“We are in a new era of witch burning, except that today, the fire is that of media and propaganda, with trans activists and their supporters suppressing any information that contradicts their goals and silencing their critics through oppressive tactics. Some of our contributors have been fired from teaching positions at universities; some have been blacklisted; others threatened with physical harm, rape, even death – all because they have questioned or challenged the idea that the cultural construct of gender should supplant biological sex. Others have been de-platformed as speakers at universities for expressing what should be a matter of common sense: that women, many of whom have been sexually assaulted by males, should have the right to shower, bathe, sleep, or organize free from the presence of males.”

Ruth Barrett,
What you need to know about gender politics’ war on women, the female sex and human rights

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Twitter wants me to shut up and the right wants me to join them; I don’t think I should have to do either Meghan Murphy 20.11.18

Compassion as cover: How transgender allies dodge debate Robert Jensen 19.11.18

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Jenni Murray pulls out of Oxford talk after students try to ‘no platform’ her over ‘transphobic’ comments Telegraph 07.11.18

Even Oxford University can’t save Jenni Murray from the transgender activist mob James Kirkup 07.11.18

Silencing Women in the Name of Trans Activism Julie Bindel 31.10.18

UK universities struggle to deal with ‘toxic’ trans rights row Guardian 30.10.18

Lecturer’s job fear after raising trans concerns The Times 30.10.18

Activists thwart work on gender law reforms The Times 28.10.18

Oxford professor says ‘academic freedom’ is under threat after he is accused of running transphobic Twitter account Telegraph 28.10.18

Labour members ‘punished’ over transgender Facebook debate The Times 24.10.18

Index withdraws from Truth to Power events Index on Censorship 24.10.18

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Women’s groups claim ‘silencing’ on transgender concerns Observer 14.10.18

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Father Ted writer Graham Linehan warned by police after ‘trolling’ transgender activist Sunday Times 07.10.18

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Assistant editor of Durham Philosophy Journal fired for “transphobic” comments Palatinate 10.09.18

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Trans Goldsmiths lecturer Natacha Kennedy behind smear campaign against academics Times 08.09.18

Father Ted writer Graham Linehan says the trans activist Stephanie Hayden is dangerous troll Times 29.08.18

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Resignation Statement — Humanist Students President-Elect  Angelos Sofocleous 24.08.18

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I’m not surprised that the BBC chastised Jenni Murray over her transgender comments – this is what institutional sexism looks like Sarah Ditum 07.03.17

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Ten arguments for – and against – ‘no-platforming’ Eric Heinze, Professor of Law and Humanities at Queen Mary, University of London 01.03.16

The intolerant student Left has even turned on me – a lifelong civil rights campaigner Peter Tatchell 15.02.16

Germaine Greer. Pointing out the Bleeding Obvious. Jean Hatchett  26.10.15

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No platform: my exclusion proves this is an anti-feminist crusade Julie Bindel 9.10.15

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We cannot allow censorship and silencing of individuals Letter to The Observer signed by over 100 people 15.02.15

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“No platform” was once reserved for violent fascists. Now it’s being used to silence debate Sarah Ditum 18.03.14

‘You Are Killing Me’: On Hate Speech and Feminist Silencing Jane Clare Jones 16.05.15

Let us be free to debate transgenderism without being accused of ‘hate speech’ 
Sheila Jeffreys 29.05.12

Who is silencing who? Banned by Trans blog

Lies of Trans activists

The National Theatre discriminated against a group of peaceful customers

I count a number of those customers as personal friends, which is why I very carefully considered all the evidence. I concluded that they were the innocent victims of discrimination by bigoted NT staff on Friday 05.07.19.

I’m not a lawyer and I have no faith in this country’s criminal or civil law or lawyers, so I am not suggesting they have any sort of legal case. That is for them to find out if they want to. But I am saying that the NT staff and one of their Chief Execs behaved unethically and that by publishing a highly misleading statement by that same Chief Exec, they were defamed on the Guardian newspaper website and by any other newspaper or website who published that statement. I won’t be linking to any press stories about what allegedly happened as I believe my own blog, in which I link to all the available evidence, is the most accurate representation of what happened.

