The Tavistock and other children’s gender clinics

This page was previously just for links to articles about the Keira Bell case. They are all still here and can be seen by scrolling down but now that the Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service is to close, links for all news articles about that clinic and new gender clinics are featured here. 


Tavistock whistleblower ‘had no alternative’ but to raise concerns The Independent 07.04.24

NHS gender identity clinics for children are ‘nowhere near ready’ The Times 01.04.24

Why the Tavistock gender identity clinic was forced to shut … and what happens next  The Observer 31.03.24

First do no harm Morning Star 30.03.24

New legal challenge aims to restrict private gender clinics for teenagers New Statesman 24.03.24

Inside the collapse of the Tavistock Centre Hannah Barnes in the New Statesman 20.03.24

New NHS children’s gender clinic hit by disagreements and resignations The Guardian 18.01.24

Regulator approves private hormone clinic for children BBC News 16.01.24

Inside NHS England’s faltering plan to replace the Tavistock – New Statesman Hannah Barnes in The New Statesman 16.01.24

Tavistock scandal campaigners raise fears over £60k Department for Health and Social Care job to advise the NHS on puberty blockers for children policy – months after it pledged it would ban them Mail 15.01.24

Children under five referred to NHS transgender clinic The Times 27.12.23

Anger flares at the controversial Tavistock Clinic over a sex change operation for a young person who cannot read or write and has 14 mental health conditions Mail 23.08.23

Has GIDS learned from its failure? – UnHerd media 26.07.23

Now health watchdog probes private gender clinic set up by staff from scandal-hit Tavistock unit Mail 01.07.23

Ex-Tavistock staff to run new gender clinic The Times 22.06.23

Trans activists will ‘weaponise’ conversion therapy ban to ruin medics’ careers, warns Tavistock clinic whistleblower The Telegraph 25.05.23

Key doctor questions need for reform at Tavistock trans clinic The Times 25.05.23

The moment I realised there was something terribly wrong at the Tavistock: Nurse Sue Evans reveals Mail 16.05.23

Are we any closer to the truth about the Tavistock? Spiked 02.05.23

Tavistock gender clinic threatened with court action by watchdog The Telegraph 30.04.23

No one kept data on Tavistock children — it’s a monumental scandal The Times 19.03.23

Hormones First. Research Later: A Review of Hannah Barnes’s ‘Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children‘ Quillette 14.03.23

Notes on a medical scandal Alex Massie 14.03.23

Tavistock clinic ‘ignored’ link between autism and transgender children The Telegraph 14.02.23

Tavistock gender identity scandal reminds us to stand up for truth, says Badenoch The Times 13.02.23

Tavistock scandal ‘on a par with East German doping of athletes’ The Times 12.02.23

The Cass Review Heather Brunskell Evans 05.02.23

Puberty blockers were given to almost all children sent for assessment by Tavistock clinic The Times 20.01.23

Trans activists have no shame James Esses in Spiked  04.11.22

Gender identity specialists accuse psychology body of ‘contributing to fear’ Guardian 02.11.22

Psychiatrist claims parents falsely said their ‘toddlers were trans’ Mail 22.10.22

Doctors outraged at NHS trust’s two-hour lesson on ‘gender unicorns’ Mail 22.10.22

Soon-to-close NHS Tavistock clinic is accused of ‘wrongly convincing gay and bisexual people they were TRANS’ in bitter legal dispute Mail 13.09.22

NHS group ‘ignoring’ Tavistock clinic controversy by ‘promoting trans allyship’ The Telegraph 24.08.22

The trouble with Tavistock Spectator World 21.08.22

Tavistock Clinic fallout: what the courts would consider in litigation by former patients The Conversation 15.08.22

Tavistock Clinic: the story so far Gordon & Slater 12.08.22

Tavistock gender clinic ‘to be sued by 1,000 families’ The Times 11.08.22

How Tavistock came tumbling down  Sue Evans in Common Sense News 03.08.22

Why the Tavistock had to fall Kathleen Stock in UnHerd 01.08.22

Tavistock scandal: Calls for Scottish Sandyford service to close The Times 31.07.22

Tavistock’s ex-governor: Not enough time on life-changing decisions Mail 30.07.22

The Tavistock scandal shows the dangers of civil service groupthink Kemi Badenoch in The Times 30.07.22

Gender clinics face scrutiny of science at last Janice Turner in The Times 29.07.22

Eighteen years of complaints and ‘thousands of damaged children’, but still the Tavistock Centre wouldn’t listen The Telegraph 28.07.22

Cass report vindicates years of concerns over Tavistock The Times 28.07.22

Courage of parent and patients revealed as Tavistock clinic to SHUT Mail 28.07.22

Why the Tavistock clinic had to be shut down James Kirkup in The Spectator 28.07.22

Tavistock gender clinic forced to shut over safety fears The Times 28.07.22

Tavistock clinic: Gender change data to be scrutinised The Times 30.06.22

What went wrong at the Tavistock clinic for trans teenagers? Janice Turner in The Times 17.06.22

Head of Tavistock clinic cuts ties with parents of trans children over their ‘transphobic’ views Telegraph 30.04.22

The problem with the UK’s transgender clinic James Kirkup in The Spectator 11.03.22

Tavistock gender clinic not safe for children, report finds The Times 10.03.22

A letter in response to Bernadette Wren Michael Biggs 17.12.21

Maiming a generation Rob Jessel and Sarah Phillimore 08.09.21

Gender identity clinic whistleblower wins damages for ‘vilification’ The Times 04.09.21

