Gender criticism across the political spectrum

Disclaimer: An argument stands or falls on its own merits, regardless of who makes it.

I’ve lost count of how often I’ve said the above sentence and I will never stop saying it. Now I’ve updated this page to include it as part of a Disclaimer for Idiots.

Know this: if I consider that someone’s argument, opinion or sharing of their personal life experience may be of interest to readers, I will link to their article or blog, regardless of where they stand on the democratic spectrum. This doesn’t mean I endorse their political opinions about anything else. Responses to this page from more than one trans activist has been to accuse me and other feminists of building alliances with parts of the religious right.

The “evidence” for this absurdity is a couple of the links to American conservatives at the bottom of the page. (Edit: Now moved to a different page here.) Of course, if linking to articles amounts to making alliances, then by the same reasoning I am also in alliance with the British Labour Party, the Tories, the Greens and with various Socialists.

In actual fact, the only people I am in alliance with are feminists and other gender abolitionists, which would seem by definition to exclude the religious right. That doesn’t mean that I rule out the possibility of their having something insightful to say on transgenderism, however. Hope that clarifies.

See also: The Genetic Fallacy

Like many people, I feel betrayed by the Labour party for several reasons nowadays – not least because of their disregard for the concerns of women in respect of transgender ideology. For this reason I also disdain the Green Party and the Lib Dems – which are the only other parties I might conceivably vote for. Of these three parties, only in the Lib Dems could I find no gender-critical voices at all: no bloggers, no articles. On the contrary, in former councillors Sarah Brown and Zoe O’Connell, I found some of the nastiest trans activists I’ve ever come across. (Update 05.09.19 Brown has just resigned from the party)I still live in hope that somewhere out there are Lib Dems putting their heads above the parapet as bravely as are many Labour Party members and some Green Party members and, if there are, that someone will point them out to me.

The Tories, of course, can take credit for the proposal to amend the 2004 Gender Recognition Act in the direction of making it easier to declare oneself something one is not. The proposed amendments would effectively allow any male-bodied person the right to declare themselves a woman and, according to some trans people, be potentially catastrophic for transgender people themselves.

I applaud all of those who are remaining in the parties and fighting for women and I totally understand those who’ve thrown in the towel and left. Given my short fuse with fools and bigots, that’s probably what I would have done if I’d been a member of any of them.

This page is where I link to articles and blogs written from a variety of political perspectives as well as relevant news stories


Making Protest Votes Count

If, after due consideration, you can’t bring yourself to vote for any of the parties and don’t have a decent independent where you are, read this: Making Protest Votes Count


The Labour Party

Tottenham CLP motion on free speech and self-organisation WPUK 31.01.20

Labour activists launch declaration on women’s sex-based rights Morning Star 11.11.19

After the disgraceful and terrifying scenes outside the WPUK meeting held during the Labour Party in conference in Brighton in September 2019, a comment from Posie Parker: The Labour Party hates women.

And another, in which we see a misogynist bigot called Tom Barringer of Tottenham CLP getting cheered for his defamation of #WPUK, while his comrade gets booed for his criticisms. This is the Labour Party today – shame on them.

Labour leadership contest

Labour candidates called on to justify transphobia claims Guardian 16.02.20

Rebecca Long-Bailey says women’s refuges must accept trans women and urges Labour members to ‘stop having this debate’ Independent 16.02.20

Labour’s civil war over trans rights erupts over jibe at Long Bailey Mail 16.02.20

Labour’s trans pledge turns into a witch-hunt Janice Turner in The Times 15.02.20

Why the battle over trans rights is a minefield for Labour Gaby Hinsliff in The Guardian 15.02.20

Dear Lisa Nandy Ruth Serwotka 14.02.20

‘We’ve been branded “hateful” for defending women’s rights’ Lucy Masoud 14.02.20

As a trans Labour party supporter I’m exasperated Debbie Hayton 14.02.20

Long Bailey pours petrol on flames of the trans debate James Kirkup 13.02.20

Rebecca Long Bailey vows to expel ‘transphobic’ Labour members The Times 13.02.20

Dear Rebecca… WPUK 13.02.20

Labour leadership: row over support for trans rights charter Guardian 12.02.20

Labour civil war over trans rights as leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey backs calls to expel women’s rights organisations for ‘transphobic’ views Mail 12.02.20

