Hate from trans activists


Transfolk often complain of ‘transmisogyny’ – a term reportedly invented by Julia Serano and meaning ‘hatred of transwomen’. This is an example of language appropriation by trans people. There is already a perfectly apt term for the hatred of them and that is ‘transphobia’ or, even more accurate, ‘transmisia’.  As those who call themselves ‘transwomen’ are male they can be – and obviously many are – misogynists but they can’t be victims of misogyny unless they are genuinely mistaken for being born female. I therefore reject the notion of ‘transmisogyny’ but not ‘trans misogyny’ i.e. the misogyny of trans people, particularly the hatred from male born trans people against women who challenge trans ideology

The TERF is a slur website collected many examples but has apparently now stopped doing so. The reason is not because there is any lessening of that hatred, so this page is devoted to more recent examples. Edited to add: see also this page on Tumblr.

Notable themes include saying that ‘TERFs’ are the same as, or worse than, Nazis, yet the irony of labelling people in this way, attributing to people thus labelled – including me – views we simply don’t have and calling for us to be violated, tortured and killed, is entirely lost on them. We are not the ones behaving like Nazis  – they are. I would add that seeing so many instances of the fantasy about ‘TERFs’ choking on their dicks, I am persuaded that many more male born trans are basically indulging in a sexual fetish than I previously thought to be the case.

That’s not to say all trans activist violence is by males. Check out this horrific story.

‘Non binary Queers’ Gay-Bash Lesbian Outside St. Louis Gay Bar, Brag About It On Twitter  Gender Trender 2.6.18

And then there was what happened to McLibel hero and Spycops abuse survivor Helen Steel at an Anarchist Bookfair in London.


Trans lobby sent me death threats, claims professor The Times 06.12.18

Rosa Freedman: Professor’s door ‘covered in urine’ after gender law debate BBC 05.12.18






And it's all our fault!

Plenty more here.

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The Bo String Duo Solo

An inspiring ditty by Men's Rights Activists, the String Bo String Duo

"If you intentionally
misgender anybody
You're a sexist piece of trash
That deserves a brick to the teeth"





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