Lesbians at the Pride and Dyke Marches

Lesbians at Pride Cymru 2022


Lesbian group told to leave Pride march after clash with trans rights activists The Times 29.08.22

Pride Cymru and the rise of woke homophobia Jo Bartosch in Spiked 28.08.22

Why are lesbians no longer welcome at Pride? Julie Bindel The Spectator 28.08.22



Lesbian Strength 2019

Blog: Lesbian Strength! A day out in Leeds Maria MacLachlan

“Here’s some of my footage from the day. I probably shouldn’t have let my pet monkey take it.”


Click here to see some lovely pics of the day from ClaireOT.

And many more from Mike Bettney.”


Manchester Pride 2019

And the lesbophobes were furious but who cares?

Leeds Pride 2019

Some of the incredibly brave lesbian feminists who protested Leeds Pride.


Of course they got surrounded by a screeching mob.

This is trans activism. This is LESBOPHOBIA!

Shameful behaviour caught on camera by a disabled lesbian in a wheelchair.

Guest blog: On the lesbian protesters at Leeds Pride by Lara Adams-Miller 

Lancaster Pride 2019

More bullying of lesbians happened at Lancaster.

Are Lesbians Welcome at Pride? The answer at Lancaster Pride is no. Fair Play for Women 01.07.19

I am a Lesbian and I Protested Pride. Here’s why… 01.07.19


Edinburgh Pride 2019

Same happened at Edinburgh. Here’s some footage.


And here are some quotes collected from those on the receiving end of the bullying.

Glasgow Pride 2019

A lovely upbeat report here.


Vienna: Europride 2019

How amazing to see lesbian feminists leading the Pride again. Of course, there was much dummy-spitting from lesbophobic trans activists and allies on social media – but who cares?


Bradford Pride 2019: Idiot cops harass lesbians on chairs drinking coffee

Women meet to discuss sex-based rights in Leeds amid accusations of transphobia Yorkshire Evening Post 06.06.19

Read about it here: Bradford Pride 2019 #gettheLout BoudiccaRises 02.09.19

Storm in a coffee cup? Jonathan Best 02.06.19

Lesbian protesters at Bradford Pride claim police asked if they were a ‘hate group’ Telegraph & Argus 02.06.19

Cheerful gathering in a coffee shop before the Pride in Bradford

And then…


And in this video we see a bunch of bullies trying to block a banner saying ‘Lesbians Don’t Have Penises’ while one talks down to a sister on a mobility scooter.

York Pride 2019 – a successful protest


Lesbians Protest Swansea Pride 2019 – #GetTheLOut

Protesters bravely declare that lesbians don’t have penises. It takes four rozzers to take down one of them.


See conflicting accounts offered on Twitter and support Get the L out by becoming a patron.

Lesbian protesters in clash with police and security at Swansea Pride Wales Online 05.04.19

PRIDE 2018

Auckland Pride

Two young feminist heroes, Charlie Montague and Renée Gerlich, took the opportunity to challenge lesbian erasure and child abuse at the Auckland Pride Parade in February 2018.  The picture tweeted by Charlie, right, shows the banner they carried at the Pride saying, ‘Stop giving kids sex hormones. Protect Lesbian Youth’.

Renee’s blog carries the press release they sent out, which also links to a video of an interview Charlie gave en route.

“Montague says that ‘Gender is a system of ‘pink and blue’ sex-based stereotyping. Without these gender stereotypes there are no ‘trans’ children. We want to break down stereotypes so that youth can be whoever they want to be – without being medicalised for it.”

The bad but totally unsurprising news is that they of course got loads of hate from the trans cult. But the better news is that they got masses of support from all over the world. They were so brave to make a stand – a great example to us all.


London Pride

I was bursting with London pride when I saw my lesbian sisters stealing the limelight at this year’s pride. Here’s footage from Pink News, with a predictably diabolical narrative calling it an “anti-trans” protest rather than what it was – a protest against lesbian erasure and part of a campaign to Get the L out. Read about it here: Why “Get The L Out”? and see the video the protesting women took themselves here Lesbians Protest London Pride – #GetTheLOut.

Links to relevant articles:

Interview: Angela C. Wild of #GetTheLOut on Pride in London and Lesbian erasure Feminist Current

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Lesbian Pride, Lesbian Protest Jo Bartosch

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London Pride 2018: Fearless Feminists vs Misogynists & Lesbophobes Maria MacLachlan

Why were lesbians protesting at Pride? Because the LGBT coalition leaves women behind Sarah Ditum

Open letter to Stonewall from the Lesbian Rights Alliance


Leeds Pride

Video: Claire and Julie of the Leeds Spinners – “Lesbian not Queer”.

Lesbophobia at public marches

Why Lesbians No Longer Feel Welcome at Pride Marches Claire Heuchan 20.06.19

Posted on Twitter June 2018: “In honour of pride month I want to ask ‘What has happened to Pride?’ Original Pride vs. Queer Theory Pride, a thread.”

Domination by Trans Rights Activists at Dyke March in San Fransciso  XX Amazon (has links to other pieces)

Lesbians attacked by Trans Activists at the San Francisco Dyke March Gender Trender 24.06.18

Lesbians are being excluded from the Vancouver Dyke March in the name of ‘inclusivity’ Feminist Current


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