Labour leadership: Long-Bailey backs call to expel ‘transphobic’ members BBC 11.02.20

Do Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner have a problem with trans people like me? Debbie Hayton 12.02.20

All other Labour links, newest at the top

Jess Phillips sparks fury on Mumsnet after saying ‘trans women are women’ Mail 20.01.20

General election: Labour ‘putting women at risk’ with manifesto trans pledge Sunday Times 24.11.1

Scottish Labour leader: I support ‘self-ID’ for trans people Herald 09.06.19

No wonder feminists have had enough of Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow ‘Brocialists’ Julie Burchill 10.02.19

Women get treated far worse than men in Labour’s transgender debate James Kirkup 26.01.19

LGBT Labour witch hunts WPUK 23.01.19

Labour threatens disciplinary action against member who calls transgender woman ‘a man’ Telegraph 10.11.18

Labour members ‘punished’ over transgender Facebook debate The Times 24.10.18

Spoilt ballot paper May 2018 local council elections

It could have been me Paula Boulton 19.09.18

How John McDonnell wooed Mumsnet James Kirkup 18.09.18

Labour’s refusal to accept the definition of a woman Jo Bartosch 11.09.18

I’ve quit the Labour Party because it has betrayed women Ann Sinnott, former councillor 08.08.18

Labour councillor quits in row over facilities for trans people The Times 31.7.18

The Catch 22 of Labour’s gender policy James Kirkup 23.05.18

How transgender ideology is Destroying the Labour Party Miranda Yardley 07.04.18

Statement on meeting with Dawn Butler on 28 March 2018 Woman’s Place UK

Leftist women in the UK refuse to accept Labour’s attempts to silence critiques of gender identity Meghan Murphy 23.03.18

Letter to UK Leader Jeremy Corby on trans/women’s rights Bea Jaspert 12.03.18

Radical transgender politics are being imposed on Labour’s women with no debate and no mercy Tom Harris, Telegraph 08.03.18

Tanya Love is Telford CLP’s Women’s Officer

A Crisis Of Misogyny: A Plea To The Labour Party Jenni Harvey 07.03.18

A response to the Labour Party’s LGBT+ advisory post Linda Bellos 07.03.18

Labour riven by infighting over gender recognition Guardian 04.03.18

Women are a vital part of the socialist movement – they must be consulted over changes to the Gender Recognition Act Ruth Serwotka 23.0218

Open Letter to Lily Madigan Charlie Rae 31.01.18

Fighting Genderism in Politics Jo Bartosch 21.01.18

Labour’s next civil war is a battle over what it means to be a woman James Kirkup Evening Standard 19.01.18

Fight to bar trans women from Labour shortlists The Times 18.01.18

Open Letter – Stella Creasy Jo Bartosch 08.01.18


The Conservative Party

Transgender rights versus women’s privacy David Davies MP

David Davies, a Welsh Tory MP, seems to be the only one prepared to stand up for women, only to be condemned and insulted by the LGBT group in his own party for the heinous crime of saying, for example,

Somebody possessing a penis & pair of testicles is definitely not a woman. This should be a biological fact not a matter for political debate.

Well, it is a biological fact of course and the denialists don’t seem to interested in debate.

Tory MP David Davies condemned for ‘transphobic’ and ‘abhorrent’ views by party’s official LGBT group Independent 28.01.18

Tory LGBT group sorry over tweet to David Davies BBC 29.01.18

In opposition to Davies stands Maria Miller, who is the former Minister for Women and Equalities and is currently Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee. A right-wing Tory, Miller has never done anything to benefit women.

How do you solve a problem like men in women’s changing rooms, Maria? Janis Turner interview with Maria Miller in The Times 29.07.17

‘Male’ and ‘female’ should be dropped from government forms, say MPs Telegraph 14.6.16

If the Tories think pushing transgender rights will win the next election, they are deluded Stephen Glover Daily Mail 05.07.17


Oops! Never mind – I’m sure the Lib Dems will give him a home.

