What do we mean by erasure? When I first heard the term being used in respect of trans ideology, it sounded hyperbolic. I changed my mind, after seeing:

  • MtTs who insist that they are women just the same as I am but who show no understanding of what it means to be female and getting called ‘terf’ or ‘bigot’ for daring to disagree with them;
  • the unqualified support the trans lobby is getting from all the major political parties, while protests from feminists are ignored or dismissed as ‘transphobic’;
  • the accomplishments of girls and women in sports stolen from them by males competing in their events;
  • the psychological and emotional well-being of vulnerable women in prisons and women’s shelters disregarded because of men’s feelings;
  • clothes shops, among them fashion chain store, Topshop, whose customers are primarily very young women, introducing gender neutral changing rooms;
  • a man who’s been married three times, fathered six children and won an Olympic Gold medal in a men’s event chosen to be Glamour magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year’;
  • a teenager, exceptional only in that he is a male who identifies as a woman standing for the post of Women’s Officer in a local branch of the Labour Party because he “disagreed with other Women’s Officers” and being elected;
  • an MtT elected unopposed to serve as president of the Quebec’s main women’s federation;
  • women defined as ‘menstruators’,’non-prostate owners’, ‘gestational parents’ and ‘non-men’;
  • the wikipedia definition of ‘transwoman’ being ‘a woman who was assigned male at birth’ and not being allowed to correct it to ‘a male who identifies as a woman’ or similar;
  • the very word ‘woman’ used as if it refers to some catch-all category for those who don’t want to be men, as in the case of the violent males who assaulted me at Speakers Corner

…and much else besides.

I now know what erasure feels like. Time for a cartoon from the perspicacious Feminist Heretic.


The above cartoon specifically lampoons the behaviour of one Travis Alabanza and how the fashion chainstore, TopShop, caved into his demands, while disregarding the possibility of causing discomfort to the very young women who comprise the bulk of the store’s regular clientele. The point of the cartoon is clearly to point out a possible consequence of having a gender-neutral changing areas, which is that sexual perverts – and there is nothing about either of those depicted to suggest they are trans – might abuse the policy for their own gratification. Rather like this example from Singapore: Man jailed for filming woman in changing rooms and these from the US.

The above cartoon upset a few people when I tweeted it because they said it was transphobic though they didn’t explain how and I was left to conclude it was a knee-jerk reaction from a bunch of idiots.

Here’s a superb response from Brendan O’Neill to the TopShop debacle:

You are not a woman

It is somewhat ironic that one of the best accounts of what women go through and men don’t is given by a man. Peter Ezeanochie doesn’t “identify” as a woman yet apparently has more empathy for women than most of the MtTs who raise their voices on social media. Here is a screenshot of what he said on facebook back in March 2017:


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Last updated: 24.06.18