What happened at Speakers Corner?

Here are links to all the blog posts and videos I’ve done on the assault on me at Speakers’ Corner and on the aftermath. I’ve put hateful comments I’ve seen about me on social media on a separate page here.


When vicious entitled thugs attack, I fight back! 

The ostensible trial of Tara Wolf – Part 1 

The ostensible trial of Tara Wolf – Part 2 

A year ago I was instructed by District Judge Kenneth Grant to pretend my male assailant was a woman… 

Tara Flik Wolf wants to smash my face in proper and the anonymous cowards of Freedom News support him 


Assault on Maria MacLachlan at Speakers’ Corner and the trans activist response



The abridged version is here.


Articles written just after the attack by other people

This Is An All-Out Political War: The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond

Misogynist violence at Speakers-Corner

The battle over gender has turned bloody

Your allyship will not protect you

Historic Speaker’s Corner becomes site of anti-feminist silencing and violence

‘Punch a TERF’ rhetoric encourages violence against women

Letter: Violence has no place in transgender debate

60-Year-Old Woman’s Face Beaten By Trans Activists Trying to Stop a Debate on Gender the Activists Had Already No-Platformed

If You Strike Them Down They Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Scotland Yard refuse to assign a gender to suspects in transgender brawl that saw a woman beaten up – in case they get it wrong

Statement from Women’s Liberation Front

Speakers’ Corner and the failure of transgender activists and Stonewall to condemn male violence

Trans Caller Wants To Leave Country Thanks To Other Trans Activists’ Behaviour

Violence Against Gender Critical Women: From Hyde Park Corner to the Anarchist Bookfair

A pertinent comment on Tumblr


INTERVIEW: Maria MacLachlan on the GRA and the aftermath of her assault at Speaker’s Corner Julie Moss for Feminist Current 21.03.18




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