It’s June 2021 – Pride month – and how better to mark it than with a new page celebrating Stonewall UK?

This page is for links to stories about the once great UK charity for gay men and lesbians, which is now set on a kamikaze mission to alienate as many as possible. There seems to be rather a lot of such stories at the moment, for some reason.

Dawn Butler’s Twitter poll didn’t quite produce the result she expected either. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


Stonewall’s list of top employers to be reviewed amid backlash over trans lobbying The Telegraph 17.05.24

Sport England cuts ties with Stonewall amid warnings quangos should distance themselves from LGBTQ lobby group Mail 05.05.24

Stonewall faces a corporate reckoning following the Cass report The Telegraph 29.04.24

Scottish government ‘gave the most grants to Stonewall’ last year The Times 26.04.24

Strip former Stonewall chief of peerage for ‘role in transgender scandal’, say campaigners The Telegraph 16.04.24

Support for Stonewall crumbles after Cass review The Times 19.04.24

How Ruth Hunt turned trans into a religious crusade – spiked Spiked 15.04.24

Stonewall could ‘fix toxic trans debate’ by withdrawing claims against peer The Times 15.04.24

Stonewall tried to silence warnings of weak evidence for trans healthcare The Times 13.04.24

Stonewall accused of targeting EHRC boss over trans stance The Telegraph 05.02.24

Women protest Network Rail’s capitulation to Stonewall Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 02.02.24

The Times view on NHS Stonewall guidance: Dirty Word The Times 29.01.24

Professor who was likened to ‘racist uncle’ over her gender-critical views on housing transgender prisoners slams ‘mob madness’ and says it will take ‘a generation’ to undo ‘damage’ by LGBT+ charity Stonewall Mail 27.01.24

Going Undercover at a Stonewall Workshop James Esses 27.09.23

We can only win from a showdown with Stonewall Telegraph 14.09.23

Trans group Stonewall helps write gender policies at 30 NHS trusts. prompting fury  Mail 15.08.23

With Keir Starmer unable to define what a woman is, no wonder Stonewall is targeting Labour  Mail 16.07.23

A special Mail investigation has discovered how we’re STILL in Stonewall’s stranglehold Mail 14.07.23

Nancy Kelley leaves Stonewall in a mess – The Post Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 12.07.23

Police Scotland backs out of Stonewall diversity scheme The Times 21.02.23

Did Stonewall invent 300,000 non-existent trans people? The Spectator 06.01.23

Transgender toddler is the hero of Stonewall children’s book The Telegraph 14.12.22

Against a stone wall Jo Bartosch in The Critic 02.11.22

Stonewall’s cop coup backfires Malcolm Clark in The Critic 15.09.22

Don’t call mothers ‘she’ in advice on maternity, Stonewall urges Oxford The Times 09.09.22

Government’s Legal Department DROPS Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme after backlash over the LGBT rights charity’s controversial practices Mail 11.08.22

Law firms ‘should quit Stonewall advice scheme’ after Allison Bailey ruling The Times 04.08.22

New push to stop Stonewall getting taxpayers’ cash after legal battle Mail 01.08.22

Don’t buy the Stonewall line on gender identity? Fine. You can’t be sacked for that now The Guardian

How Allison Bailey crushed Stonewall Julie Bindel at UnHerd 28.07.22

The truth about trans teaching in schools Joanna Williams in The Spectator 27.07.22

Another stone in the wall Jo Bartosch 26.07.22

There’s no such thing as a transgender two-year-old James Esses in Spiked 25.07.22

Calls for public bodies and private firms to quit Stonewall Mail 28.07.22

How Allison Bailey crushed Stonewall Julie Bindel at UnHerd 28.07.22

Parents must resist Stonewall’s gospel The Spectator 16.07.22

Department for Work and Pensions abandons Stonewall diversity plan The Times 20.06.22

Trans activists have wrecked all the good work of Stonewall Mail 11.05.22

Radio ‘Oscars’ accused of transphobia over nomination for BBC Stonewall expose in Nolan Investigates The Telegraph 03.05.22

