The Police

“The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening.” – Rosa Luxembourg

This page is intended mainly for stories about inapproriate responses by British police to people who’ve been reported by trans activists for supposed “hate speech” online. A very small number of people are believed to be responsible for using this particular strategy in trying to silence those they disagree with but I – and many others – consider the behaviour of police in certain highly publicised recent cases to be unconscionable and one of the most sinister developments so far in the promotion of transgender ideology.

Below are the cases I know about at the moment and here is the blog I wrote to accompany this page: The Thought Police are coming.


Fair Cop

Launched in May 2019, Fair Cop is a group of individuals who have come together over shared concerns about police attempts to criminalise people for expressing opinions that don’t contravene any laws. See their website. Support the crowdfunder.

Interview with Harry Miller Country Esquire Magazine 20.08.19

Lincolnshire man challenges police transphobia guidelines BBC 06.08.19

Businessman, 54, investigated by police over Twitter poem about transgender people launches a landmark High Court battle to overhaul official rules on hate crimes Mail on Sunday 12.05.19

Police are criminalising opinions, say campaigners, The Sunday Times 12.05.19

Police used ‘violent’ transgender activist for equality training The Sunday Times 28.04.19

Meet the Experts Training Police in the UK on Trans Issues Uncommon Ground 12.04.19

West Yorkshire Police: Allies of Convenience Jo Bartosch 15.03.19

Hate crime officer called an ’embarrassment to the service’ after telling shops to use gender-neutral signs for tampons Independent 13.08.17

Miranda Yardley

Stories about the absurd and ultimately unsuccessful attempt by Mermaids volunteer, Helen Islan, mother of a child she says is transgender, to get transsexual Miranda Yardley a criminal conviction. Investigated by West Yorkshire police, the case was thrown out by District Judge John Woolard, who said it should never have been brought.


Kate Scottow

Kate Scottow pleads not guilty to charge under Communications Act, trial set for 2020 Joani Walsh

Mother arrested in front of her children for calling a trans woman a man on Twitter is charged with trolling Mail 01.09.19

Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter Mail 09.02.19


Graham Linehan

Another target of Stephanie Hayden, who has now withdrawn the complaint against Graham.


Caroline Farrow

It wasn’t the best idea to complain about a journalist. The complaint by Susie Green, CEO of Mermaids charity, was to Surrey police but it has now been withdrawn.


Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull

Kellie-Jay, who campaigns under the name ‘Posie Parker’, was a test case for West Yorkshire Police early in 2018, after being reported by Susie Green of Mermaids. That first case was eventually dropped by police. Kellie-Jay is now the target of a second complaint by Green. This one’s being investigated by Wiltshire police. Update: 13.05.19 It turns out Susie Green withdrew the second complaint in March but the police didn’t Kellie-Jay until the middle of May and they are not going to pursue the case because they’ve run out of time. Here is a video Kellie-Jay made breaking the news:


Harry Miller

Shocking behaviour by Humberside police officers against a man who’d committed no crime. Harry is himself a former police officer and now a philanthropic pillar of the community. The so-called ‘limerick’ he tweeted can be seen here. Here’s a limerick from me about Harry:

There was an old man from Lincoln
who hadn’t even been drinking
when he tweeted a rhyme
it wasn’t a crime but
the Old Bill still checked on his thinking!


Margaret Nelson

Incredible ham-fistedness by Suffolk police but at least they realised fairly quickly they’d got it wrong and apologised.



No words can describe how ridiculous this one was. Stephanie Hayden again.


Linda Bellos

Linda was reported to police by Giuliana Kendal after Linda said at a meeting in York in November 2017 that she would defend herself against violent trans activists. North Yorkshire police interviewed her under caution and decided not to proceed with the case, so Kendal took out a private prosecution against both Linda and Venice Allan, which was eventually thrown out. The full story appears on this page of this site and I’m only mentioning it here as an illustration of how far trans activist bullies might be prepared to go when the police won’t do their bidding.


The person behind many of the complaints

Hayden is on the right.

Trans activist Stephanie Hayden has a penchant for reporting people who say disagreeable things to police.

Police officers are afraid to speak out

I don’t know the source of this or where it was originally posted. I spotted it on Twitter and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It sounds exactly the same as what’s happening in the Prison Service.


Other police stories

Police forces let rapists record their gender as female The Sunday Times 20.10.19

Meet the top cop who wants to police your pronouns James Kirkup 16.10.19

A ‘transphobic’ crime wave has hit Oxford James Kirkup 14.10.19

Police response to ‘transphobic’ stickers branded ‘extraordinary’ Telegraph 14.10.19

Recording of a conversation exposing West Yorkshire police  Kat Sez 26.05.19

Police Scotland criticised over allowing suspects to self-identify gender The Scotsman 03.06.19


Update 22.10.19