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Ministers rapped over census and women’s rights Times 23.01.22

Christians ‘can’t express their gender reform views’ The Times 22.01.22

Police struggle to cope as new hate crime law leads to surge in reports The Times 21.01.22

Campaigners challenge right to self-identify The Times 20.01.22

Scots feel shut out of gender debate, says Kate Forbes The Times 18.01.22

The Blame Game Holyrood 16.01.22

Let children of 12 alter legal gender ‘without a delay’ in Scotland The Times 15.01.22

Scottish universities drop out of Stonewall equality league tables following ‘gender’ row The Telegraph 10.01.22

Self ID plan ‘will hit rape convictions’ The Sunday Times 09.01.22

Female prison staff ‘uneasy’ about intimate searches of trans inmates The Sunday Times 09.01.22

SNP accused of ignoring feminist and religious groups in gender reform talks The Telegraph 03.01.22

Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units The Times 01.01.22

St Andrews University principal calls for student tolerance on contentious issues The Times 30.12.21

SNP accused of ignoring feminist and religious groups in gender reform talks The Telegraph 03.01.22

Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units The Times 01.01.22

St Andrews University principal calls for student tolerance on contentious issues The Times 30.12.21

Plan to allow rapists to self-identify as women prompts victims’ fury Sunday Times 26.12.21

Gender reforms will cost you, SNP and Greens told The Times 20.12.21

Ministers face public backlash over gender recognition reform plans 19.12.21

Letting rape suspects self-identify as women has dangers, admits justice secretary The Times 16.12.21

Won’t somebody think of the rapists? Brendan O’Neill 15.12.21

Self-ID is a fantasy that hurts trans people The Times 15.12.21

Most Scots are opposed to gender self-ID, poll suggests The Times 14.12.21

‘Absurdity’ of police logging rapists as women The Times 13.12,21

Feminists challenge gender choice on census The Times 06.12.21

Schoolgirls rejecting mixed toilets over boys’ bad behaviour The Times 26.11.21

JK Rowling hails For Women Scotland in trans row The Times 24.11.21

Trans row ministers to explain why equality law was ignored in changing ‘woman’ definition The Herald 06.11.21

Majority say female spaces are not for trans women The Sunday Times 31.10.21

Using the threat of prosecution to silence one side of transgender debate runs contrary to free speech Susan Dalgety in The  Scotsman 30.10.21

Marion Millar’s case discontinued Sarah Phillimore in The Critic 28.10.21

Scottish prosecutors drop transphobia case against Marion Millar Guardian 28.10.21

 LGBT activists get word ‘mother’ axed from government policies

Neutral language in cervical smear campaign ‘risks effectiveness’ The Times 13.10.21

Professor Dame Anne Glover: First Minister is wrong to ignore the science on gender identity Holyrood 01.10.21

Teachers fear legal action over transgender pupil advice The Herald  25.09.21

Shelve controversial overhaul of gender recognition laws, Scottish Government urged The Telegraph 23.09.21

So, First Minister, do you think a woman is an adult human female? Iain McWhirter in The Herald 22.09.21

Scottish doctors approved breast removal for 51 trans teenagers The Times 21.09.21

Professor Dame Anne Glover: First Minister is wrong to ignore the science on gender identity Holyrood 01.10.21

Scottish doctors approved breast removal for 51 trans teenagers The Times 21.09.21

Positive reaction to street talk on gender reform #WomenVotingWithOurFeet 12.09.21

Ban urged on rape suspects ‘claiming they are women’ The Times 06.09.21

UK Green parties at war over Scots plan for self-ID Sunday Times 05.09.21

SNP out of step on trans law, says poll The Sunday Times  12.09.21

Forget independence, gender law is dividing line in Scots politics The Times 03.09.21

SNP-Green coalition moves to simplify trans self-identification The Times 03.09.21

Maidens back woman charged over tweets The Times 01.09.21

Court date finalised for Scots feminist charged with ‘hate crimeThe Herald 31.08.31

Scots feminist ‘hate crime’ case continued to consider human rights issues The Herald 31.08.31

Joanna Cherry wants people’s assembly on Gender Recognition Act The Times 28.08.21

Whose views count?  Losing sight of sex in the Police Scotland ‘Your Police’ survey Murray Blackburn Mackenzie 25.08.21

Pub ejects activist charged with transphobia The Times 23.08.21

“Is this the Scotland you want for your children?” Maria MacLachlan 22.08.21

Scottish government to legalise gender self-identification Sunday Times 22.08.21

Angry trans debate is a gift for real bigots The Times 19.08.21

Alex Salmond’s Alba party wades into gender debate controversy Herald 17.07.21

Ditch the gender books for four-year-olds, say women’s group The Sunday Times 15.08.21

