times 20.09.23

Only women can get pregnant Jo Bartosch in Spiked 19.09.23

General Medical Council removes the word ‘mother’ from maternity document Telegraph 16.09.23

BBC defends airing a song which encourages listeners to ‘kick’ women with gender-critical views Mail 16.09.23

We can only win from a showdown with Stonewall Telegraph 14.09.23

The Equality and Human Rights Commission rethinks trans advice The Times 04.09.23

Trans activist Sarah Jane Baker is cleared of breaking the law when she told rally crowd to ‘punch TERFs in the face’ – but is then sent back to jail for breaching terms of his release from earlier attempted murder sentence Mail 01.09.23

NHS staff told not to ask names over fears of offending trans patients The Times 28.08.23

The NHS is accused of ‘trying to erase women’ as dozens of trusts sign up to Rainbow Badge scheme that marks down hospitals for using words like ‘mother’ Mail 28.08.23

Pupils call on Rishi Sunak to keep single-sex toilets in schools to ensure girls’ safety, with many judging mixed loos ‘intimidating, humiliating and downright dangerous’ Mail 27.08.23

Great Ormond Street staff told there are 150 ways to express gender Evening Standard 26.08.23

Trans group Stonewall helps write gender policies at 30 NHS trusts. prompting fury  Mail 15.08.23

Clampdown on gender-neutral toilets planned by the government Sky News 13.08.23

Trans group Stonewall helps write gender policies at 30 NHS trusts. prompting fury  Mail 15.08.23

Row as patients who only ‘temporarily’ identify as female can share single-sex NHS spaces: Health Secretary under pressure to change ‘shocking’ guidance that allows anyone ‘presenting’ as a transwomen onto women’s wards without further questions Mail 11.08.23

Army faces backlash after trans soldier featured on panel at ‘women in leadership’ event The Telegraph 11.08.23

Clarity matters: how placating lobbyists obscures public understanding of sex and gender Murray Blackburn Mackenzie 07.08.23

Mothers of ‘vulnerable’ teenage daughters take the NHS to court as they claim their girls are being fast-tracked to ‘irreversible’ gender-change treatments Mail 07.08.23

A bill must be a scalpel Michael Foran in The Critic 03.08.23

Barristers’ regulator scraps advice on misgendering The Times 02.08.23

Now NHS staff will tell patients what their preferred pronouns are so they can create a ‘safe space’ for transgender people Mail 29.07.23

Gender-critical social worker ‘blacklisted’ for trans views on Dylan Mulvaney Telegraph 29.07.23

Equality and Human Rights Commission restarts investigation into its chair Baroness Falkner The Telegraph 18.07.23

Trans activist on CPS ‘hate crime’ panel called Kemi Badenoch a ‘raging transphobe’ Mail 16.07.23

Department for Education officials criticise ‘transphobic’ civil service guidance The Telegraph 15.07.23

Civil servants ‘must be free to question transgender identity’ The Times 14.07.23

Clarify Equality Act to better distinguish sex and gender, EHRC chair tells MPs | Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) The Guardian 12.07.23

There’s no law says a charity can’t hold views you disagree with. Even on gender-identity issues Sonia Sodha The Observer 09.07.23

Paused investigation into Baroness Falkner risks equalities watchdog ‘running adrift’ The Telegraph 08.07.23

People of any gender can be pregnant, Bank of England states The Times 03.07.23

Now health watchdog probes private gender clinic set up by staff from scandal-hit Tavistock unit Mail 01.07.23

Colonel ‘forced out of Army’ after stating ‘men cannot be women’ The Telegraph 29.06.23

Barclays Bank pays out £20k for closing Christian account The Times 28.06.23

Leading for some New NHS Confederation guidance fails women Naomi Cunningham The Critic 13.06.23

NHS faces legal action over service specifications for adult gender clinics Transgender Trend 13.06.23

How did NHS body get the law so badly wrong over its rules on same-sex care?  The Observer 11.06.23

NHS commissioning » Implementing advice from the Cass Review NHS England 09.06.23

