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Maya Forstater: gender-critical campaigner wins £100,000 The Times 01.07.23

A triumph for truth and freedom Jo Bartosch in The Critic 06.07.22

Employers can’t compel staff to share their beliefs The Times 06.07.22

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The second gender war Maya Forstater in The Critic 30.12.21

The Scout Association apologises to Maya Forstater over ‘misgendering’ Julie Bindel in UnHerd 19.12.21

I never thought it would be a freedom of expression charity that decided to smear me as guilty of hate speech Maya Forstater 11.08.21

The Phantom Pile-on: Part II Maya Forstater 11.08.21

Maya wins appeal!

THE JUDGMENT handed down 10.06.21

Maya’s statement 10.06.21

The Forstater Judgment: What Next? Peter Daly (Maya’s solicitor) 10.06.21

Forstater v CGD Europe & others  Old Square Chambers (Maya’s barristers) 10.06.21

Maya Forstater, woke technocrats and the trans culture war Jo Bartosch 17.06,.21

Video: Maya Forstater’s victory and the trans activists’ response Maria MacLachlan 14.06.21

‘I was just fighting for everyone’s right to hold an opinion’: Mother who lost her job for saying trans women can never be truly female speaks out after landmark court victory backed by JK Rowling Mail 12.06.21

Trade unions are betraying women workers  Sarah Ditum in The Times 12.06.21

JK Rowling backs Maya Forstater after court victory over trans views The Times 11.06.21

Raise a glass to Maya Forstater Spiked online 10.06.21

A victory for free speech and sex-based rights Jo Bartosch 10.06.21

Woman who lost job over transgender tweets wins appeal The Times 10.06.21

Open Letter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Maya Forstater and others 07.05.21

Is a victory for freedom of speech in sight? Jo Bartosch 28.04.21

Equality watchdog says ‘gender critical’ views about transgender people should be protected by law Mail 29.04.21

Trans ruling over Maya Forstater was Orwellian, tribunal told The Times 28.04.21

‘I am fighting for the right to say men can never be women’ Maya Forstater in The Telegraph 23.04.21


Judge rules against Maya Forstater #IstandwithMaya

Read the full judgment here.

The Forstater Employment Tribunal judgment: a critical appraisal in light of Miller UK Labour Law 19.02.20

Maya’s blog on the case

A light has been shone on women’s rights for all the world to see Ruth Serwotka 30.12.19

The full list of Maya’s so-called ‘transphobic tweets’.

Some Comments on the Forstater Judgement Noah Carl 24.12.19

Maya Forstater: a champion of democracy Spiked online 23.12.19

Tax researcher sacked over ‘offensive’ trans tweets vows not to be ‘bullied into silence’ as she considers appeal Telegraph 20.12.19

The culture warriors of the trans lobby have quashed rational debate Telegraph 19.12.19

UK Employees Under Threat From Maya Forstater Ruling: Academics Must Speak Out  Kathleen Stock 19.12.19

Judge rules against researcher who lost job over transgender tweets Guardian 18.12.19

Test case rules against tax expert sacked over transgender tweet Telegraph 18.12.19

What is dignity? Claire Graham 18.12.19

Judgment goes against Maya Forstater 18.12.19




J.K. Rowling Returns to Twitter and Calls Out Fake Propaganda M K Fain 26.01.20

Why JK Rowling isn’t Anti-Trans (and neither am I) Maya Forstater 26.01.20

J.K. Rowling, the Seattle Library, and the Issue That Must Not Be Named Redline 11.01.20

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Why J. K. Rowling Took a Stand Madeleine Kearns 20.12.19

Mark Hamill caves to woke pressure after supporting JK Rowling and Maya Forstater The Post Millennial 20.12.19

Transgender activist backs sacked tax expert as Hollywood stars Mark Hamill and Patricia Arquette wade into JK Rowling Twitter row Mail 19.12.19

JK Rowling spoke out in defense of Maya Forstater and the truth, here’s how Twitter responded Meghan Murphy 19.12.19

J.K. Rowling is a TERF! Jarvis Dupont 19.12.19

In just a few words, JK Rowling has changed the transgender debate James Kirkup 19.12.19

JK Rowling defends Maya Forstater  Independent 19.12.19


Maya was fired from The Center for Global Development in London because she expressed her gender-critical views on Twitter. She is crowd-funding to pay for legal representation in the hope of establishing that gender critical beliefs are protected under the Equality Act 2010. At a time when people are in fear of losing their jobs due to trans cult bullying, this would establish beyond doubt our rights to express our legitimate, scientifically-supported views and have a massive postive impact on people’s confidence to do so.

Andrew Gilligan covers the story in The Times but it’s well worth reading the long story, written by Maya herself: I lost my job for speaking up about women’s rights.

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