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After the piece below was removed by Medium, Graham Linehan’s account was banned. Medium allows countless articles by trans writers attacking feminists but won’t allow a piece like this or the ones by Hacsi Horvath and Olivia Broustra. If there is a lesson to be drawn from this misogynistic policy, it is that anyone writing from a gender-critical perspective should be sure to archive their published article immediately. If it does get censored, I’ll be pleased to publish it on this site. Update: Happily Graham now has his own site but I’ll still link to some articles by or about him on this page.

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One week in the war on women

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Graham Linehan

(Thanks to JL for her help on this one)
6th May
On April 26th which is International Lesbian Day of Visibility, a very obviously physically male Twitter user sent tweets to accompany photos of himself in which he claimed to be a lesbian (he also commented “down with cis”). @jsoosty, a feminist and gay rights campaigner (and mother to a lesbian daughter), replied to him “you’re not a lesbian”. For this she was said to be committing “Hateful conduct” and her account was permanently banned.
7th May
Caroline Farrow went to court to contest an application for an interim injunction at the Royal Court of Justice.
Farrow has been the subject of a harassment campaign since her appearance oppopsite Susie Green on Good Morning. For the crime of ‘misgendering’ Susie Green’s child, her details, including her address, were revealed online.
She and her family were then subjected to a harassment campaign.
  • Multiple fast food deliveries — up to eight in one night.
  • Malicious report to the NSPCC in her name accusing her husband of sexually abusing their children in their sleep, resulting in an immediate police visit to check on their welfare.
  • False reports, again in her name, about her husband engaging in similar behaviour at a local swimming pool posted in her name on a website with a local MP cc’d in.
  • Hundreds of orders placed in her name on the Argos website.
  • Her nine-year-old daughter’s name used to sign up to a transgender teen site. Sexually explicit posts and threads started in her daughter’s name, including one claiming she was a drug user and wanted a mastectomy.
  • Videos made about her, one calling for her imprisonment and rape, another attacking her daughter again, repeatedly calling her a ‘bitch’.
  • Multiple threatening emails, including some purporting to be from government agencies like the DVLA and passport office. Reports filled to CrimeStoppers in her name. Abusive emails sent to Mumsnet in her name result in her account being temporarily suspended.
  • Her children and 78-year-old father used in cartoons and sexually explicit fiction with accompanying Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • An abusive blog with accompanying Twitter accounts set up by someone purporting to know about forthcoming legal action. In one message she is told she will be “nailed to the wall of court 37 and fucked”
At the Royal Court of Justice, trans activist, Stephanie Hayden, had applied for an injunction against Farrow. Despite having made comments on social media about Mrs Farrow such as, “should be sectioned under mental health act”, “Public menace”, “Inherently evil” and “Sad middle aged hater” and actually turning up at Mrs Farrow’s home to serve the papers, Ms Hayden alleged that Mrs Farrow’s online behaviour amounted to harassment and defamation. The judge’s decision was to award Hayden the interim injunction against Mrs Farrow.
8th May
A debate about the future of women’s sex-based rights held by Edinburgh University was deemed ‘transphobic’ by students, as reported in The Scotsman. The debate included journalist and life-long women’s rights campaigner, Julie Bindel, and Prof Rosa Freedman, an expert in law, conflict and global development from Reading University. But Edinburgh University Students’ Association Liberation group claimed the university was “Stirring up transphobia” and, in a string of tweets supported by EUSA, the university’s main student body, claimed the free event which was open to all made trans people unwelcome in the institution.
9th May
Scottish poet, Stuart Paterson, had his work withdrawn from sale by his own publishers. Copies of his 2017 co-authored work were pulped and his publishers removed all mention of it from their website because he was deemed ‘Transphobic’ and guilty of ‘Hate speech’ for supporting women who challenge self-ID legislation in Scotland.
10th May
Media outlets and Merseyside Police’s own social media account reported the arrest of “two women” over a violent scuffle in a Liverpool car park. However, shocking footage of the event which appeared on a variety of online forums clearly shows that one of the women is actually a transwoman. The transwoman in question is allegedly 55-year-old Carol Lea who, following an altercation over a parking space with two young people, became aggressive and violent. The focus of Lea’s anger seems to have been the female passenger of the car, not its male driver. Lea can be seen taking a hammer out of the boot of her car, grabbing the teenage girl in a headlock and hitting her. When the young girl takes refuge in the car, Lea pulls at the door handle and then leans inside the vehicle to continue assaulting her.
Perhaps as shocking as seeing a natal male in a fit of violent rage attacking a 19-year-old woman is that, according to online profiles, for five years Lea has been a “trainer” to Merseyside Police in areas of ‘equality and diversity’ and is also an adviser to students at Liverpool Hope University and Wirral Hospital Trust.
11th May
Natasha Devon resigned very publicly from her role as a Times Educational Supplement columnist over allegations of transphobia after the paper published an article by Debbie Hayton, a transwoman. Ms Devon, who was previously sacked from her role as the government’s mental health Tsar and controversially instructed the teachers of female pupils not to call them ‘girls’ as it “reminds them of their gender”, seemed to take issue with Ms Hayton’s support for the Transgender Trend organisation and the advice pack it offers to schools and educators.
12th May
A harassment campaign against Joanna Cherry QC MP continued with the publication of a story in the Scottish national press in which she was accused of condoning bullying. Ms Cherry has questioned self-ID and challenged the silencing of women on social media, demanding to know why sex (as opposed to ‘gender’ and ‘gender id’) is not a protected characteristic according toTwitter’s code of conduct. Because of this, she received so many violent threats that, at one point, she received a police escort to her constituency surgery.
13th May
Helen Steel, a lifelong environmental and social justice campaigner who was at the forefront of breaking the ‘spy cops’ scandal was evicted from a mass land protest with Land Justice UK. Ms Steel, who has previously spoken about women’s sex-based rights at feminist events, was ejected from the LJN protest after being there for three days because of her opinions on gender. According to Ms Steel’s own social media comments, LJN was being instructed by a group of academics from the Women’s Strike Assembly who claimed that her presence was making trans people feel unsafe. Previously, the Women’s Strike Assembly were involved in the harassing of a female trades union member on a picket line and have offered a platform to Ada Cable, the trans rights activist who called for feminists to be physically assaulted.
14th May
Lewis Moonie was suspended from the Labour Party amid accusations of transphobia and told he must attend a disciplinary hearing. Lord Moonie, a former psychiatrist, was the MP for Kirkcaldy from 1987–2005 before being made a life peer. He has supported women’s sex-based rights and the need to discuss any change in the law concerning self ID. The 72 year old resigned from the party saying “Not really up to fighting it, so I’ve saved them the trouble”.
It has since become known that Moonie’s departure was at least partially down to the complaints of Aimee Challenor, who is best known for employing David Challenor as an election agent after the latter was charged with the rape and torture of a ten-year-old girl in the attic of their home. David Challenor is now serving 22 years for that crime, while Aimee is still on the trans advisory board at Stonewall.
Speaking of Stonewall, during the week, Ruth Hunt was interviewed on HardTalk and asked about her legacy at that organisation.
“If you’re talking financial profile,” she said. “Our financial profile has improved.”
Originally published on Medium 17.05.19. Republished on this site 20.05.19.
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