Christian doctor ‘fit to practise’ after trans pronoun self-referral Christian Concern 08.06.23

Patients don’t have the right to know if their medics are transgender, NHS warns Mail 08.06.23

Free speech laws threaten to swamp debate The Times 31.05.23

How trans rights row plunged equalities watchdog into civil war The Times 27.05.23

Lords demand Ofcom investigates Channel 4’s ‘irresponsible attack’ on equality chief The Telegraph 25.05.23

House of Lords joins backlash over criticism of EHRC chairman Baroness Falkner Mail 24.05.23

HRC chief says she has ‘every confidence in being exonerated’ The Telegraph 24.05.23

Trans row threatens future of Equality and Human Rights Commission The Times 23.05.23

UN calls out intimidation of gender-critical feminists – The Post UnHerd 23.05.23

Ban on conversion therapy for gender identity and sexuality won’t prevent parents, teachers or health professionals having ‘challenging conversations’ with young people, ministers say  Mail 21.05.23

Parliamentary staff urged to police pronouns and ‘identify transphobia’ The Telegraph 13.05.23

EHRC accused of ‘Kafkaesque silencing’ by withholding trans report The Telegraph 29.04.23

Gender legal challenge ‘a watershed’ The Times 25.04.23

College of Policing accused of watering down Suella Braverman’s free speech charter The Sunday Times 16.04.23

Child gender clinic reform ‘under threat’, says Sajid Javid BBC 14.04.23

How the trans census fooled Britain Kathleen Stock in UnHerd 13.04.23

Watchdog to examine ‘implausible’ UK census trans figures The Times 11.04.23

SNP to take UK government to court over gender reform veto The Sunday Times 09.04.23

Why does the census say there are more trans people in Newham than Brighton? Mighael Biggs in The Spectator 08.04.23

“Mother” means something Jo Bartosch in The Critic 08.04.23

Baroness Falkner: ‘It’s distressing to be called transphobic scum’ The Times 08.04.23

Let’s settle this toxic matter once and for all Janice Turner in The Times 07.04.23

Gender radicals have declared war on the English language Julie Bindel The Telegraph 05.04.23

Transgender women could be barred from same-sex spaces The Times 05.04.23

Kishwer Falkner: A biological definition of sex is needed The Times 05.04.23

Non-binary American living in UK stuck in legal limbo after gender recorded as ‘not specified’ inews 01.04.23

The week the tide turned in the gender war The Telegraph 25.03.23

Preacher who misgendered trans woman did not break law The Times 10.03.23

‘It is disrespectful and insults women’: Hundreds of doctors and nurses demand NHS reinstates the word ‘woman’ to cancer and pregnancy web pages Mail 07.03.23

Government considering urgent review into ‘inappropriate’ sex education The Telegraph 07.03.23

Steve Barclay angered by spending on NHS gender advice The Times 17.02.23

Leaders falling through the gender trap door The Times 23.01.23

Politicians are mysteriously blind to trans activists misogyny Joan Smith 23.01.23

Kemi Badenoch refuses to appear before MSPs over gender bill The Times 23.01.23

Legal protection for parents discussing gender with children The Times 19.01.23

Britain is becoming sick over the trans debate. Only facts can cure it The Telegraph 22.01.23

Voters both sides of border oppose Scotland’s gender reform, poll shows The Times 21.01.23

‘Provocative’ block on gender reform bill may speed UK split The Times 18.01.23

Gender reform bill faces court battle with Westminster The Times 18.01.23

The case for repealing the GRA Alessandra Asteriti in The Critic 17.01.23

Rishi Sunak facing ‘big backlash’ over trans conversion therapy ban The Times 16.01.23

Starmer could back Sunak in blocking Scottish gender reform bill The Times 16.01.23

‘The UK needs a strategy for trans people rather than a tabloid war’: Iain Anderson interview The Times 13.01.23

Rishi Sunak preparing to block Scottish gender reform bill The Times 13.01.23

NHS U-turns on transgender plans for maternity care after midwives revolt The Telegraph 13.01.23

