Magdalen Berns 06.05.83—13.09.19

Here is a page dedicated to the legend that was Magdalen Berns.  I am creating it having just returned from her funeral in Edinburgh. Although I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times in real life, at her funeral I learned so much more about this extraordinary, brilliant, talented and kind-hearted woman, who did so much for others. The world is a poorer place without her but it will always be a richer place because she was once in it.

Because she spoke the truth, she had many detractors, some of whom have taken her terminal illness and death as an opportunity to reveal just how despicable they are and how low they can go. Typical of their ilk, they have no coherent criticisms to make of her arguments but concentrate on attacking her and her life, of which they knew nothing outside of the videos that irk them so much and which are her legacy to feminism that will continue to inform and entertain for generations to come.

They can be seen on her youtube channel.

The lesbian who launched 1,000 feminists: Story of same sex rights campaigner whose work inspired JK Rowling’s activism The Mail 21.01.23

04.06.21: Magdalen’s Wikipedia page is under threat of deletion. Here is the archive.

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Rest in Power, Magdalen Berns

Lesbian Strength parade, Leeds

Vigil in Portland, Oregon

Belgrade Pride


These three were taken in Central Park, New York

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This blog by Shereen Benjamin contains a transcript of the tribute to Magdalen paid by Nicole Jones at the Lesbian Strength march in Leeds, a week before Magdalen died.

Magdalen Berns, a ‘Shero’ Among Women Madeleine Kearns 04.09.19

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