Tory who campaigned for mixed-sex toilets resigns from party after child sex offence accusations

Middlesbrough councillor accused of nine child sex offences resigns from Conservative party Teeside Live 15.07.19

Middlesbrough Council to trial to gender-neutral toilets The Northern Echo 10.07.19

Mayor to be quizzed on gender neutral toilets by new Conservative councillor Teeside Live 17.06.19

The Liberal Democrat Party

New Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, elected July 2019, posing sweetly with Aimee Challenor

An interview with Jo Swinson that demonstrates her total disregard for the harm being done to women by transgenderism can be read here

As I say above, I have so far been unable to find any gender-critical voices in the Lib Dems so if you’re a misogynist looking for a party to join where your obnoxious woman-erasing views won’t be challenged by anyone, go for it. You could even contact Jennie Rigg, Chair of LGBTLDs directly on Twitter, if you like the sound of her. (Update 05.09.19 Rigg has just resigned from the party)

Here’s a pdf of a Twitter thread by Kathleen Stock showing just how nasty the Lib Dem LGBT group are.

Update: 30.09.18:

Aimee Challenor (see under Green Party above) has now joined the Lib Dems is getting a warm welcome on Twitter.

Oh! Quelle surprise… Transgender activist Aimee Challenor no longer in Coventry Liberal Democrats post – amid investigation into safeguarding complaints Coventry Observer 01.11.19

Election 2019: Transgender campaigner suspended by Lib Dems The Times 09.11.19

Update: 07.07.18:

I’ve looked far and wide for evidence that the LibDems isn’t the worst of the major parties on transgenderism. My impression remains that it absolutely is. However, I’ve been contacted by Natalie Bird, who assures me that there are gender critical voices in the Lib Dems and she is one of them.

“There are quite a lot of us with concerns in the party but lgbt+ are trying to stop discussions.”

Natalie is an approved prospective parliamentary candidate who is trying to get women’s voices heard within the party and would be pleased to hear from anyone who shares her concerns and can be contacted through her Facebook page.

So that’s one so far. Anyone else?

Update: 19.10.18 Did I mention O’Connell and Brown are among the nastiest trans activists I know of and that Natalie Bird is a rare gender-critical voice in the Lib Dems? Check this out: Lib Dem trans activists ‘hounded’ abuse victim by Lucy Bannerman in The Times 19.10.18

Other links on the topic can be viewed here but don’t hold your breath for any sign that the Lib Dems aren’t the worst of the parties on this page. In my opinion, they are.

Lib Dems on the brink: Swinson’s ‘self-identification’ pledge leaves women groups outraged Daily Express 15.11.19

Spousal Consent and the Lib Dems Woman’s Place UK 21.09.19

“Smash Sh*t Up, It Works” – Lib Dem and Stonewall Advisor Sarah Brown Conatus News 14.02.19

Feminists not welcome in Lib Dems unless they support gender neutral toilets, says peer Telegraph 06.02.19

Liberal Democrats: Feminists, Your Views Are Not Welcome Conatus News 03.02.19

Helen Belcher would-be Lib Dem MP owes Janice Turner, award-winning Times columnist, an apology

Several months have passed since I posted here about how the trans cult bullies tried to prevent Times columnist, Janice Turner, from winning a prestigious award. At the time Janice commented that “a trans campaigner judge at another journalism awards resigned after I was shortlisted, making a horrific, wholly unproven link between my work and the suicide of children.” Janice Turner subsequently wrote a piece in response to the accusation, entitled Suicide should never be a political weapon, naming the trans activist as Helen Belcher. Belcher then submitted a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) about the piece.

Thankfully sanity has prevailed. Janice has announced on Twitter that IPSO have published their ruling rejecting every one of Belcher’s allegations against her.

I note without surprise that Helen Belcher aspires to be the Lib Dem MP for Chippenham. That party has more unbelievably nasty entitled misogynistic males like Belcher, Zoe O’Connell, Sarah Brown and Aimee Challenor, as well as peers like the idiot Brian Paddick and the execrable Liz Barker, than any other and, however much one might agree with their policies on other things, I would urge people not to touch them with a barge pole unless the candidate in your area is one of the few with the courage to stand up FOR women and AGAINST the trans cultists.


Election 2019: Would you want to vote for a party that wouldn’t want you as a member?

For a party calling itself ‘liberal’ they seem to be a rather illiberal bunch. Spotted on Twitter – an exchange between a feminist and an anonymous representative of the party’s ‘Diversity Team’, who makes it clear a diversity of opinions is unwelcome.

Jo Swinson is proving a disaster for her party. The media response to her disgraceful public comments about women and transgenderism has been unprecedented but I expect the trans cultists will be sending her lots of supportive messages, which will make her feel all warm and gooey inside.