Girls’ schools ‘can’t refuse trans pupils’ The Times 13.01.23

Sturgeon’s gender bill poses a problem for the Tories The Spectator 12.01.23

Midwives sign letter calling on NHS bosses to scrap course that pushes inclusive terms including ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘birthing parent’ Mail 11.01.23

NHS trans plans will make maternity care ‘the next Tavistock’, midwives warn The Telegraph 11.01.23

NHS trusts accused of failing to ensure same-sex intimate care The Times 02.01.23

Theresa May backs Holyrood against Westminster gender bill interference The Times 28.12.22

Law ‘must stop sex offenders abusing new gender recognition rules’ The Times 22.11.22

Ministry of Justice officials warned that talk about ‘protecting women’ could be transphobic The Telegraph 19.11.22

Cabinet Office scraps ‘gender inclusion’ workshops after complaints from civil servants The Telegraph 17.12.22

Civil servants ‘fight back’ to defend binary biological sex The Telegraph 12.11.22

Unit aims to stop gender ideology ‘compromising’ women’s rights The Telegraph  22.10.22

Ex-barrister wins right to sue after he was kicked off his degree course ‘for raising his fears about “potentially irreversible” medical treatment given to children questioning their gender’ Mail 19.10.22

Ministers seek compromise on transgender advice for schools The Times 10.10.22

Ministers to have veto on where trans prisoners serve sentences The Times 01.10.22

Civil servants in Cabinet Office department can self-identify gender Mail 28.09.22

Support falls for trans people to change sex on birth certificate The Times 22.09.22

The Forstater Verdict Has Wider Reach than You Think 13.09.22

Trans activist charities receive taxpayers’ money through ‘loophole’ The Telegraph 02.09.22

Government’s Legal Department DROPS Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme after backlash over the LGBT rights charity’s controversial practices Mail 11.08.22

The subversion of Athena Swan The Critic 11.08.22

UK Decides Against Compelled Pronouns for Violent Offenders 4w 25.07.22

Church fails to say what a woman is The Times 11.07.22

‘You can’t say that’: Civil servants tried to stop Kemi Badenoch’s gender-neutral toilet reforms The Telegraph 11.07.22

Constitutional row looms as Suella Braverman targets Scottish gender bill The Times 04.07.22

BBC staff told there are more than 150 genders and urged to develop ‘trans brand’ The Telegraph 25.06.22

Civil servants told they are free to be gender flexible The Telegraph 25.06.22

The BBC gets new orders: back trans rights, ignore women James Kirkup 24.06.22

Trans students: the legal risks for schools TES 22.06.22

Women’s rights shouldn’t be up for debate Jo Bartosch in The Critic 14.06.22

Gender recognition act: MSPs only listening to one side, claims scientist The Times 05.06.22

Civil servants are being fed gender drivel Janice Turner in The Times 03.06.22

CPS appoints trans activist who was critical of women The Times 02.06.22

Vindication for ‘transphobic’ gender-critical campaigner named in Queen’s Birthday Honours list The Telegraph 01.06.22

New hate strategy ‘could criminalise comics like Ricky Gervais’ Mail 28.05.22

Exclusive: Welcome to woke Whitehall, where more than 100 genders are recognised The Telegraph 27.05.22

NHS creates new service to offer female-to-male transgender surgery for free Mail 23.05.22

Gender-neutral language removed from Ministerial and Other Maternity Allowances Bill The Times 23.05.22

Why is the NHS erasing women? Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 22.05.22

Downing Street overturns bid to make new laws gender-neutral Mail 22.05.22

Civil service trying to ‘erase women’ with gender neutral language in new laws, ministers warn The Telegraph 21.05.22

First trans peer a step closer as hereditary candidate claims seat The Telegraph 20.05.22

Campaigners seek to scrap parental consent from NHS trans treatment The Telegraph 11.05.22

Women-only jobs are allowed, says EHRC amid trans row in rape crisis centres The Times 04.05.22

Rape victim sues crisis centre after transgender woman allowed to join ‘female-only’ therapy group The Telegraph 03.05.22

