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In their campaign to silence women’s voices, trans activists have now turned their attention to Medium.com, which I had previously understood to be a site on which ordinary people could express their opinions and present their arguments, regardless of how controversial they might be.

It seems not.

Feminist Olivia Broustra is, so far as I know, the first to be targeted by the trans cult. The latest of several articles she has published on Medium.com was taken down yesterday after complaints that it was “hate speech”. Olivia republished it on the site, only to have it removed again.

Is it hate speech? How about letting people decide for themselves? Here is the full text of the article. Olivia is on Twitter @PolelifePussy

Edited to add: At first it was just the one article that was censored. They have now got her entire account suspended. Two other articles linked to from elsewhere in this site can be viewed here: I am a Woman. You are a Transwoman. And that distinction matters and Dear Trans Women (Trans Identified Males)


The Trans Ego: Why Allies are becoming TERFS

Well done.

You got a trans woman to be considered enough of a woman to be put in the woman’s prison. You put a rapist into a woman’s prison, and you made that ok. You let women get harassed by rapist until the rapist was moved to solitary. You made that ok. Because the validation of the trans person mattered more.

Well done.

You kicked two women out of a women’s shelter. Because they were concerned that an intact (penis and balls) male would be in the their safe space. Because the trans persons feelings mattered more.

Well done.

You’ve made it cool to threaten women with violence. As long as you call her a terf, its ok. She deserves it. Transphobic bitch deserves to be beat right? Women getting punched at protests is fine since they were Terfs.

Well done.

You bully people who do not want sex with you. Label them transphobic. Because your validation matters more.

You’ve created new laws that allow any male to enter the sex segregated spaces of the female. As long as that male states, “ I am woman”, he is believed and allowed in. So now female spaces, created for safety, are all access passes. Because trans people matter more.

Well done.

You threaten places to use “inclusive language” and bullied those who still said female genital mutilation, pregnant woman, and dared speak about vaginas.

You’ve convinced the world that speaking about female anatomy is not inclusive, is bigoted.

Well done.

You’ve convinced the world that trans women have more right to speak about women’s rights, participate in women’s sports, hold women’s spaces in politics then women.

You’ve convinced the world that males are women. And you sacrificed women in the process.

Because you suffer from a narcissistic, egotistical, misogynistic view that you matter more. That you deserve more.

You did not fight for trans spaces. You fought for women’s. And you steamrolled over women in the process.

You did not say I am trans and thats ok, now let’s fight against male violence together. You demanded we call you woman, demanded we allow you in womanhood, and you threatened those who disagreed.

You demand the world fall at your feet instead. You demand the world worship your needs above all others. Especially above women.

When we ask what is woman, you say, “ a feeling”. When woman is meant to mean adult human female.

You call vaginas front holes and surgically altered and inverted penises vaginas. Because you need to be more woman than woman despite the fact that you cannot ever be woman, by woman’s own definition.

But the funny thing is, your ego will be your downfall.

I was prepared to fight for your right to trans spaces. I was prepared to support you when you bitched about having less dating options. Prepared to call you she if it made you feel better. Prepared to fight for your right to healthcare, and respect. Prepared to fight against gender and male violence against you. I was prepared to be your ally. Many women felt the same. Many terfs started as allies.

But then you said no. I don’t want trans spaces, I want yours. I want your vagina, your female spaces, I want you to stop using your words, I want you to stop talking about your body, I want to destroy you in your sports, take your places in public offices, schools, and organizations. I WANT YOUR WOMANHOOD. And you expected me to comply. To hand it over. And you’ve convinced many to do just that.

But women talk in the shadows about the truth. You cannot ever change sex. You can mimic the stereotypes of women, you can mimic our bodies, though considering the uterus, ovum, cervix, clit, pelvic floor, its a fairly poor mimic. You can “feminize”your face, though as an androgynous female thats a bit offensive, take voice lessons, and walking lessons, but you can never live the experience of being born female. You can never turn a male into a female so in truth sex change is a misnomer. You can never experience being born woman.

And that should have been ok with you. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are not the opposite sex. there is nothing wrong with having dysphoria and admitting that you are trans. There is nothing wrong with not fitting in with your natal sex. You can be something unique. And indeed if you look at the hundreds of ways trans people express their trans-ness, every trans person is unique. But all trans people are trans. But you decided that wasnt enough to fight for. It wasn’t enough to fight for your own unique being. At least it wasn’t enough for the male trans activists who became the loudest most volatile part of the movement. Instead you feel you must police the rest of the world into validating your dysphoria. But listen:

We don’t tell anorexics that their body dysmorphia is right and that they are fat.

We did not turn every restroom stall in the world into a disabled access stall.

We don’t force people to fuck incels.

We didn’t ban peanuts from existence when many people became deathly allergic.

We did not allow Rachel Dolezal to claim transracial.

And we shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice the needs and issues and concerns and spaces of 50% of the population for your minuscule undefinable group.

Most people who don’t fit in the norms, find ways to cope, they create support groups for themselves, spaces for themselves. Because most people get that life is not going to be fair for everyone, cater to everyones needs. The more you fight to destroy women’s right to woman, the more enemies you create.

You’ve managed to piss off lesbians and straight men for telling them its transphobic to not want your “lady dick.”

You’ve managed to piss off women by trying to claim womanhood and destroy our earned fought for spaces and condemn our need for safety as hate.

You’ve pissed off parents by trying to convince them their nonconforming child is trans and should have medicalized puberty blocking that can leave children underdeveloped and sterile. Bye bye grandkids and even future sex lives sometimes.

You’ve turned your own allies against you by becoming hostile at mere questions.

You’ve united women of color, white women, men, conservatives, liberals, moderates, lesbians, gay men, even de-transitioned trans people against you.

So well done.

P.S. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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