The Times view on the risks of gender self-identification: The Gender Trap The Times 10.12.19

Jo Swinson has finally made the BBC do its job on trans rights James Kirkup 09.12.19

Jo Swinson is no feminist – she’s thrown women under the bus in her pursuit of the woke vote Julie Bindel 09.12.19

Believing six impossible things before breakfast: Jo Swinson on the Today Programme Maya Forstater 09.12.19

Jo Swinson’s feminist credentials are a joke Sarah Ditum 03.12.19



The Green Party

Green Party gets child abuse report it paid for Bea Campbell 14.01.19

Green party failed to properly investigate child abuser – report Guardian 12.01.19

Green Party Verita Report: Safeguarding Failures in Challenor Case Conatus News 11.01.19

In England’s Green and Pleasant Land Bea Campbell 27.09.18 (Update: 03.10.18 A formal complaint has been lodged against Beatrix Campbell demanding her expulsion/suspension from the Green Party simply for writing this article.)

Debate breaks out in Green Party over gender identity and trans rights Left Foot Forward 07.09.18

Green Party figures knew Equality Spokesperson’s father had been charged with sexual offences Left Foot Forward 05.09.18

How Caroline Lucas fell foul of the transgender thought police James Kirkup 04.09.18


As an aggressive, misogynistic male-born trans person from a seriously disadvantaged background, having spent years in care and with, so far as I’m aware, no tertiary education, Aimee Challenor has had a meteoric rise since joining the Green Party three years ago. In keeping with Green Party policy, Challenor campaigns for gender self-ID for transgender people with the inevitable erosion in legal protections for women that this will entail.

Sandy Mannering lampoons the Green Party leader

Challenor stood for the Green Party in both the last general election and in the Coventry City Council elections held on 3 May 2018. On 22 August 2018 at the end of an 11-day trial, David Challenor, who is Aimee’s father and chosen election agent and who already had a conviction for animal cruelty, was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for the torture and rape of a 10-year-old girl, in the attic of the Challoner family home.

Man held 10-year-old girl captive in ‘torture den’ attic as he played out sadomasochistic fantasies Independent

At the time of David Challoner’s conviction, Aimee was standing for the deputy leadership of the Green Party and, according to this article in the Sunday Times, initially resolved not to stand down but eventually did so and put out this personal statement.

Meanwhile, the Green Party had put out a statement claiming they knew nothing of the allegations against their member and pledging to support Aimee Challenor in “her” hour of need. This was replaced within hours with a second Green Party statement saying Aimee was resigning from the Deputy Leadership race.

After an abysmal Guardian article by party leader, Caroline Lucas, which revealed her utter failure to understand the errors made by her party, Aimee was finally “suspended on a no-fault basis” pending an investigation nine days after the news of David Challenor’s conviction had broken.

Here is the latest statement: Green Party announces details of independent investigation


On the Challenors. Lisa Muggeridge

Why it matters that Aimee Challenor is trans. Lisa Muggeridge

Power, Accountability and The Green Party Miranda Yardley

On 4th September 2018, after Caroline Lucas publicly announced that she was arranging to meet representatives from A Woman’s Place UK, Challoner announced on Twitter that he was resigning from the Green Party.


Quite apart from all that the Green Party is earning a terrible reputation among feminists, not least because of the notorious use of the term ‘non-men’.

Read:  An open letter to the Green Party from Womens Voices Matter

The Challenors are far from being the only horrendous people in it. Take Adam McGregor, for example, whose tweets here demonstrate his solidarity with the transcult.

Worse, an awesome feminist and former electoral candidate for the Green Party, Olivia Palmer, was recently expelled from the party for standing up for women. See her blog Perspicats for several good articles, including the following:

The Genderquake debate fiasco and the McCarthyism that followed

Green Party must accept failings in its dealings with David Challenor

There there’s….

No Country for ‘Non-Men’: How The Green Party is Trying to Oust an Elected Labour LGBT Officer  Miranda Yardley April 2018

Another expulsion from the Green Party

See also from Green people:

Newly elected Green councillor says it is “scientifically impossible for a man to become a woman” JUS News 03.05.19

Dawn Furness speaking at A Woman’s Place is Standing her Ground:  Newcastle upon Tyne 24th May 2018

TRANS/formations Beatrix Campbell

Gender is not an identity, it is a tool of patriarchy: a feminist view of gender-identity politics Gender Critical Greens


The Scottish Green Party

The biggest w***** of them all may be the leader of the Scottish Greens, Patrick Harvie.