Trans women left out of female diversity targets after City backlash The Telegraph 20.04.22

Tell the politicians that they need to respect my sex if they want your X Maya Forstater in The Times 17.04.22

Home Office email asked staff to state their pronouns The Times 16.04.22

Is banning conversion therapy legal? The Critic 11.04.22

The logic of trans activism leads to surreal debate, but the grown-ups are fighting back Sarah Ditum in The Times 10.04.22

Equality chief: Trans activists will not sway rules on women-only spaces in their favour The Telegraph 08.04.22

Sajid Javid urges health chiefs to protect women-only hospital wards The Times 08.04.22

The week the trans spell was broken Hadley Freeman in UnHerd 07.04.22

What do we mean by therapy when it comes to conversion therapy? Suzanne Moore 06.04.22

Banning conversion therapy is a terrible idea Jo Bartosch in Spiked 06.04.22

Boris Johnson: Don’t let biological males compete in women’s sport The Times 06.04.22

Trans-identifying NHS equality chief leads mutiny against ‘transphobic’ watchdog ruling The Telegraph 05.04.22

Conversion therapy ban: Over 100 groups quit government LGBT conference BBC 04.04.22

Trans people can be excluded from single-sex services if ‘justifiable’, says EHRC Guardian 04.04.22

Making misogyny a hate crime misses the point Jo Bartosch 02.04.22

The conversion therapy law must not be rushed through The Telegraph 02.04.22

The Times view on the trans debate: Back to Basics 01.04.22

Boris Johnson kept equalities minister in dark on conversion therapy U-turn The Times 01.04.22

The left-wing case against identity politics Brendan O’Neill 01.04.22

GPs will be paid for trans hormone prescriptions The Times 02.04.22

How activists used a veil of secrecy to rewrite biology Lucy Bannerman in The Times 02.04.22

Boris Johnson does double U-turn on LGBT conversion therapy ban The Times 01.04.22

Sacked doctor fights gender ‘totalitarianism’ The Times 29.03.22

Controversy hits Government’s first global LGBT conference as Stonewall given ‘whip hand’ over event The Telegraph 26.03.22

Hospital ‘dismissed claim of rape by trans attacker’ The Times 19.03.22

The uncertain future of the Equality Act The Spectator 13.03.22

Equalities watchdog launches study aiming to ‘reduce distress’ in trans debate The Telegraph 13.03.22

NHS-funded clinic is promoting prostitution as a way for trans people to pay for their treatment Mail 12.03.22

The Fair Play for women decision: battle lost, war won Gordon Dangerfield 25.02.22

Fair Play for Women loses census appeal Helen Saxby in The Critic 24.02.22

The EHRC is here to support the rights of all – whatever anyone says to the contrary Baroness Falkner in The Guardian 20.02.22

Trans activists fight for gender choice on census The Times 25.01.22

We need to talk about conversion therapy before it is barred, say MPs Telegraph 22.01.22

Get tough on trans activist complaints, peers tell watchdog The Times 21.01.22

Lords standards commissioner accused of ‘sinister’ attempt to silence peers who voiced trans prisoner concerns The Telegraph 20.01.22

Fact not fiction – a  response to the GEO Maya Forstater in The Critic 17.01.22

Lords amendment on single-sex prisons withdrawn Debbie Hayton in UnHerd 11.01.22

Sex matters: government needs to stand up for women Jackie-Doyle Price in The Times 07.01.22

The new interim version of the Equal Treatment Bench Book letter to Legal Feminist 03.01.22

Caroline Nokes and the make-believe of gender self-ID Jo Bartosch 22.12.21

Miller’s victory Rob Jessel and Sarah Phillimore in The Critic 21.12.25

Ex-police officer whose ‘transphobic’ tweets were recorded as a ‘hate incident’ after one complaint WINS landmark victory after Court of Appeal rules police guidelines are UNLAWFUL Mail 20.12.21

Trans people should be able to self-declare their legal gender, MPs recommend The Telegraph 21.12.25

