Gender Recognition Act

In the summer of 2017, the UK’s Conservative Government announced proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act and declared there would be a public consultation. This finally started on 3 July 2018 and closed on 22 October 2018. I have archived the information this page contained about responding to the consultation here.

This page is for links to news stories and articles pertaining to transgender rights law amendment and self-ID.


Readers’ Poll in The Times

97% of respondents said no.

YouGov / Pink News Survey Results June 2018

Only 18 percent of respondents – 13 percent of Tory voters, 18 percent of Lib Dem voters, and 24 percent of Labour voters – support following a self-identification standard without a doctor’s approval.


News stories, articles and blogs


Caroline Nokes and the make-believe of gender self-ID Jo Bartosch 22.12.21

Trans people should be able to self-declare their legal gender, MPs recommend The Telegraph 21.12.25

The man-made lie Vulvamort on Glinner 07.07.21

The trans rights that trump all Julie Bindel and Melanie Newman 01.04.21

What do the questions asked by MPs during the WESC inquiry into GRA reform tell us? Fair Play for Women 14.12.20

On numbers and rights Maya Forstater 10.11.20

How to respond to the latest gender recognition inquiry Debbie Hayton in the Spectator 08.11.20

Liz Truss’s GRA Consultation Response Reaffirms Women’s Rights in the UK Helen Saxby 22.09.20

The government is right to reject self-identification Spiked online 22.09.20

Changing gender to get cheaper but ‘self‑identify’ scheme is off The Sunday Times 20.09.20

Why is scrapping GRA reform such good news for women and girls? Fair Play for Women 20.09.20

Trans people don’t lack rights Debbie Hayton 15.06.20

Boris Johnson scraps plan to make gender change easier Sunday Times 14.06.20

How Being Legally Recognised As A Trans Woman Changed My Life 20.05.20

Gender Recognition Act changes halted after child fears The Times 22.02.20

A rare victory for common sense in the trans debate Jo Bartosch 23.04.20

Gender Recognition Panels: A Judge talks. Gender Abolitionist blog 09.11.19

Transgender law reforms ‘will happen’ insists government Metro 06.10.19

Pick your own sex plans are shelved Mail on Sunday 06.10.19

Why I Have An Issue With The GRA The Lonely Transsexual 30.09.19

‘Self ID will stop women competing on an equal playing field’ Morning Star 15.07.19

Questioning gender self-ID is not heresy Sunday Times 28.04.19

Reforming the Gender Recognition Act must not abolish the biological meaning of sex Ian McWhirter 18.04.19

Don’t make trans switch easier, say public The Times 05.01.19

Maria Miller called me a fake feminist over gender self-ID. Now she says I was right all along Helen Lewis 03.01.19

2021 census will ask your gender identity The Times 16.12.18

Why we’re lying to ourselves over trans rights  Toby Young 01.12.18

Gender recognition, self-ID and next steps Julian Norman Counsel Magazine December 2018 edition

Take it from a trans person: Corbyn is wrong about self-ID Zuzanna Mroz 26.10.18

Transgender politics focuses on who determines someone’s gender Economist 25.10.18

Trans extremists are putting equality at risk Trevor Phillips in The Times 22.10.18

Making gender identity an issue creates confusion, self-doubt and worry in young people Melanie McDonagh Mail 21.10.18

The Politicisation of Public Bodies and the Gender Recognition Act Jo Bartosch 19.10.18

We must reject ‘self-identification’ Spiked 19.10.18

The problem that gender self-ID is designed to solve is real but the debate has failed Helen Lewis 17.10.18

Transgender law reform has overlooked women’s rights, say MPs Guardian 17.10.18

Not all transsexuals think ‘trans women are women’ Debbie Hayton 17.10.18

What’s sex please, we’re British Caroline Criado Perez 16.10.18

Transsexual women and opposing self-ID: Why we are afraid. 15.10.18

Gender Recognition must be grounded in objective evidence  Debbie Hayton 13.10.18

How many fingers am I holding up? Sian Sullivan 04.10.18

Why self-identification should not legally make you a woman Kathleen Stock 01.10.18

Backlash as Fire Brigades Union votes in favour of gender self-identification Telegraph 20.09.18

Women are right to have concerns over trans reforms Debbie Hayton 13.09.18

Women’s Rights and the Proposed Changes to the Gender Recognition Act  The Oxford Human Rights Hub 17.8.18

‘Women’s rights hanging by a thread with changes to transgender law’ SkyNews 08.8.18

The Gender Recognition Act consultation The Answer’s 42 blog 29.7.18

Some gender-critical voices are not being heard as they should James Kirkup 16.7.18

It isn’t transphobic to question transgenderism Spiked online 11.7.18

Society needs to dismantle sexism before revising legal definitions of sex Debbie Hayton 11.7.18

Self-identification will not help transgender people Debbie Hayton The Times 05.07.18

Labour and Tories finally see the truth about the gender debate James Kirkup 4.7.18

Improving the climate of debate around proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act Open Letter published in the Morning Star 3.7.18

Changing the concept of “woman” will cause unintended harms Kathleen Stock in The Economist 6.7.18

Gender identity needs to be based on objective evidence rather than feelings Debbie Hayton in The Economist 3.7.18

A system of gender self-identification would put women at risk Kristina Harrison in The Economist 3.7.18

Older articles

A Plea To Trans Activists: We Can Protect Trans Rights Without Denying Biology Debbie Hayton

Academic philosophy and the UK Gender Recognition Act Kathleen Stock

Caution urged when Parliament debates changes to trans rights Debbie Hayton

Feminists join men-only swim in protest of proposed law to enable people to self-identify as male or female The Independent

Gender, the GRA and Women’s Rights Leyaterra

I lived for a short time to all intents & purposes (outwardly) as a very feminine heterosexual man – a Twitter thread by Kristina Jayne Harrison

Is Jeremy Corbyn right that trans people should be allowed to self-identify their gender? Helen Lewis, New Statesman

Judith Green on the Gender Recognition Act and the fight for women’s sex-based rights in the UK Feminist Current

Sex Matters Kiri Tunks, Morning Star

Social acceptance of trans people springs from our relationship with society – and that works both ways Debbie Hayton Morning Star

Standing up for transsexual rights Letter in the Guardian

The Gender Identity Debate Explored Morning Star

The Gender Recognition Act is controversial – can a path to common ground be found? Gaby Hinsliffe

The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics Brendan O’Neill

This gender battle is harder to solve than Brexit Janice Turner

Transgenderism Is A Fake Legal Construct Daniel Moody

We transgender women cannot self identify our sex Debbie Hayton, The Times

When Women’s Rights Are #NotaDebate Helen Saxby

Why is a A Male Rapist In a Woman’s Prison? Helen Saxby

Why the Gender Recognition Act 2004 should be Abolished Miranda Yardley

Why self identification shouldn’t be the only thing that defines our gender Rebecca Reilly-Cooper

Change In The Gender Recognition Act! Smashing Gender Change blog

Finally, one of the most moving talks I ever had the privilege to attend.

Video Longtime activist Helen Steel speaks out about impact of Gender Recognition Act on sexual assault survivors



Gender Recognition Act DOES NOT need to change! Rose Dawn (transgender)



From the amazing Feminist Heretic.




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