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A meeting at Conway Hall on 22 October 2019 saw the setting up of a new group by those who feel betrayed and disillusioned by Stonewall’s aggressive promotion of misogynistic and homophobic transgender ideology. Provisionally calling themselves ‘LGB Alliance’, they are planning an official launch in January. For some unfathomable reason, instead of letting them just get on with it, the cultists have been ferociously attacking them ever since. Hundreds of tweets describing the Alliance as a ‘hate group’ have been posted though no evidence is offered in support of this description and the irony is, as always, lost on the tweeters. The (real) haters have also managed to get the group’s crowdfunding page suspended while JustGiving “investigate the nature of their fundraising”.

The LGB Alliance Twitter account is this one. Naturally, their detractors have grabbed a bunch of twitter accounts with similar names in an attempt to confuse anyone who might be as stupid as they are. Here is the group’s Facebook page.


The fundraising page for the challenge to the Alliance’s charity status is here.

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The launch of the LGB Alliance and reactions

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Trans cult target feminist barrister

After that same meeting of the LGB Alliance on Tuesday meeting, Allison Bailey tweeted this

Of course, this resulted in a torrent of harassment and complaints toher chambers whose response on Twitter was absolutely disgusting and reminds me of the equally unprofessional approach of the Humanists UK Twitter account when trans cultists complained about one of their celebrants who took part in the Get the L out of Pride protest last year. I happen to know that whoever operated the Humanist UK Twitter account got a rebuke from the charity’s CEO and their card marked. Somehow I doubt the same thing will happen at Garden Court Chambers, whence came the barrister who defended Tara Wolf and who, in the course of so doing, tried to compel me to refer to him as ‘she’.

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Twitter troll James Billingham aka Sprout hates the Alliance

LGB Alliance Wins Victory Over James Billingham in Domain Name Dispute Uncommon Ground 16.04.20

Dan Fisher writes:

On 23rd October 2019, the day after LGB Alliance was set up, trans activist James Billingham registered the domain name lgballiance.uk that he later admitted was chosen to be as similar as possible to the domain name for the group’s own website.

Billingham explained that he was attempting to confuse supporters and drive traffic away from the group. To make matters worse, he then linked this domain name to Stonewall, an organisation that LGB Alliance has challenged. After an investigation, LGB Alliance’s tech team tracked down the owner of the copycat website.

Bev Jackson of LGB Alliance commented, “This shows the fear and determination of our opponents. Some people are so scared of us and of the prospect of open debate they even tried to stop supporters reaching our website. “

When LGB Alliance complained about the fake site to the Nominet Dispute Resolution Service, which is the independent body with the authority to resolve disputes about UK internet domains, the full campaign of harassment and deception was revealed. Billingham’s defence clearly won him no favours with the authority as he raged against LGB Alliance and even defended his activity. LGB Alliance won on all counts and now aims to recover its costs from Billingham.

This landmark decision makes it clear that LGB Alliance will always act to defend itself and the right of lesbian, gay and bisexual people to organise on their own terms.

Billingham is unrepentant, of course. The obsessive hatred shown by him from both his accounts against the LGB Alliance is quite disturbing.

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