Caroline Nokes and the make-believe of gender self-ID Jo Bartosch 22.12.21

Trans people should be able to self-declare their legal gender, MPs recommend The Telegraph 21.12.25

Transgender critics will be protected by new free speech laws The Telegraph 07.12.21

Civil servants are shown disputed ‘genderbread person’ graphic in presentation amid fears Whitehall is partnering with another controversial trans lobby group months after being told to cut ties with Stonewall Mail 05.12.21

Plans to ban gender conversion therapy may be delayed after backlash from parents and teachers Mail 09.12.21

Parents’ backlash is set to put brakes on new gender law amid fears that families could be prosecuted for discussing own child’s sex change Mail 07.12.21

Now teachers ‘may face court’ under new gender laws if they tell children they cannot use opposite sex toilets, campaigners warn Mail 05.12.21

Teachers ‘risk prosecution’ for discussing gender with pupils The Telegraph 04.12.21

With Gender Ideology, The Left Is Shooting Itself in The Foot Bruce Lesnick 27.11.21

Medics who tell children to take time before changing their gender risk being criminalised Mail 27.11.21

The Government’s attempt to ban conversion therapy is ham-fisted Jo Bartosch in The Telegraph 26.11.21

Minister admits Government ‘must do more’ after gender identity row professor’s resignation The Scotsman 24.11.21

Tory MP calls on ministers to launch probe on the ‘alarming’ spread of ‘extreme’ transgender ideology in schools amid fears it is ‘harming’ children Mail 20.11.21

BBC diversity training scheme with new group is Stonewall ‘in all but name’ The Telegraph 20.11.21

The cranks and misfits behind ‘trans healthcare’ The Glinner Update 16.11.21

Staff say BBC copied Stonewall’s use of language The Times 14.11.21

Fran Unsworth tells BBC staff: Get used to hearing views you don’t like The Times 14.11.21

MoD tells staff to state name, rank and gender pronoun The Times 06.11.21

Time for the EHRC to do its job Sex not Gender 04.11.21

Equality and Human Rights Commission had ‘heavy-handed’ influence on gender question in census

Department of Health pulls out of Stonewall scheme amid single-sex wards row The Telegraph 02.11.21

Stonewall dropped by health department The Times 02.11.21

BBC’s boss must protect it from progressives The Times 01.11.21

BBC rejects complaints that it published transphobic article Guardian 01.11.21

Men and women will keep their separate toilets under Government plans Mail 31.10.21

Is the BBC finally standing up to gender ideologues? Unherd 27.10.21

Urging change of gender to be criminalised The Times 29.10.21

Who judges the judges? Maya Forstater 25.10.21

‘Trans criminals are not women’: Home Secretary Priti Patel orders ‘woke’ police forces to stop recording offences as female crime statistics Mail 23.10.21

Boris Johnson backs Kathleen Stock and LGB Alliance in trans rights row The Times 21.10.21

My hope for a more open discussion of women’s and trans rights is fading Guardian 13.10.21

The cancellation of women is bigger than a “culture war” Miriam Cates MP in The Telegraph 11.10.21

“Women are in a bigger fight than the suffragettes”: Helen Joyce on the trans debate New Statesman 29.09.21

Parties are in trouble if they can’t use c-word Sarah Ditum in The Times 27.09.21

Hilary Mantel: I am ashamed to live in nation that elected this government Guardian 04.09.21

Gender identity clinic whistleblower wins damages for ‘vilification’ The Times 04.09.21

Gender clinic doctor’s care ‘failed’ The Times 28.07.21

Why we need data on both sex and gender identity Alice Sullivan 27.07.21

Non-binary is no joke Nic Williams 15.07.21

Fight for genderless passport taken to the Supreme Court The Times 12.07.21

Government vows to uphold free speech in transgender treatment debate The Telegraph 10.07.21

The transgender lobby wants to rewrite the law Maya Forstater 08.07.21

Prejudging the transgender controversy? Why the Equal Treatment Bench Book needs urgent revision Policy Exchange Unit 06.07.21