Patrick Harvie accused of smear over claim parliament was ‘platform for transphobic hatred’ 23.06.19

Patrick Harvie shares blog calling SNP politician a “w*****” The Scotsman 23.04.19

This just beggars belief! ‘Sinister’ warning after Green MSP’s meeting apology The Sunday Times 09.05.19

The Women’s Equality Party

The WEP introduces itself on its website to, as “a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men – so that all can flourish.” Enough already! Their website could just as easily be called Peak Liberal Feminism – assuming the diabolical Everyday Feminism site hasn’t already claimed the title.

Follow the wonderful @sandydrawsbadly on Twitter

Frankly, I would have forgotten all about the WEP, were it not for their horrendous treatment of Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans who, until recently, was Party’s spokeswoman on violence against women and girls and who has now resigned from the WEP altogether.

In November 2017, as a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze programme, Heather committed the heinous crime of criticising transgender doctrine as applied to children, while defending the right of transgender adults to define themselves however they want. This staggeringly sensible viewpoint drew three complaints from transgender members of the WEP, who accused her “promoting prejudice against the transgender community”. It also earned her a ‘no-platforming’ from medical students at King’s College London, whose Reproductive and Sexual Health Society cancelled a talk they’ve invited her to give on the subject of pornography and the sexualisation of young women. Heather is a research fellow at King’s.

After an “investigation” by the WEP, it was recommended that Heather should not continue in her role as a spokeswoman for the Party and she promptly resigned her membership.

Heather’s Public Statement to the WEP when first suspended

Statement In Support Of Heather Brunskell-Evans on Transgender Trend website

Barred academic Heather Brunskell-Evans warns of cowardice over trans issues Times  23.11.17


It’s fair to say the Scottish National Party have drunk the gender ideology kool-aid. Amongst their frightfully silly ideas is that we should “allow non-binary people to record their gender as “X” on passports and all other UK-wide records and identity documents.”

They‘ve got had a councillor in Dundee called Gregor Murray, who sounds a right nasty piece of work.

Dundee councillor Gregor Murray quits SNP over party’s ‘institutional transphobia’ Dundee Courier 15.05.19

Dundee councillor suspended for two months after breaching code of conduct over ‘abusive’ messages Dundee Courier 15.05.19

SNP Councillor Gregor Murray launched into a stream of explicit tirades on Saturday following reports of an anti-trans protest at a London Pride event. Dundee Courier 12.07.18


On the other hand they’ve also got heroes like Joan McAlpine and Ruth Maguire

SNP equalities chief in row over trans rights comments The Herald 17.03.19

Joan McAlpine receives online abuse for remarks on sex and gender The Scotsman 31.03.19

Joan McAlpine defies ‘bullies’ in sex and gender dispute The Scotsman 07.04.19

At last, an MP brave enough to say: Twitter hates women James Kirkup 02.05.19

Shame about their current leader.

Nicola Sturgeon criticised in leaked conversation on trans rights The Scotsman 17.04.19


More SNP links, newest at the top

SNP members ‘victims of LGBT campaign’ The Times 06.12.19

I will not suppress my views on gender, says Joanna Cherry, SNP hopeful The Times 23.11.19

Several women ‘close to quitting SNP over gender recognition plans’ Guardian 14.10.19

SNP group formed to uphold rights of women amid transgender row The Scotsman 13.10.19

Candidates for SNP Women’s Convener offered ‘protection’ advice The National 12.10.19

No-Independence Day (about Mhairi Black MSP) Wings Over Scotland  04.07.19

An SNP politician’s lonely fight in the gender identity debate Spectator 07.05.19


Plaid Cymru

The current leader, Leanne Wood, is another kool-aid drinker who wrote this rubbish article illustrating her total failure –  whether due to unwillingness or inability is unclear – to engage with the issues. There are some great responses though.



