Graham Linehan

For articles about the man who has consistently supported women against the gender cult.

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan tells how his trans views cost him his career, friends and marriage during six-year ‘nightmare’ ordeal – as he calls for criminal probe into charities Mermaid and Stonewall after Cass report Mail 11.04.24

Father Ted writer Graham Linehan among group taking legal action against Belfast pub in row over ‘gender critical beliefs’ The Irish News 25.01.24

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan, writer and activist Herald 22.10.23

The Trans Witch-Hunters that Want to Destroy Graham Linehan But are Cool With Frankie Boyle Joking About Raping and Killing Women Heather Brunskell-Evans in The Daily Sceptic 06.09.23

Graham Linehan: the trans debate left me cancelled and broke The Times 17.03.23

Why I had to take a stand on gender ideology Graham Linehan in Spiked 22.12.22

Graham Linehan: Trans rights extremists ruined my career and marriage Mail 01.04.22

‘They just destroyed me’: Father Ted creator Graham Linehan breaks down in tears on BBC’S Nolan Live as he claims trans campaigners have ‘cost him his family and his marriage’ Mail 24.03.22

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan claims trans zealots are forcing him out of the stage version of his own show because of his outspoken defence of women’s rights Mail 18.12.21

The Jessica Fletcher of paedos Graham Linehan 08.07.20

The intellectual and moral cowardice of Billy Bragg Graham Linehan 12.07.20

The Staunchly Imperfect Chaotic and True Allyship of Graham Linehan Lydia Lambfruit 05.07.20

Video: Go fuck yourself, Google Graham Linehan 30.06.20

Hypocrite of the Year Women Are Important by Graham Linehan 30.06.20

The silencing of Graham Linehan Debbie Hayton 29.06.20

transgender Pride post Metro 27.06.20

Statement on my Twitter suspension Graham Linehan 28.06.20

Speaking out against transgender extremists has made me the most hated man on the internet, writes Father Ted creator Mail on Sunday 09.02.20

Father Ted creator: I have sinned against the trans lobby The Sunday Times 09.02.20

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