The establishment’s war on womanhood Spiked 21.06.21

‘Trans widows’ fear being trapped in loveless marriages if gender law changes The Telegraph 20.06,.21

This “Tribunal” Cannot Define “Woman” Sarah Phillimore at Savage Minds 24.05.21

Unisex salon stand by their decision to REJECT a gender-fluid singer from a nail appointment Mail 20.05.21

Are single-sex services legal? Sex Matters 19.05.21

MPs are finally engaging with the gender identity debate James Kirkup in The Spectator 18.05.21

Belfast court trans judgment ‘a major change to the system’ 17.05.21

Women must be heard on transgender identity, says new equalities chief The Times 15.05.21

“Stonewall seems to have been treated more like a consultant than consultee,” says former senior Old Bailey judge in strong criticism of Law Commission’s reliance on transgender campaigners for hate crime review Lesbian and Gay News 04.05.21

Transgender groups have ‘too much say’ on hate crime laws and consultation on expanding them risks being ‘unbalanced’, former Old Bailey judge says Mail 03.05.21

Revealed: the secret trans-rights lobbying operation in parliament James Kirkup 10.03.21

Is Gender Recognition an “access all areas” pass? Sex not Gender 14.04.21

Teaching unions shouldn’t be defining ‘transphobia’ Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 12.04.21

The trans rights that trump all Julie Bindel and Melanie Newman 01.04.21

The House of Homophobia: Jo Bartosch asks why MPs are misrepresenting the LGB Alliance? Lesbian and Gay News 30.03.21

ONS backs down on ‘what is your sex?’ Census legal dispute The Telegraph 17.03.21

Open Letter to the Minister of Education by feminist student society Women Talk Back! 13.03.21

Why the census sex question needs to be protected Debbie Hayton 10.03.21

UK Census guidance on how to answer sex question must be rewritten, High Court rules The Telegraph 09.03.21

The trans lobby is finally meeting resistance Unherd 09.03.21

Video: Graham Linehan’s fantastic speech at the Communications and Digital Committee Tuesday 9 March 2021

Women’s abuse charity Rise loses £5m contract for not supporting men The Times 24.02.21

Civil servants ‘caved in to trans lobby over census sex question’ that will make it easier for people to pick their gender in the UK Mail 21.02.21

Court challenge over census sex question The Times 20.02.21

Transgender people need better services, not self-ID Debbie Hayton 19.02.21

Home Office women driven out of mixed lavatories The Times 17.02.21

Trans identity becomes an issue in Britain’s census The Economist 16.02.21

Gender identity question on ONS census for first time The Times 15.02.21

Plan to ignore birth sex in census alarms academics The Times 11.02.21

Repeal the Gender Recognition Act, a Homophobic and Sexist Relic Uncommon Ground Media 08.02.21

Psychotherapist blocked from studying ‘trans regret’ takes case to the European Court Telegraph 05.02.21

Sex question back on census The Sunday Times 24.01.21

Why does Ofcom pander to the lunatic fringes of transgender activism? Jo Bartosch 06.01.21

Ofcom wants to No Platform trans-sceptics Spiked online 06.01.21

Ofcom widens definition of hate speech to include intolerance of transgender issues and other people’s political ‘or any other’ opinions Mail  31.12.20

Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover: A landmark case, or losing sight of the landmarks of reality? Maya Forstater 02.01.21

What this academic gets wrong about trans rights in Britain Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 18.12.20

This is Not a Drill: 2020 in Review Maya Forstater 22.12.20

Mum who called Stephanie Hayden ‘he’ on Twitter is CLEARED of wrongdoing Mail 11.12.20

Ignore Stonewall: Britain is a tolerant country for trans people like me Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 20.11.20

Transgender man, 34, loses legal battle to be named as the father on his child’s birth certificate after claiming being labelled a mother ‘breaches his human rights’ as Supreme Court refuses to hear his case Mail 16.11.20

EU proposes new rules to protect LGBTQ+ people amid ‘worrying trends’ Guardian 12.11.20

