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This page was getting too full so I’ve now created a new, separate page for news about Lesbians at the Pride.  Staying on this page are articles, news stories and videos about transgender ideology and homosexual erasure, as well as examples of lesbophobia from trans cultists.



Male-Run ‘Pink News’ at Odds with the Lesbian Community…Again AfterEllen 12.12.18

PinkNews, a male-run publication, has a history of coming under fire with the lesbian community. Yesterday, it happened yet again…
Lesbians are the most silenced within the alphabet and within the mainstream media. We’re pathologically misrepresented.”


Girl Dick, the Cotton Ceiling and the Cultural War on Lesbians, Girls and Women Miranda Yardley 05.12.18

“There should be a place where bad ideas go to die, and the first idea to be shipped there on a first class, one-way express journey to abyssal depth should be what is colloquially known as “the Cotton Ceiling.” The Cotton Ceiling, coined by a male “lesbian” pornographer, refers to the barrier trans women face when denied access to sex with lesbians.”


Lone lesbian pushed off Baltimore LGBTQ Commission’s Law and Policy Committee WOLF 09.12.18

“The emergency meeting was scheduled in reaction to Julia’s views about policing and detention policies for women and trans-identified males. Julia had expressed the view that trans-identified males in correctional facilities deserve a safe separate space away from the general population, but that they should not have the right to be incarcerated in women’s facilities (where women may be forced to shower and sleep with them), or to force a guard who is a woman to handle their male genitals in a strip-search.”


“TERF Is Hate Speech and It’s Time to Condemn It” Amy Dyess 25.10.18

“For the most part, mainstream media and so-called LGBT organizations have chosen to ignore a specific demographic of the Me Too movement. “TERF” is a slur used to sexually harass, threaten, and silence lesbians. Instead of standing up for female homosexuals, “LGBT” orgs and media are persecuting lesbians and disguising it as social justice. The gaslighting is next level, but the majority of the world is starting to wake up to this injustice. Time’s Up!”


Why are so many LGBT organizations caving to trans activists and losing lesbians? Julie Bindel 01.09.18

“Not only do lesbians have the least clout in the “queer” world, on account of being mere women, the word “lesbian” is becoming synonymous with “transphobia.” Lesbians have been the most vocal in challenging current Orwellian transgender ideology, because we have the most to lose by conceding hard-won ground to men who identify as women.”


Why We’re Over the Rainbow  Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa, September 2018

“We wanted to show the pattern of anti-lesbian harassment, coercion and shaming targeted at lesbians (exclusively same-sex attracted females) from people within the LGBT community so we collected the screenshots which follow this introduction.”


What Happened To Our Movement? Connor Kelly 24.08.18

“I believe we have gotten to a point where the pretence has grown out of all proportion and rationality to the problem that it is designed to “fix” and is actually becoming damaging. Damaging to gays and lesbians, damaging to trans people, damaging to women and extremely damaging to open discussion and freedom of discussion on issues of gender and sexual orientation.


I’m coming out…in support of women Skylar Baker-Jordan 22.08.18

“The only way the argument that sex doesn’t matter makes any sense is if you think you can change sex but that gender identity — something intangible, and entirely in one’s head — is an immutable trait. But sex cannot be changed. It is a physical reality. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species, and there’s no getting around that.”


Canadian gay male Facebook group won’t accept trans men: “Dysphoric females are not and can never be men” July 2018

“Vintage Gay Toronto currently has 755 members who according to their description talk about, “memories/discussions of bars, people and events gone by PRE-2000, exclusively for & about Toronto’s gay male community.” We reached out to the sole admin from the group, David Bennett, via private message asking him if trans men could join. His answer reflected the sentiment of the disclaimer with stinging veracity…”


Do Youth Transgender Diagnoses Put Would Be Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adults at Risk for Unnecessary Medical Intervention? Homoarchy blog April 2017

“I don’t believe there is no major cause for concern anymore. People (particularly LGB people) should be concerned that new protocols of early social transitions, as well as the use of hormone blockers, could be tracking some youth that would otherwise grow out of their dysphoria (as most youth do) into unnecessary surgeries and hormone dependence. If better evidence comes forth in the future I am more than willing to change my mind. But there are reasons to at least question these may not be harmless practices that only isolate truly trans adults.


