Sex-segregated spaces

This page is devoted to the conflict over sex-segregated spaces other than prisons, which are on a separate page here.

There are reasons why sex-segregated spaces exist. These reasons pertain to the wish for privacy, dignity and – in the case of women – safety, both physical and in terms of psychological and emotional well-being. Wanting to keep male-bodied people – however they “identify” – out of places where vulnerable women are housed (e.g. prisons and refuges) or where women are potentially vulnerable (e.g. hospital wards and changing rooms) is one of the hottest potatoes of the debate around trensgenderism. Yet the opnions and feelings of women themselves are being disregarded by most of those in power, who frequently resort to offering the unsupportable and divisive claim that transwomen are women in order to close down debate.


Toilets, bathrooms, restrooms…

…or whatever they are called where you are from, are one of most commonly searched-for topics on this site. I’ve avoided writing anything about them so far, partly because I feel they are less important than other sex-segregated spaces but mainly because it’s a quandary for which there is no ideal solution. There is no policy that would be both practicable and acceptable to everyone and would cover every kind of toilet outside the home. And, by the way, let’s quickly dispense with the unutterably silly argument that I see from time to time on social media that goes like this:

If you don’t have sex-segregated bathrooms at home, why do you need them anywhere else?

Seriously? Do you share your home with complete strangers you know nothing whatever about?

Why not make all toilets gender neutral?

This one sounds less silly and is a nice easy solution for service providers but not acceptable to a great many service users. Of course, many cafes and small restaurants have them. The largest Costa Coffee shop near to where I live, for example, has just one toilet for public use. Nobody cares because only one person uses that private space at a time.

But when I went to a party at a North London venue in 2017, I was distressed to find that their idea of “gender neutral” was to remove the Gents sign and make everyone use these conveniences that were clearly designed for males. Using them entailed walking past men urinating into a troth to get to the cubicles, which had no locks on the doors and were located facing the handbasins. Nightclubs, I would have thought, are places where women are best served by having sex-segregated spaces, where they can escape from drunken predators and make whatever adjustments to their appearance without being gawped at by men.

If you remove the urinals, what do you get? In many public places, even longer queues for the cubicles than there were already. Don’t expect women not to mind queueing even longer than we do already. Look what happened at the Barbican.

The most disturbing and unacceptable kowtowing to gender ideology, as far as I’m concerned, comes from schools. No adolescent girl should have to feel worried about being followed into the toilet and spied on by one or more boys – and vice versa for that matter. We all know how cruel teenagers of both sexes can be. Build additional “gender neutral” toilets if you want to reinforce a regressive ideology and encourage youngsters to believe they can be what they are not but don’t take sex-segregated toilets away from them.


The Top Shop Debacle


The above cartoon specifically lampoons the behaviour of one Travis Alabanza and how the fashion chainstore, TopShop, caved into his demands, while disregarding the possibility of causing discomfort to the very young women who comprise the bulk of the store’s regular clientele. The point of the cartoon is clearly to point out a possible consequence of having a gender-neutral changing areas, which is that sexual perverts – and there is nothing about either of those depicted to suggest they are trans – might abuse the policy for their own gratification. Rather like this example from Singapore: Man jailed for filming woman in changing rooms and these from the US.

The above cartoon upset a few people when I tweeted it because they said it was transphobic though they didn’t explain how and I was left to conclude it was a knee-jerk reaction from a bunch of idiots.

Here’s a superb response from Brendan O’Neill to the TopShop debacle: You are not a woman 19.11.17



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