Losing sight of the law Maya Forstater 14.11.20

Why are taxpayers funding Stonewall diversity programmes? Spectator 03.11.20

Public bodies pay thousands to join Stonewall’s LGBT ‘diversity champion’ scheme The Times 02.11.20

Inmate sues government over keeping trans women in all-female prisons The Times 27.10.20

Census sex policy ‘captured’ by trans activists The Times 21.10.20

Transgender Law in Practice? Legal Feminist 16.10.20

Sex and the Law Society: Open Letter to the Simon Davis, President of the Law Society Rebecca Bull at Legal Feminist 07.10.20

Teachers are told not to push tomboys to change their gender just because of the way they like to dress or play  Mail 27.09.20

Government issues gender identity guidance for teachers in England Guardian 25.09.20

Liz Truss’s GRA Consultation Response Reaffirms Women’s Rights in the UK Helen Saxby 22.09.20

The government is right to reject self-identification Spiked online 22.09.20

Changing gender to get cheaper but ‘self‑identify’ scheme is off The Sunday Times 20.09.20

Why is scrapping GRA reform such good news for women and girls? Fair Play for Women 20.09.20

Non-Binary People Protected By U.K. Equality Act, Says Landmark Ruling Against Jaguar Land Rover Forbes 16.09.20

Trans challenge over equality advice The Times 07.09.20

Lawmakers push back against medical transition of minors The Post Millennial 31.08.20

Use transgender pronouns or face possible dismissal: new guidelines for NI’s 23,000 civil servants News Letter 31.08.20

New Tory MPs demand reform to Gender Recognition Act The Times 28.08.20

Dear Rebecca Hilsenrath… Maya Forstater 13.08.20

Why I’m glad Boris and Starmer are sitting out the trans rights war James Kirkup in The Spectator 03.08.20

Mermaids and other trans groups dropped by BBC Advice Line service The Times 30.07.20

The authoritarian groupthink of the left  Jo Bartosch 28.07.20

Britain Comes Close to Defeating Trans Overreach Debbie Hayton 23.07.20

Action Aid is embroiled in trans row after declaring there is “no such thing” as biological sex The Telegraph 17.07.20

28% of Britons back easing rules on gender change The Times 16.07.20

Trans advocates who threaten violence are seeking power not equality The Post Millennial 18.07.20

‘Gender recognition and the rights of transgender people’: a response to the common’s briefing paper @hatpinwoman on Jane Clare Jones blog 17.07.20

Self-ID for transgender people ‘unlikely’ to get ministers’ support BBC 14.07.20

Liz Truss to scrap ‘self-identification’ plans in the next few days Telegraph 12.07.20

Send this ready-made email to Liz Truss Fair Play For Women 04.07.20

I am suing Stonewall to stop them policing free speech Allison Bailey 27.06.20

New Stonewall boss suggests fresh approach to division on trans rights The Guardian 27.06.2

Has trench warfare on trans issues come to an end? Sarah Ditum 16.06.20

Now GRA reform is dead, let this toxic debate end  Janice Turner in The Times 15.06.20

Let’s not expand ‘hate crime’ even further Clare Foges in The Times 15.06.20

Boris Johnson scraps plan to make gender change easier Sunday Times 14.06.20

The NHS has quietly changed its trans guidance to reflect reality James Kirkup 04.06.20

Voters seek to return to common sense in revolt against political correctness The Times 24.05.20

Three human rights organisations bravely capitulate Maya Forstater 17.05.20

Let’s talk about “Trans Rights” Maya Forstater 16.05.20

Girl, 14, takes on prosecution service over ‘pro-trans bias’  The Times 16.05.20

Transgender man loses appeal court battle to be registered as father Guardian 29.04.20

CPS pulls its hate crime guidance for schools after 14-year-old girl mounted legal challenge Telegraph 30.04.20

CPS Guidance withdrawn for review Joint Statement from We Are Fair Cop and Safe Schools Alliance 29.04.20

U-turn on trans toilets in schools: Parents force council to pull guidance allowing transgender pupils to use girls’ loos and dormitories Mail 27.04.20