FTMTF LadyAntitheist blog 03.01.18

“My own personal attraction to the booming trans trend is obvious in retrospect. Teen girls are taught to hate everything about themselves. None of us can win. Even the thinnest, most clear-skinned, prettiest of girls find an enemy in the mirror. Imagine my horror to look at my reflection and see a fat, short-haired, lesbian staring back. In a world where my style, my interests, and my attractions weren’t fit for a girl, transgenderism offered the perfect solution: Be a boy.”


Gay man to gay man: An Open Letter to Owen Jones whoiscis blog 05.03.15

“It baffles me how any gay man, a man who claims to be be homosexual, a man who states that he is exclusively attracted to other men (and by that we both know “men” means other biologically male people.) can stand firmly with the proponents of a political agenda that essentially discredits any merit being in biological sex, often going as far as to posit that it doesn’t even really exist (And by doing so erasing homosexuality. Hello…you can’t have “same sex attraction” if sex doesn’t exist.), while at the same time celebrating “gender” which is widely known as an oppressive social construct primarily applied to women.”


How ‘cis lesbian’ and ‘cis gay man’ reveal the homophobia in the transgender movement Miranda Yardley 03.06.17

“I have seen the terms ‘cis lesbian’ and ‘cis gay man’ used by transgender individuals. Here’s how these terms reveal the homophobia at the core of the transgender movement.”


It’s Lesbian Visibility Day! Stop the erasure of lesbians (today and every day) Susan Cox & Meghan Murphy 26.04.17

“Today is Lesbian Visibility Day, a good day to remember that the “L” in “LGBTQ” is probably the least celebrated and visible of all those ever-expanding letters. The reason for that isn’t hard to identify: lesbians are women. They challenge the root of patriarchy, heterosexist notions of “family,” and porn culture, simply by existing. How much more threatening does it get?


Lesbian fury at Stonewall over ‘trans agenda’ The Times 17.07.18

“The Lesbian Rights Alliance (LRA) has sent an open letter to Stonewall demanding that it take the L out of LGBTQ because it makes “lesbians invisible and erases lesbians through its promotion of the Trans Agenda”.

The 135 signatories say that Stonewall supports the “absurd idea that male-bodied persons with penises can be lesbians”.”


Lesbians are an endangered species. I want my community back! Fair Play for Women  27.01.18

“I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few days in particular about transactivism and lesbians and thought I might try to put some of it into writing, partly to try to make sense of it and partly because I still keep seeing people refer to the ‘LGBT’ or ‘LGBTQ’ community and equating transactivism with lesbian and gay rights.

I think the most obvious impact of transactivism is on young lesbians being encouraged to identify as heterosexual transmen and to subject themselves to damaging medical treatment, the effects of which they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives.”


Lezbehonest about Queer Politics Erasing Lesbian Women Claire Heuchan 22.02.17

“Lesbian is once more a contested category.  The most literal definition of lesbian – a homosexual woman – is subject to fresh controversy. This lesbophobia does not stem from social conservatism, but manifests within the LGBT+ community, where lesbian women are frequently demonised as bigots or dismissed as an antiquated joke as a result of our sexuality.”


The gender-identity movement undermines lesbians Pippa Fleming 03.07.18

“Lesbianism is as ancient as the cosmos, yet it is a threat to patriarchy because it does not centre males, nor does it seek male wisdom, power or validation. Instead of finding solace within our community against the threat of misogyny and homophobia, lesbian identity is being written out.”


