Currently under investigation by the Charity Commission, this diabolical organisation, which supports the transgendering of children,  should never have been granted charity status in the first place.  Given the ever-increasing number of horrific reports about them, it’s high time they got their own page.  13.10.22


Catching a mermaid  Malcolm Clark in The Critic 08.07.23

Did raising her own trans child lead Mermaids’ founder to put others youngsters’ health at risk? Mail 07.07.23

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Transgender charity Mermaids reveals earnings from training NHS and educators have soared The Telegraph 30.01.23

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Head of trans children charity Mermaids resigns after six years The Guardian 24.11.22

Mermaids’ attempt to shut down gay charity is ‘profoundly homophobic’, tribunal hears The Telegraph 08.11.22

Charity watchdog ‘ignored alert from mother over trans service’ The Times 14.10.22

Liz Truss supports calls for police investigation into Mermaids trans charity The Telegraph 12.10.22

DfE removes trans charity Mermaids from wellbeing resources Schools Week 12.10.22

Parents call for probe after Mermaids worker ‘posted explicit photo’ Mail 11.10.22

Mermaids worker ‘posed naked in explicit images and posted ‘sexualised’ photo of himself on Instagram’ as parents of children who used trans charity call for watchdog probe Mail 11.10.22

Mermaids’ fishy links cast stink on Scotland’s trans bill The Times 09.10.22

The scandal of trans charity Mermaids is a warning to us all Telegraph 09.10.22

Now NHS staff are warned they must NOT promote transgender Mermaids charity Mail 09.10.22

Lottery pauses cash for trans charity Mermaids during investigation The Times 06.10.22

Trustee of the transgender charity Mermaids quits after speech to paedophile aid group The Times 04.10.22

Is sanity returning to the trans debate? Julie Bindel Spectator 01.10.22

Trans charity Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes Mail 28.09.22

How has Mermaids escaped scrutiny for so long? Jo Bartosch in Spiked 28.09.22

Trans charity Mermaids giving breast binders to children behind parents’ backs Telegraph 25.09.22

Mermaids is a threat to gay rights Unherd 21.09.22

Transgender women advised to call 999 if asked to leave female-only lavatories Telegraph 30.04.22

Why is Mermaids promoting breast binding at events for young people? Spectator 05.11.21

Transgender charity Mermaids is fined £25,000 after boss accidentally published hundreds of emails from parents discussing their children’s transitions and left the data online for three years Mail 08.07.21

ICO fines transgender charity for data protection breach exposing sensitive personal data  ICO 08.07.21

Don’t forget about Mermaids Jo Bartosch 07.06.21

LGB Alliance “have confidence in the Charity Commission” as trans children’s charity Mermaids leads legal attempt to overturn decision on charity status Jo Barosch LGN 02.06.21

Experiences of Parenting – hosted by Mermaids The Lies They Tell 27.05.21

“Born in the Wrong Body? That’s not what we meant!” Lily Maynard 03.10.20

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Mermaids has been inundated by a tidal wave of money since the issue began to attract public attention in 2016. In fact, Mermaids is getting so much cash, it’s struggling to spend it all. Twitter thread by Francis Harris 21.02.20

Starbucks is rapped for launching ‘woke’ campaign to raise £100,000 for controversial transgender charity Mail 16.02.20

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The case of Child J

Judgement in the Child J case

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