Quality in education shouldn’t be a casualty of equality in schools Gillian Bowditch in The Sunday Times 15.08.21

Mridul Wadhwa, SACRO and the £1.4 million contract Glinner 13.08.21

Scottish Greens defend rape centre boss Mridul Wadhwa in ‘bigoted’ survivors row The Herald 13.08.21

Outcry over plan to educate ‘bigoted’ rape survivors about trans rights The Herald 12.08.21

“Reframe your trauma” Jo Bartosch 11.10.21

Scottish Women’s Aid have failed the Women’s Aid Network 11.10.21

Scottish four-year-olds can change gender at school without parents’ consent The Telegraph 11.08.21

Sturgeon ignores majority view on trans issues The Times 01.08.21

Man who threatened SNP MP Joanna Cherry sentenced The Herald 30.07.21

Joanna Cherry’s statement is incredible Glinner 30.07.21

Marion Millar and Scotland’s growing hostility to women Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 21.07.21

Show of support for ‘trans hate’ tweeter The Times 20.07.21

Women Won’t Wheesht: protesters in Glasgow Green are joined by comedy writer Graham Linehan The Herald 20.07.21

Dear Nicola Sturgeon, please read this plea from a sister feminist about the trans debate The Scotsman 16.07.21

Majority of Scottish Government civil servants say they’ll never add pronouns to their email signatures 14.07.21

Feminists’ legal appeal against trans women being called women The Times 10.07.21

Scottish schools to ditch their ‘binary’ head boys and girls The Sunday Times 20.06.21

Free prosthetic breasts offered to trans students Sunday Times 13.06.21

Scotland: Health service ‘acting like Stasi’ with Pride pledge Sunday Times 13.06.21

Campaigner Marion Millar raises £30,000 for defence over ‘transphobic’ tweets The Times 07.06.21

Fundraiser block after cash pours in for feminist charged with hate crime The Sunday Times 06.06.21

Taking Pride Mandy Rhodes in Holyrood 04.06.21

Joanna Cherry: We must work to ensure equalities policies conform to the law The National 04.06.21

Activist Marion Millar charged with sending homophobic and transphobic tweets The Times 04.06.21

Scotland is in trouble if police are dragged into culture wars as SNP government stokes division Susan Dalgety 28.05.21

Are ‘controversial stickers’ really a matter for the police? Debbie Hayton 25.05.21

Kirkcaldy ‘controversial’ stickers:  No law broken after complaint of hate crime The Scotsman 24.05.21

I can’t sleep, says accountant Marion Millar in trans tweet row The Times 24.05.21

Protests over trans woman heading rape crisis centre The Times 19.05.21

Unlike Nicola Sturgeon, women like me did not choose their pronouns and we are not akin to racists for saying so – Susan Dalgety 23.04.21

Rape suspects can choose to self-identify as female The Times 17.04.21

Worry over trans reform widespread, survey shows The Times 11.04.21

NHS adviser to review hormone use on young The Times 04.04.21

Health board ‘misled young patients’ over puberty drug The Times 28.03.21

Definition of woman will include trans people to increase equality The Times 24.03.21

Feminists should fear the SNP’s hate crime bill Meghan Murphy in The Spectator 19.03.21

Saying that sex is binary risks criminal charge, group claims The Times 04.03.21

Women’s abuse charity ‘lost council contracts for excluding men’ The Times 27.02.21

Mandarin Leslie Evans faces sack over Salmond debacle The Sunday Times 21.02.21

Alex Massie: Sturgeon’s trans action puts her credit at risk The Sunday Times 31.01.21

Lack of equalities policy shocks SNP’s new convener Lynne Anderson The Times 06.02.21

Trans row at SNP meeting leaves MP in tears The Times 04.02.21

SNP warned by activists over trans rights censure The Sunday Times 31.01.20

Sturgeon is playing politics with her clumsy trans rights intervention The Spectator 28.01.21

Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Silence is not an option’ on transphobia Herald 27.01.21

Surgeon refuses reassignment surgery for jailed transgender murderer The Times 25.01.21

Scots council referral for parents who ‘fail’ to support trans child The Sunday Times 24.01.21

Response: ‘What is Transphobia?’ from Edinburgh University XX Network 16.01.1

Edinburgh University article on transphobia sparks protest by women’s rights group The Scotsman 15.01.21

Questions on biological sex ‘are wiped from official data’ The Times 13.01.21

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde withdraws trans advice for female-only wards The Times 28.12.20

