I can’t even…

Toot! Toot! Here comes the Crazy Train! Trans cultists say the darndest things and here are but a few examples. Bear in mind there are many people to whom these comments sound perfectly sane and rational. Scary, right?


When I started this page I thought it would be just screenshots not links to whole articles but discovering this one has made me change my mind. Could Jesus have identified as a lady? Just in case:

Jesus could have been transgender, claims Cambridge dean The Telegraph 26.11.22

Swedish church pushes for neutral gender reference to Jesus RT 30.12.19

And then there are these:

Trans activists are taking the piss Jo Bartosch in Spiked 07.09.22

Truly changing sex is possible, says Berkeley trans scholar Grace Lavery 14.06.21

Chocolate company is slammed for making ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ flavours that are blue and pink – because it doesn’t take transgender people into account Mail 19.02.19

Men are oppressed by cupcakes and I’m scared for the next generation 05.09.15




Dr Meg John Barker quoted in the Indy100 01.1.18





















































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