Parents force council to suspend transgender advice The Times 25.04.20

Girl launches changing room privacy case The Times 23.04.20

A rare victory for common sense in the trans debate Jo Bartosch 23.04.20

The importance of Liz Truss’s trans promise James Kirkup 22.04.20

Transgender law will change to protect under-18s, Truss signals The Times 22.04.20

Transgender law will change to protect under-18s, Truss signals The Times 22.04.20

Why now? Historical specificity and the perfect storm that has created trans identity politics Redline 30.03.20

The Striking Similarities Between the Treatment of Modern Gender Critical Feminists and British Suffragettes Dana Vitalosova 25.03.20

The Left purges its heroes in the name of equality Sunday Times 15.03.20

Why a trans woman thinks self-ID is a mistake Julie Bindel 11.03.20

People cannot define themselves as gender neutral on passports, court rules Independent 10.03.20

The 2010 Equality Act Is Being Undermined by Official Guidance Uncommon Ground 06.03.20

The Great Trans Rights Post-Brexit Looniness Law & Liberty 04.03.20

The law only seems to protect trendy beliefs David Aaronovitch The Times 04.03.20

Trans lobbyists have no place in the justice system Caroline Ffiske 26.02.20

Warning over judges’ transgender guidance Law Gazette 24.02.20

The minister who politely refused to play the trans language game James Kirkup 11.02.20

Transgender prisoners won’t get jail choice The Times 17.01.20

Is the tide beginning to turn on trans lunacy? Spiked Online 28.12.19

The left needs to drop the woke nonsense Spiked Online 24.12.19

The Times view on the risks of gender self-identification: The Gender Trap The Times 10.12.19

Trans activists are making life harder for trans people Debbie Hayton 12.12.19

BBC’s Emily Maitlis accused of breaching impartiality by expressing women’s concerns Prick News 06.12.19

No, passports should not have a third gender option Spiked Online 04.12.19

UK refusal to issue gender-neutral passports unlawful, appeal court told Guardian 03.12.19

The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists James Kirkup 02.12.19

Election 2019: Twenty-one candidates seeking election call women ‘terfs’ Fair Play for Women 27.11.19

Where Each Party Stands on Self-ID and Women’s Rights Uncommon Ground 28.11.19

No wonder politicians won’t talk about gender James Kirkup 22.11.19

Northern Ireland: School transgender support guidelines published BBC 17.10.19

Why is Aimee Challenor still advising Stonewall? Graham Linehan 24.07.19

Response to Stonewall FOVAS 02.07.19

Women’s rights activists hope the victory will trigger a rethink in England and Wales The Sunday Times 30.06.19

Campaigners claim Leeds gender change system will ‘threaten women’ Leeds Live 23.04.19

Letting criminals self-identify gender ‘putting women at risk’ The Times 14.03.19

Is Britain FINALLY coming to its senses over transgender madness? James Kirkup 03.03.19

What MPs are still getting wrong about the trans debate James Kirkup 24.02.19

Transgender people need reliable census data to inform future planning for our needs Debbie Hayton 16.02.19

Get over it – cis women are just on the wrong side of history Iain McWhirter Sunday Herald 17.02.19

Trans orthodoxy is poisoning politics Jo Bartosch 12.02.19

Government funding ‘biased to trans activists’ The Times 11.02.19

Don’t let the right hijack gay liberation Morning Star 23.01.19

This MP has summed up everything wrong with the transgender debate James Kirkup 21.11.18

Turning off the Fawcett — Why I Won’t Stand Jo Bartosch 19.07.18

Labour and Tories finally see the truth about the gender debate James Kirkup

Don’t you just love it when a man explains to you what it means to be a woman? Hadley Freeman

Why are some MPs trying to shut down the transgender debate? James Kirkup

The Left Are Abandoning Women; and in Doing So, Abandoning Everything They Stand For Tom Farr

#NotAllWomen are Feminist Critical Sisters

How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom Miranda Yardley, June 2018


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