Simplistic politics and online ‘cancel culture’ drive working-class people away from the left Kristina Harrison 31.01.20

The Left has forgotten what feminism looks like Julie Bindel 10.09.18

Why do we need a new women’s movement? Ruth Serwotka Morning Star 08.03.18

The gender debate is dividing the left. We mustn’t forget that our unity is our strength Trish Lavelle Morning Star 03.03.18

Squashing Trans Rights Activism Lisa Muggeridge

Links to other articles from the UK especially Scotland

The minister who politely refused to play the trans language game James Kirkup 11.02.20

Scottish legal move could create a ‘transgender Gretna Green’ The Sunday Times 09.02.20

MBM assessment of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill 27.01.20

Scots trans law is threat to women, says ex-head of prison The Times 19.01.20

Transgender prisoners won’t get jail choice The Times 17.01.20

Campaign against gender reform changes launched, as MSPs raise concerns about trans prisoners The Scotsman 16.01.20

MSP calls for transgender prisoners to be barred from all-female prisons The Herald 16.01.20

Government should take closer look at gender law precedents The Herald 16.01.20

MSPs’ ‘frustration’ revealed over census sex questions The National 10.01.20

Joan McAlpine MSP calls trans rights research ‘insult to cancer patients’ The Times 09.01.20

Policy experts call gender reform a radical and risky change in the law The Scotsman 05.01.20

Society needs to change to make girls comfortable in their bodies Shona Craven 04.01.20

Opinion: We need more clarity on gender rights debate from Scottish Government The Scotsman 01.01.20

Is the tide beginning to turn on trans lunacy? Spiked Online 28.12.19

Academics criticise Scotland’s 2021 census for allowing sex to be self-identified The Scotsman 26.12.19

The left needs to drop the woke nonsense Spiked Online 24.12.19

Scottish government announces draft consultation Gender Recognition Act bill Transgender Trend 22.12.19

How Britain ‘woke’ up in 2019 – and what we saw wasn’t nice Ian McWhirter 22.12.19

Scotland: Minister admits some trans rights reforms may have gone too far, as consultation launched on gender Herald 17.12.19

The Times view on the risks of gender self-identification: The Gender Trap The Times 10.12.19

Trans activists are making life harder for trans people Debbie Hayton 12.12.19

BBC’s Emily Maitlis accused of breaching impartiality by expressing women’s concerns Prick News 06.12.19

No, passports should not have a third gender option Spiked Online 04.12.19

UK refusal to issue gender-neutral passports unlawful, appeal court told Guardian 03.12.19

The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists James Kirkup 02.12.19

Scottish schools transgender event cancelled amid fears for speakers’ safety The Scotsman 02.12.19

Only third of Scots back gender change at 16 The Sunday Times 01.12.19

The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists James Kirkup 02.12.19

Election 2019: Twenty-one candidates seeking election call women ‘terfs’ Fair Play for Women 27.11.19

Where Each Party Stands on Self-ID and Women’s Rights Uncommon Ground 28.11.19

No wonder politicians won’t talk about gender James Kirkup 22.11.19

In dispute over trans rights, feminists must have free speech The Scotsman 16.11.19

History teaches us that predatory men will abuse trans rights The Scotsman 15.11.19

Women’s rights declaration sparks accusations of discrimination The Scotsman 06.11.19

Women represent half the population but we are still waiting for fundamental change 04.11.19

SNP women’s group hit out at ‘smear’ of member after she said trans activists were an ‘evil, dangerous cult’ The Scotsman 28.10.19

Northern Ireland: School transgender support guidelines published BBC 17.10.19

Academics urge MSPs not to change Census sex question Herald 20.09.19

Lucy Hunter Blackburn: Sex question should stick to birth certificate The Scotsman 14.09.19

Report says trans lobbying groups ‘captured’ public policy, putting women and girls at risk Herald 29.07.19

There has been a lack of due diligence and scrutiny in policy-making in the field of gender identity Letter from Susan Smith of For Women, Scotland 31.07.18

Losing sight of women’s rights: the unregulated introduction of gender self-identification as a case study of policy capture in Scotland Kath Murray and Lucy Hunter Blackburn Edinburgh University Press July 2019

Catriona Stewart: Trans rights questions in Yaniv male genitals waxing case must be answered in Scotland Herald 26.07.19

Why is Aimee Challenor still advising Stonewall? Graham Linehan 24.07.19

Response to Stonewall FOVAS 02.07.19

SNP concerned gender laws are ‘vote‑killer’ The Sunday Times 30.06.19

Feminists celebrate U-turn on self-identification in Scotland as women’s prisons review trans policy Women’s rights activists hope the victory will trigger a rethink in England and Wales The Sunday Times 30.06.19