The limits of Stonewall’s tolerance Jo Bartosch 31.07.18

“‘Acceptance without exception’ is the aspirational slogan emblazoned across the website, merchandise and literature of Stonewall, the UK’s largest LGBT charity. The problem is that there are exceptions. Those who are not accepted include those who refuse to believe that a person can change their sex simply by saying: ‘I identify as.’”


Research evidence: Gender-atypical tots likely to become gay or lesbian Michael Biggs 07.08.18

“Many of the kids labelled ‘transgender’ would—if left alone—grow up to be lesbian or gay. This observation has been made by many parents, and sometimes their children who desisted or detransitioned, whose stories are gathered on this website. It is also supported by a growing body of scientific research. Developmental Psychologypublished an important article last year (Li, Kung, and Hines 2017), which 4thWaveNow has previously highlighted. Thanks to the generosity of Gu Li in sharing some of the data, I will try to explicate the results for the general reader.”


The silencing of the lesbians James Kirkup 16.05.18

“I’m writing about lesbians because some of them believe they are currently the subject of political failure. They believe that the people, organisations and institutions that are supposed to speak and stand up for them and their interests are not doing so. I think those concerns are reasonable and should be addressed. A political system that’s supposed to represent the views of everyone in it really isn’t working for the women I’m talking about here. This is, of course, about gender and the debate around gender and sex.”


The Vanishing Point: A Reflection Upon Lesbian Erasure Claire Heuchan 01.07.17

“Over Pride, a picture of a smiling transwoman clad in a bloodstained t-shirt proclaiming “I punch TERFs” circulated on social media. The image was captioned “this is what gay liberation looks like.” That those of us living at the intersection of gay identity and womanhood – lesbians – are often branded TERFs purely by virtue of our sexuality makes this claim particularly dubious. Considering that we live in a world where one in three women experiences physical or sexual violence in her lifetime, I cannot share in the amusement – there’s nothing revolutionary or countercultural in making a joke about punching women.”


Today’s shameless lesbians won’t be queered Jocelyn MacDonald

“For those of us in rainbow community, it’s not really a head-scratcher. We’ve watched lesbian culture be beaten back, redefined, and undermined — in many cases with the gleeful participation from the other letters in LGBTQ.  For lesbians, it seems obvious that this is happening because we are in the midst of a backlash against feminism and women’s rights.”


Transgender Activists and their Anti-Womyn Homophobia posted by a gay man on reddit 2017

“I tried to explain to a few Trans Activists that NO they were not Lesbians, they are Lesbian Identified Trans Women. If you DO NOT understand Rape Culture or that Lesbians are the TOP targets of Sexual Violence, you are NOT a lesbian and you are not Lesbian or Gay.”


Why Attack Scarlett Johansson? The Real Problem is Media Rewriting Butch Lesbian History (AGAIN) 6.7.18

“Scarlett Johansson just landed a new role. And while people are complaining the role should be played by a “trans man,” lesbians have pointed out that the character she’s playing in the new film Rub & Tug, Dante Gill, was a “butch” lesbian, not trans. Even in Dante Gill’s own obituary, Gill is described as an “unabashed lesbian,” because that’s exactly how the notorious butch-les self-identified while alive.”


Why Trans Activists Will Destroy Homosexual Rights Taylor Fogarty 02.05.17

“Instead of fighting the inhumane treatment of gays outside of the West, the top human rights issue for LGBT activists is making sure we don’t hurt feelings of people who dispute the definition of being gay.”


Here’s an excellent Twitter thread by @Throwaway_Gay 2017

“i’m super curious to hear how you could possibly claim to be a gay ally if you truly, honest-to-god believe that humans aren’t sexually dimorphic. what do you think i, as a gay man, am attracted to? male “souls?” are lesbians attracted to some metaphysical “female essence?””




Dear Trans Women, Stop Pushing “Girl Dick” On Lesbians Arielle Scarcella 01.12.18

Lesbian Erasure event, 22 May 2018, London UK. Hosted by Lesbian Rights Alliance.

There Is No Such Thing as a Lesbian With a Penis! Madgalen Berns


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