Jess de Wahls

A classic case of gender cult bullying, which outraged the public, brought shame on the Royal Academy of Arts and ended in victory for the artist, Jess de Wahls and everyone who supports women’s rights and free speech – all in the space of a few days.


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The heretics will not be silenced Jess de Wahls 31.12.21

No place for women in art Jo Bartosch 28.06.21

Royal Academy of Arts apologises to artist Jess de Wahls in transphobia row The Times 23.06.21

Jess de Wahls: Death wishes and fear after the Royal Academy cancelled me The Times 23.06.21

If the Royal Academy won’t defend free expression, who will? Evening Standard 22.06.21

The Royal Academy’s woman problem Sarah Ditum 22.06.21

‘I won’t let these arseholes make my life miserable’ Jess de Wahls in Spiked 21.06.21

Artist considers suing Royal Academy in ‘transphobia’ row Guardian 21.06.21

Anatomy of a cancellation by the culture Stasi Janice Turner in The Times 19.06.21

The Inquisition :Jess De Whals Suzanne Moore 18.06.21

Jess de Wahls: Royal Academy shop ditches work by artist accused of transphobia The Times 18.06.21


Hateful artist, Daniel Lismore, displays his misogyny on a placard


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