A gay man and several lesbians walked into a bar…

Publishers stand by victim of trans activist haters

Michele Moore, Professor of Inclusive Education at Northumbria University and passionate defender of children against trans ideology, has been the victim of a massive hate campaign by trans activists, who have petitioned the publishers of Disability and Society – the journal she edits – asking for her dismissal.

I know many of us wrote to the publishers in support of Michele. Miranda Yardley’s letter can be read online here.

Yesterday, (24th June) the publishers issued this statement:

Having seen both the petition and online discussion circulating on Disability and Society, we are putting in place a full review of the Journal’s editorial policies and processes. This is to ensure such processes are positive, inclusive and transparent at all points of the publication process, providing the Journal’s Editorial Executive Board with a robust framework to work within. Such support will also be for the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Michele Moore, whom we will not be asking to step down.

See Michele speaking at Sheffield last year.

Good riddance: Journal editors quit in protest over ‘transphobic’ academic The Times 26.06.19

Trans bullies foiled at UArts

At last a university it sounds safe to let your kids go to (I mean ‘safe’ in the sense that there’s an outside chance they won’t get more stupid while they’re there). Unfortunately, it’s in Philadelphia in the US so out of reach for most. But maybe it’s a sign that times are changing and other universities will remember what they’re supposed to be and start standing up to the “trans-Taliban” as Julie Bindel calls them in her awesome piece linked to below.

Beware of Lesbians on Chairs!

On the evening of Thursday 21 March 2019, a company of four women went to what was billed as an ‘inclusive event’ for Accenture International Transgender Day of Visibility. The sight of these women –  believed to be lesbians – sitting quietly in the audience waiting for the event to start, was apparently very upsetting for panel members, who happened to include Susie Green of the atrocious Mermaids charity. Security staff tried to get them to leave and ended up calling police to physically remove them. It seems impossible to mock Accenture and City of London Police enough. Check out the Twitter thread and be very afraid of #Lesbiansonchairs.

Seven police officers sent to remove four women from ‘inclusive’ talk on transgender issues featuring CEO of Mermaids Telegraph 22.03.19

The bullies of Bristol University SU deplatform Angelos Sofocleous

Unashamedly in breach of guidelines recently produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Bristol University Students Union has told one of its affiliated societies that Durham University student Angelos Sofocleous should not be allowed to speak at an event scheduled for Wednesday 13 February 2019. Angelos is known for holding such highly controversial views as ‘women don’t have penises‘. It’s not clear why exactly Bristol SU feel the fragile snowflakes of Bristol University think his presence at the event will pose some kind of danger. This is what the university’s Free Speech Society, who issued the invitation, have to say:

And, just for reference, this is what the guidance gives as an example of what SUs shouldn’t do:

An SU considers inviting a writer to debate gender equality. It has a policy of not inviting speakers who use what it calls ‘hate speech’. During planning, they find out that the writer has spoken on social media about their belief that women with a Gender Recognition Certificate are still men. The SU official organising the debate decides that the writer’s views amount to transphobic hate speech, and announces on Twitter that they have decided not to invite the writer. The writer complains that the SU’s decision to ‘no-platform’ them violates their right to freedom of expression. The writer has not yet been invited to speak, and, as there is no legal duty on the SU to invite them, there is no infringement of the writer’s freedom of speech. However, if an affiliated society or other students invited the same speaker to talk, the SU could not prevent them from doing so as the speaker’s views are lawful. This would engage the HEP’s s.43 duty to protect free speech, informed by the Article 10 rights of the students and speaker to give and receive ideas.

Terror Tactics Triumph, Silence Freedom of Speech at Bristol University Conatus News 10.02.19

What happened when I was banned from a free speech debate on campus Angelos Sofocleous 11.02.19

Up yours, Bristol SU! Breaking: Removed speaker Angelos Sofocleous secretly rejoins free speech panel Epigram 13.02.19

Trans activist bullies fail to prevent award for Times columnist Janice Turner

“Has any other group tried to silence those who don’t 100 percent agree with their agenda?” asked Times columnist Janice Turner on Twitter after winning a prestigious journalism award. Janice was kind enough to share her thoughts, concluding with “The totalitarianism of this movement knows no bounds.” Bad luck, bullies. Win some, lose some, eh?


The Posie Parker interview that activists tried to suppress

Read all about it: YouTube Censored My Interview With Posie Parker Konstantin Kisin



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