Prison service review of trans policies to launch next month The Scotsman 27.12.20

Protecting Speech that Offends: Theory and Practice MBM policy analysis 18.12.20

Scottish Greens MSP resigns claiming ‘intolerance’ over women and trans rights Guardian 18.12.20

Senior SNP member blasts ‘morally repugnant’ use of gender reforms for political profile boost Herald 16.12.20

Women in Scotland risk having their rights virtue-signalled away Jo Bartosch 14.12.20

A letter to the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the SNP
by Sarah Phillimore 13.12.20

MSPs overwhelmingly vote to replace gender with sex in rape support law The National 10.12.20

Hate crime bill: Saying trans women aren’t women could break the law The Times 24.11.20

New bill must not conflate sex and gender Herald 07.11.20

Campaigners rage at Scottish government plans to change ‘woman’ definition The Sunday Times 30.08.20

The legal battle over how Scots define ‘woman’ The Spectator 28.08.20

Jeane Freeman urged to intervene on NHS trans policies The Scotsman 16.08.20

School lavatory gender rules still in force after ministers rejected them The Times 15.08.20

Lawyers warn of ‘chilling effect’ on debate in hate crime law proposals The Times 06.08.20

For Women Scotland: Feminists’ legal fight over gender rules The Times 01.08.20

Scottish Government Faces Court Action for Redefining “Woman” to Include Men ForWomen.Scot 31.07.20

Feminism is not ‘right-wing’ and the word ‘woman’ is not discriminatory  Susan Dalgety in The Scotsman 31.07.20

Transforming the question Wings over Scotland 09.07.20

Proposed new law could make JK Rowling a criminal Herald 02.07.20

Abolishing women Wings Over Scotland 08.05.20

New trans rights row over ‘under the radar’ laws claim The National 08.05.20

Demands to change definition of who should qualify as a woman in Scots equality law The Scotsman 26.04.20

Gender recognition reforms to go on hold over coronavirus The National Scot 19.03.20

Bishops call on Nicola Sturgeon to halt gender law reform The Scotsman 18.03.20

Gender recognition act puts vulnerable in harm’s way The Times 17.03.20

SNP must get its act together on gender bill Jenny Mara Sunday Times 15.03.20

Our response to the Scottish GRA reform consultation Murray Blackburn McKenzie 16.03.20

SNP must get its act together on gender bill Jenny Mara Sunday Times 15.03.20

Why did evidence of women’s concerns get missed off the Scottish Government’s impact assessment for the Gender Recognition Reform Bill? Fair Play for Women 13.03.20


Why a trans woman thinks self-ID is a mistake Julie Bindel 11.03.20

Does Nicola Sturgeon have a Plan B for resolving SNP gender row? Shona Craven 06.03.20

Transphobia row leaves Scottish poetry scene in turmoil Guardian 05.03.20

Count Women So Women Count 07.03.20

Open letter in support of the Scottish poetry society Wild Woman Writing Club 04.03.20

Sturgeon urged to axe gender identity bill Sunday Times 01.03.20

SNP has ‘no mandate’ for sex self-declaration, campaigners claim The Scotsman 24.02.20

Scottish gender change reform to be passed before election The Times 22.02.20

Politicians need to stop blundering in the transgender debate by Gina Davidson Scotsman 21.02.20

The minister who politely refused to play the trans language game James Kirkup 11.02.20

Scottish legal move could create a ‘transgender Gretna Green’ The Sunday Times 09.02.20

MBM assessment of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill 27.01.20

Scots trans law is threat to women, says ex-head of prison The Times 19.01.20

Transgender prisoners won’t get jail choice The Times 17.01.20

Campaign against gender reform changes launched, as MSPs raise concerns about trans prisoners The Scotsman 16.01.20

MSP calls for transgender prisoners to be barred from all-female prisons The Herald 16.01.20

Government should take closer look at gender law precedents The Herald 16.01.20

MSPs’ ‘frustration’ revealed over census sex questions The National 10.01.20

Joan McAlpine MSP calls trans rights research ‘insult to cancer patients’ The Times 09.01.20

Policy experts call gender reform a radical and risky change in the law The Scotsman 05.01.20

Society needs to change to make girls comfortable in their bodies Shona Craven 04.01.20

Opinion: We need more clarity on gender rights debate from Scottish Government The Scotsman 01.01.20

Academics criticise Scotland’s 2021 census for allowing sex to be self-identified The Scotsman 26.12.19

Scottish government announces draft consultation Gender Recognition Act bill Transgender Trend 22.12.19

How Britain ‘woke’ up in 2019 – and what we saw wasn’t nice Ian McWhirter 22.12.19