If Stonewall doesn’t represent a woman like Allison Bailey, then who is it for? Suzanne Moore 26.04.22

Controversy hits Government’s first global LGBT conference as Stonewall given ‘whip hand’ over event The Telegraph 26.03.22

Now all of Whitehall is told to ditch Stonewall amid row over charity’s divisive diversity scheme Mail 24.02.22

Stonewall is about politics not common sense Joanna Williams in The Times 15.02.22

House of Lords is latest to say no to Stonewall after mother of all rows  The Times 13.02.22

Stonewall’s disgraceful attacks on the EHRC Trevor Phillips in The Spectator 12.02.22

Why UCL are shutting the door on Stonewall 02.02.22 Alice Sullivan at The Critic 02.02.22

Scottish universities drop out of Stonewall equality league tables following ‘gender’ row The Telegraph 10.01.22

Department of Business cuts ties with Stonewall Mail 10.01.22`

The year Stonewall lost its halo Jo Bartosch 28.12.21

UCL becomes first university to formally cut ties with Stonewall Guardian 21.12.25

Judge who accused Stonewall of misrepresenting the law set to help oversee equalities watchdog Telegraph 18.12.21

Hundreds of nurses call on regulator to QUIT Stonewall diversity scheme for trying to ‘erase women’s rights’ Mail 06.12.21

Civil servants are shown disputed ‘genderbread person’ graphic in presentation amid fears Whitehall is partnering with another controversial trans lobby group months after being told to cut ties with Stonewall Mail 05.12.21

Stonewall ‘wanted lawyer Allison Bailey punished for trans views The Times 01.12.21

Is defeating Stonewall the end of the story? Simon Edge in The Critic 30.11.21

Fears for Scots civil service ‘captured’ by Stonewall The Times 21.11.21

Trans lobby group Stonewall brands lesbians ‘sexual racists’ Jo Bartosch in the Mail 20.11.21

Stonewall crumbles, Prick News settles, Owen Jones and mates in dumb and dumber shocker Suzanne Moore 20.11.21

BBC diversity training scheme with new group is Stonewall ‘in all but name’ The Telegraph 20.11.21

Warwick University ‘captured’ by Stonewall equality drive The Times 19.11.21

Stonewall finally accept debate Maya Forstater in The Critic 18.11.21

City law firms stick with Stonewall The Times 18.11.21

All-powerful Stonewall has overreached itself Melanie Phillips in The Times 16.11.21

Staff say BBC copied Stonewall’s use of language The Times 14.11.21

Boris Johnson’s senior advisers are ‘letting Stonewall dictate trans policies’ Jo Bartosch in The Times 13.11.21

BBC quit Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme to be ‘squeaky clean’ The Times 12.011.21

How Stonewall won the world over – and then lost it The Telegraph 11.11.21

Exodus at BBC amid Stonewall fallout: 100 staff joined ‘Pride Network’ Zoom call to voice fury over article claiming lesbians were ‘pressured into sex with trans women’ Mail 11.11.21

BBC quits Stonewall diversity scheme over ‘impartiality concerns’ The Times 11.11.21

Ministers kept in dark on Stonewall diversity scheme The Times 09.11.21

Education ministry spent £600,000 on Stonewall schemes The Times 05.11.21

Foreign Office is still paying Stonewall thousands of pounds months after Liz Truss urged ministries to pull out of diversity scheme Mail 08.11.21

The battle for Stonewall: the LGBT charity and the UK’s gender wars Gaby Hinsliff in the New Statesman 03.11.21

Department of Health pulls out of Stonewall scheme amid single-sex wards row The Telegraph 02.11.21

Stonewall dropped by health department The Times 02.11.21

Stonewall to judge NHS on LGBT ‘inclusion’ The Telegraph 31.10.21

BBC podcast host Stephen Nolan was warned about reporting on Stonewall The Times 24.10.21

The Times view on Stonewall and corporate diversity guidelines 22.10.21

Stonewall can no longer play judge and jury Sarah Ditum in The Times 19.10.21

LGBT charity Stonewall ‘dictated policy’ to Welsh government BBC News 16.10.21

The BBC’s relationship with Stonewall is finally being scrutinised James Kirkup in The Spectator 16.10.21