Gender clinic doctor’s care ‘failed’ The Times 28.07.21

Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children The Sunday Times 20.06.21

Whistleblower who said patients were in danger at controversial gender clinic NHS Tavistock sues trust over claims doctors were told to ‘hide concerns for the safety of young people’ who were being ‘rushed’ into taking puberty-blockers Mail 15.06.21

The crisis at the Tavistock’s child gender clinic BBC 30.03.21

Gender clinic bosses at controversial NHS facility are removed after regulators highlighted a string of failures including managing patient safety risk Mail 31.01.21

Tavistock gender clinic whistleblowers have been vindicated James Kirkup in The Spectator 21.01.21

Tavistock puberty blocker study published after nine years BBC 11.12.20

Keira Bell ‘I knew I wasn’t like biological men – I would always be female no matter how hard I tried’ The Telegraph 11.10.20

‘A live experiment on children’: The shocking physicians’ testimony that led a High Court judge to ban NHS’s Tavistock clinic from giving puberty blocking drugs to youngsters as young as 10 who want to change sex Mail on Sunday 10.01.21

NHS’s Tavistock clinic in court battle over gender transition The Times 08.10.20

Children not able to give ‘proper’ consent to puberty blockers, court told BBC 07.10.20

‘Gender drugs may have cost me chance at motherhood’ The Sunday Times 04.10.20

Children’s gender identity clinic concerns go back 15 years BBC News 01.10.20

Investigating The Tavistock Heather Brunskell-Evans 27.09.20

Is the Tavistock gender clinic failing children? Spiked online 21.08.20

‘I should have been told to wait’: Woman treated with hormone blockers to reassign gender as a teenager takes NHS to court Sky News 18.07.20

NHS gender clinic ‘should have challenged me more’ over transition BBC 01.03.20

Tavistock gender clinic faces court over ‘puberty blockers’ for children Sunday Times 01.03.20

Why did the NHS let me change sex? Star witness in court battle against clinic that fast-tracked her gender swap aged 16 reveals what happened when she made a cry for help Mail 24.01.20

Woman, 23, given puberty-blockers at NHS Tavistock clinic joins High Court fight to stop the drugs being prescribed to children ‘as young as nine’ who want to change gender Mail 22.01.20

Why I Resigned from Tavistock: Trans-Identified Children Need Therapy, Not Just ‘Affirmation’ and Drugs 17.01.20

Mother sues Tavistock child gender clinic over treatments The Times 12.10.19

My daughter can’t understand the risk, says mother The Times 12.10.19

Therapist raised alert at troubling practices at Tavistock clinic The Times 12.10.19

The Times view on the Tavistock clinic and hormone-blocking drugs for the young: Informed Consent 12.10.19

Tavistock clinic reveals surge in girls switching gender Sunday Times 30.06.19

Tavistock’s Experiment with Puberty Blockers: an Update Michael Biggs 22.07.19

Tavistock’s Experimentation with Puberty Blockers: Scrutinizing the Evidence Michael Biggs 05.03.19

NHS transgender clinic accused of covering up negative impacts of puberty blockers on children by Oxford professor Telegraph 07.03.19

Vulnerable youngsters rushed into treatment. Staff too nervous to speak out: After resigning from controversial Tavistock gender clinic trust, a former governor says he fears we’re hurrying children down a transgender path they may bitterly regret Mail 01.03.19

Staff at trans clinic fear damage to children as activists pile on pressure The Times 16.02.19


Keira Bell against the Tavistock

The original judgment can be read here.

Landmark puberty-blockers ruling will NOT be challenged at Supreme Court Mail 06.05.22

Detransitioned activist takes war on puberty blockers to Supreme Court Mail  05.10.21

Courts shouldn’t ban clinical treatments Sarah Phillimore 18.09.21

Not all superheroes wear capes (analysis of Keira Bell appeal victory)  WEP Sex-based Rights Caucus 17.09.21

Keira Bell: My Story 07.04.21

The Keira Bell case was not a defeat for trans people, but a victory for restraint Helen Dale 11.12.20

Keira Bell lawyer warns on internet coverage of transgender issues The Observer 06.12.20

Online clinic GenderGP ignores ruling on puberty blockers The Sunday Times 06.12.20

Why I was right to blow the whistle on the Tavistock Clinic over puberty blockers Jo Bartosch Telegraph 05.12.20

The Observer view on the high court’s ruling on puberty-blocking drugs for children 06.12.20

Keira Bell case shows why transgender rights debate can’t be put on hold The National 04.12.20

Girl, 14, takes on police over pupils’ right to free speech The Times 04.12.20

Puberty blockers ruling: curbing trans rights or a victory for common sense? Guardian 03.12.20

The Times view on the Keira Bell case: Fine Judgment 02.12.20

Why Keira Bell’s victory matters Debbi Hayton in The Spectator 02.12.20

Keira Bell: ‘I couldn’t sit by while so many others made the same mistake’ Janice Turner in The Times 01.12.20

Keira Bell’s landmark victory against hormone blockers for children Julie Bindel in The Spectator 01.12.20

Keira Bell: The High Court hands down a historic judgment to protect vulnerable children Transgender Trend 01.12.20

Children who want puberty blockers must understand effects, high court rules Guardian 01.12.20

Trans clinics face puberty-blocker ban for under-17s The  Sunday Times 29.11.20


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