Guest blog: How you do politics 23.06.19

Holyrood’s trans rights pause is a good thing Spectator 22.06.19

The fight by women has just begun and Scotland is at the forefront WPUK 20.06.19

Gender law delayed for more consultation on impact on women Scotsman 20.06.19

Nicola Sturgeon vows to keep women safe in transgender law change The Times 19.06.19

Joan McAlpine accuses government over third sex option on census The Times 13.06.19

Trans questions on the Scottish census must not be at women’s expense Joan McAlpine 13.06.19

Cross-party support among MSPs for women’s right to debate safe spaces Scotsman 11.06.19

‘Sinister’ warning after Green MSP’s meeting apology The Sunday Times 09.06.19

Poll: Women in Scotland want to retain single-sex facilities The Scotsman 05.06.19

The Left Has Not Abandoned Us. Gender Ideology Has Abandoned The Left Jeni Harvey 30.05.19

University debate on women’s rights branded ‘transphobic’ The Scotsman 08.05.19

Transphobic’ blogger Meghan Murphy invited to Holyrood The Times 04.05.19

Questioning gender self-ID is not heresy Sunday Times 28.04.19

Politicians urge Scottish Government not to ‘rush’ gender change bill The Scotsman 23.04.19

Campaigners claim Leeds gender change system will ‘threaten women’ Leeds Live 23.04.19

Female rights must be respected Susan Sinclair 22.04.19

Transsexuals tell MSPs that act changes could have ‘horrific’ impact on women The Scotsman 22.04.19

Politicians urge Scottish Government not to ‘rush’ gender change bill The Scotsman 23.04.19

Transsexuals tell MSPs that act changes could have ‘horrific’ impact on women The Scotsman 22.04.19

Trans-gender politics puts very basis of feminism at risk Susan Dalgety 20.04.19

Reforming the Gender Recognition Act must not abolish the biological meaning of sex Ian McWhirter 18.04.19

Transgender suspects able to ‘skew’ crime statistics The Scotsman 16.03.19

Letting criminals self-identify gender ‘putting women at risk’ The Times 14.03.19

Is Britain FINALLY coming to its senses over transgender madness? James Kirkup 03.03.19

What MPs are still getting wrong about the trans debate James Kirkup 24.02.19

Transgender people need reliable census data to inform future planning for our needs Debbie Hayton 16.02.19

Get over it – cis women are just on the wrong side of history Iain McWhirter Sunday Herald 17.02.19

Trans orthodoxy is poisoning politics Jo Bartosch 12.02.19

Government funding ‘biased to trans activists’ The Times 11.02.19

Suicide fears from Scottish Council on Human Bioethics over changing gender The Sunday Times10.02.19

Legal bid to allow Scots to choose sex in census will be rejected Herald 07.02.19

Top civil servant’s tweet leads to accusations of pro‑trans bias The Times 06.02.19

Scottish feminist group says transgender laws risk women’s rights Guardian 01.02.19

Trans guidance for Scottish schools breaches 11 children’s rights, campaigners warn Herald 30.01.19

Scotland: Women ‘need more say’ on gender reform The Times 29.01.19

Don’t let the right hijack gay liberation Morning Star 23.01.19

Trans rights backlash: the Scottish-Canadian connection Shona Craven 19.01.19

Call for gender ID question in next Scottish census The Times 09.12.18

Scottish Government is “changing what it means to be female” with census bill, academics warn Herald 05.12.18

Feminists fight against gender choice in Scottish census The Times 04.12.18

Census Bill to change question on Sex to Gender Identity Scottish Women 01.12.18

Let’s have a more open debate on transgender rights Iain Macwhirter 28.11.18

Scotland set to be first country in UK to recognise third gender Scotsman 23.11.18

This MP has summed up everything wrong with the transgender debate James Kirkup 21.11.18

Turning off the Fawcett — Why I Won’t Stand Jo Bartosch 19.07.18

Labour and Tories finally see the truth about the gender debate James Kirkup

Don’t you just love it when a man explains to you what it means to be a woman? Hadley Freeman

Why are some MPs trying to shut down the transgender debate? James Kirkup

The Left Are Abandoning Women; and in Doing So, Abandoning Everything They Stand For Tom Farr

#NotAllWomen are Feminist Critical Sisters

How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom Miranda Yardley, June 2018

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