The Trojan horse of Stonewall  The Critic 11.10.21

BBC rejects own podcast’s questions about Stonewall links The Times 14.10.21

Wiltshire PCC criticises Stonewall trans policy on women-only areas BBC 11.09.21

Police commissioner says ‘biological men’ should not be allowed into women’s prisons and female toilets as he hits out against Stonewall’s ‘potentially dangerous’ transgender ‘ideology‘ Mail 09.09.21

Stonewall controversy: More views from Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners Conservative Home 05.09.21

Stonewall’s greatest betrayal Johnny Best at UnHerd 27.08.21

The BBC can’t be impartial if it’s tied to Stonewall The Times 27.08.21

Stonewall may cling to relevance online, but in the real world their reign of intolerance is coming to an end Jo Bartosch in The Telegraph 26.08.21

Ofcom is latest to leave Stonewall’s Diversity Champions workplace scheme The Times 26.08.21

Actor Simon Callow attacks Stonewall, the LGBTQ+ group, over trans self-identification The Times 25.08.21

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey launches blistering attack on Stonewall for promoting ‘dangerous transgender ideology that threatens the safety of women and girls’ Jo Bartosch in the Mail on Sunday 22.08.21

Why is the taxpayer spending millions on Stonewall? Debbie Hayton in Unherd 09.08.21

New report reveals public bodies spend £1m a year on Stonewall and the Foreign Office spends more than any other government department Jo Bartosch in Lesbian and Gay News 09.08.21

Business department reviews links with Stonewall diversity scheme 28.06.21

Avon and Somerset police paid Stonewall thousands learning to be LGBT ally The Times 26.06.21

Stonewall ambassador: I believed in the scheme to uphold rights but we created a monster The Times 26.06.21

Stonewall equality list ‘bullies bosses and silences dissent’ The Times 26.06.21

Stonewall’s worrying school guidance Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 20.06.21

LGB Alliance finally able to confront Stonewall Glinner 23.06.21

Stonewall trans debate and gender identity row: Inside the bitter split Standard 17.06,.21

Taxpayers gave Stonewall £2.6m over four years The Times 14.06.21

Stonewall falls apart Uncancelled 14.06.21

Equalities Minister Liz Truss’s call to ditch Stonewall sparks woke war in No.10 after diversity charity’s boss likened ‘gender critical’ beliefs to antisemitism Mail 13.06.21

Diversity charity Stonewall is accused of selling ‘dangerous’ transgender advice to schools – including that a trans child can use a toilet which matches their gender Mail 13.06.21

Stonewall in crisis: ‘Why can’t we have civil debates any more?’ Simon Fanshawe in The Telegraph 12.06.21

Working with Stonewall is no longer compatible with NHS values‘ Kate Grimes HSJ 11.06.21

Sturgeon defends controversial Stonewall charity amid backlash Herald 10.06.21

Anger grows over Stonewall boss “antisemitism” comment Jewish Chronicle 09.06.21

Merched Cymru calls for halt to controversial ‘diversity’ scheme 09.06.21

Ministry of Justice not renewing membership of Stonewall diversity scheme, ITV News understands 08.06.21

Police forces threatened with legal action over links to Stonewall The Telegraph 08.06.21

Stonewall has betrayed lesbians like me with its Stalinist trans doctrine. It’s time for it to go Julie Bindel in The Mail 07.06.21

Universities begin leaving Stonewall diversity scheme The Telegraph 07.06.21

Stonewall has pushed too far in its search for continued power and relevance Telegraph 07.06.21

Stonewall’s word-policing only breeds more hate Libby Purves in The Times 07.06.21

Stonewall risks all it has fought for in accusing those who disagree with it of hate speech Guardian 06.06.21

Stonewall ‘exodus’ begins as Ministry of Justice officials say it has ‘lost its way’ The Telegraph 05.06.21

Stonewall raised concerns with Ofsted that inspectors don’t always discuss trans issues with children The Telegraph 04.06.

