Leanne Mills

Leanne’s name was not one I recognised in the list of signatories to a letter published in The Times in December 2018 and I’d already forgotten it when I received an email a few days later, which I reproduce here with Leanne’s permission.

Dear Maria,

I am one of the signatories to the letter published in The Times on Dec 8. On the 14th the Daily Mail published a feature on myself and my grave concerns that so many confused young people are being lied to by the trans activist celebs (ie that they will be ‘real’ women, or men, if they choose to transition). This will lead to DISASTER for the young, when they become older the truth will finally hit leaving many of them distressed and in crisis – and if they are lonely and isolated God help them. Is it an exaggeration if I suggest that another lost generation may be looming? Therefore I have decided to go public to warn people of the dangers and realities of transitioning, which being on the raw end of it, I feel I may be of help. I know I will be pilloried but I cannot just stand back any longer and watch this trans lobby madness destroy people’s lives and encroach on women’s rights. A GRC based on self-ID is patently absurd as well as DANGEROUS. I stand with yourselves in opposing it.

Here is the link if you wish to use it…[link in list below]

Love to you, Leanne Mills

Leanne (right) with Debbie Hayton


Since then, we’ve exchanged several emails and I’ve been pleased to include more links from Leanne on this website. The most recent – Transexual Reality – tells the story in considerable detail of what Leanne went through in becoming transgender.

I was deeply moved when I read this story and I am delighted to include it but where to put it? It’s not a detransition story so I didn’t feel it belonged on my Detransition page but it is an important story, a story of sadness and a warning that a transsexual life does not always match up to hopes or expectations.

Because I want to help Leanne get this message out, I decided to make this separate page and put all the links here.


Here is Transsexual Reality on Leanne’s website.

Here is a list of articles on other sites:

Plea to Trans Lobby A letter in The Times 08.12.18

Transexual warns othersMail 13.12.18

A Letter To Young Trans People Leanne Mills 16.01.19


Letter published in the Telegraph 29.11.18


Petition: Inquiry into alleged pressure by trans lobbyists on Tavistock Clinic’s treatment protocols

“Gender transition must not be fast tracked as complex issues such as abuse, autism, bereavement and homophobia can influence a child’s feelings. Those of us who are transsexual went through a more cautionary process of assessment and believe it vital to revive this treatment approach. The future health and welfare of any young child must take priority. Their individual psychiatric needs cannot be sacrificed to lobby groups with an ideological agenda.”

Click here to sign.


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