Scotland: Minister admits some trans rights reforms may have gone too far, as consultation launched on gender Herald 17.12.19

The Times view on the risks of gender self-identification: The Gender Trap The Times 10.12.19

Scottish schools transgender event cancelled amid fears for speakers’ safety The Scotsman 02.12.19

Only third of Scots back gender change at 16 The Sunday Times 01.12.19

In dispute over trans rights, feminists must have free speech The Scotsman 16.11.19

History teaches us that predatory men will abuse trans rights The Scotsman 15.11.19

Women’s rights declaration sparks accusations of discrimination The Scotsman 06.11.19

Women represent half the population but we are still waiting for fundamental change 04.11.19

SNP women’s group hit out at ‘smear’ of member after she said trans activists were an ‘evil, dangerous cult’ The Scotsman 28.10.19

Academics urge MSPs not to change Census sex question Herald 20.09.19

Lucy Hunter Blackburn: Sex question should stick to birth certificate The Scotsman 14.09.19

Report says trans lobbying groups ‘captured’ public policy, putting women and girls at risk Herald 29.07.19

There has been a lack of due diligence and scrutiny in policy-making in the field of gender identity Letter from Susan Smith of For Women, Scotland 31.07.18

Losing sight of women’s rights: the unregulated introduction of gender self-identification as a case study of policy capture in Scotland Kath Murray and Lucy Hunter Blackburn Edinburgh University Press July 2019

Catriona Stewart: Trans rights questions in Yaniv male genitals waxing case must be answered in Scotland Herald 26.07.19

SNP concerned gender laws are ‘vote‑killer’ The Sunday Times 30.06.19

Feminists celebrate U-turn on self-identification in Scotland as women’s prisons review trans policy Women’s rights activists hope the victory will trigger a rethink in England and Wales The Sunday Times 30.06.19

Guest blog: How you do politics 23.06.19

Holyrood’s trans rights pause is a good thing Spectator 22.06.19

The fight by women has just begun and Scotland is at the forefront WPUK 20.06.19

Gender law delayed for more consultation on impact on women Scotsman 20.06.19

Nicola Sturgeon vows to keep women safe in transgender law change The Times 19.06.19

Joan McAlpine accuses government over third sex option on census The Times 13.06.19

Trans questions on the Scottish census must not be at women’s expense Joan McAlpine 13.06.19

Cross-party support among MSPs for women’s right to debate safe spaces Scotsman 11.06.19

‘Sinister’ warning after Green MSP’s meeting apology The Sunday Times 09.06.19

Poll: Women in Scotland want to retain single-sex facilities The Scotsman 05.06.19

University debate on women’s rights branded ‘transphobic’ The Scotsman 08.05.19

Transphobic’ blogger Meghan Murphy invited to Holyrood The Times 04.05.19

Politicians urge Scottish Government not to ‘rush’ gender change bill The Scotsman 23.04.19

Female rights must be respected Susan Sinclair 22.04.19

Transsexuals tell MSPs that act changes could have ‘horrific’ impact on women The Scotsman 22.04.19

Politicians urge Scottish Government not to ‘rush’ gender change bill The Scotsman 23.04.19

Transsexuals tell MSPs that act changes could have ‘horrific’ impact on women The Scotsman 22.04.19

Trans-gender politics puts very basis of feminism at risk Susan Dalgety 20.04.19

Reforming the Gender Recognition Act must not abolish the biological meaning of sex Ian McWhirter 18.04.19

Transgender suspects able to ‘skew’ crime statistics The Scotsman 16.03.19

Get over it – cis women are just on the wrong side of history Iain McWhirter Sunday Herald 17.02.19

Suicide fears from Scottish Council on Human Bioethics over changing gender The Sunday Times10.02.19

Legal bid to allow Scots to choose sex in census will be rejected Herald 07.02.19

Scottish feminist group says transgender laws risk women’s rights Guardian 01.02.19

Trans guidance for Scottish schools breaches 11 children’s rights, campaigners warn Herald 30.01.19

Women ‘need more say’ on gender reform The Times 29.01.19

Trans rights backlash: the Scottish-Canadian connection Shona Craven 19.01.19

Call for gender ID question in next Scottish census The Times 09.12.18

Scottish Government is “changing what it means to be female” with census bill, academics warn Herald 05.12.18

Feminists fight against gender choice in Scottish census The Times 04.12.18

Census Bill to change question on Sex to Gender Identity Scottish Women 01.12.18

Let’s have a more open debate on transgender rights Iain Macwhirter 28.11.18

Scotland set to be first country in UK to recognise third gender Scotsman 23.11.18



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