Stonewall advises organisations to use ‘parent who has given birth’ to help boost ranking The Telegraph 03.06.21

Critics call for law firms to quit Stonewall The Times 03.06.21

Stonewall must retire before it embarrasses itself any further Jo Bartosch in The Telegraph 02.06.21

Stonewall’s Ratner moment Maya Forstater 02.06.21

Stonewall join legal action against LGB Alliance oh wait no they’ve changed their mind. Glinner 02.06.21

What Dawn Butler gets wrong about Stonewall Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 02.06.21

Stonewall fails to stop lesbian suing in trans row The Times 02.06.21

Stonewall ‘threatened’ to silence gender critical barrister by having her sacked, says judge The Telegraph 01.06.21

Stonewalled… by the aggressive new leaders of gay rights group I helped launch Simon Fanshawe in the Mail 31.05.21

Nancy, U OK Hun? Sheridan Sinclair 31.05.21

Liz Truss urges official withdrawal from Stonewall diversity scheme The Times 31.05.21

Time to #LeaveStonewall Sex Matters 29.05.21

Stonewall boss defends new strategy amid criticism BBC 29.05.21

Stonewall suffers fresh setback in trans advice row The Times 28.05.21

The EHRC is right to ditch Stonewall The Spectator 27.05.21

The Organisations Backing Homophobia Julian Vigo 27.05.21

It’s wrong to erase women for the rights of others Suzanne Moore in The Telegraph 25.05.21

Stonewall UK’s rape culture The Glinner Update 25.05.21

Equalities watchdog pulls out of Stonewall diversity scheme amid row over transgender activism The Telegraph 24.05.21

Warnings that organisations’ policy could breach laws on trans rights The Sunday Times 23.05.21

Stonewall should stay out of trans rights war 22.05.21 Matthew Parris in The Times

Equality and Human Rights Commission cuts ties with Stonewall Sex Matters 22.05.21

When a group set up to fight homophobia is at war with a lesbian champion of gay rights, it’s no longer fit for purpose Mail 22.05.21

Stonewall gave bad advice to university in free speech row The Times 20.05.21

Stonewall and the silencing of feminist voices at universities Julie Bindel in The Spectator 19.05.21

What happened to Stonewall UK? Sheridan Sinclair 19.05.21

University of Essex apologise for “serious mistakes” in freedom of speech victory – and face questions as a Stonewall Diversity Champion Lesbian & Gay News 19.05.21

The rise and fall of Stonewall Jo Bartosch 23.10.20

Why I can’t trust Stonewall any more Jonny Best 07.10.20

Fair Cop? How Stonewall turned the police into political activists The Critic Magazine 11.09.20

To Avoid Being “Hurtful” to Trans Community, Police Fail to Provide Description of Wanted Sexual Assailant Women are human 30.07.20

Why are police spending thousands on Stonewall subscriptions? Spectator 13.07.20

Lesbian barrister raises £60,000 to sue LGBT charity Stonewall and her chambers for trying to ‘silence’ her for her stance on transgender issues Mail 02.07.20

Stonewall helps the police make a mockery of the law Fair Cop 22.06.20

Co-founder of Stonewall calls for calm 04.11.19

‘Anti-women’ trans policy may split Stonewall The Sunday Times 22.09.19

Posie Parker’s Graphic Protest Against Stonewall Policies Jo Bartosch 09.07.19

Response to Stonewall from abuse survivors FOVAS 09.07.19

Stonewall has sold out lesbians and it’s time they be held to account Jo Barosch 02.05.19

Lesbian campaigners target Stonewall


Read all about it: Lesbian Campaigners Target Stonewall Jo Bartosch 26.04.19

What’s gone wrong with Stonewall Jonathan Best 21.02.19

Stonewall pioneer criticises its transgender ‘extremismThe Times 25.02.19

Stonewall drives away backers with ‘trans’ agenda Sunday Times 23.02.19

The limits of Stonewall’s tolerance Jo Bartosch 31.07.18

Lesbian fury at Stonewall over ‘trans agenda’ The Times 17.07.18



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