I love arguing especially about topics I feel passionate about. Sometimes I argue just for the sake of arguing – because I see a problem with another person’s argument and I want to see how they respond if I point it out. Will they come up with something better – something I can learn from? I also like to test my ideas and opinions and see whether they stand up to the scrutiny of others. When they don’t, when someone points out some flaw in what I’m saying and comes up with a better argument, one that helps my ideas evolve, it feels great.

While on my peak trans journey, I came across many articles containing arguments that stood up to scrutiny and made me think. Some of them articulated exactly what I felt to be true and some of them made me think differently. Some of them were so bad that the only effect they had on me was to make me feel more negatively about those making them. Below are the links to internal pages – one full of links to articles containing what I consider to be good arguments, one summarising the bad arguments and one other one.


       Good arguments                         Bad arguments                         I can’t even…


An excellent way to fill dead space is with a cartoon from the fabulous Feminist Heretic.


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