Hate for Magdalen


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Hate for Magdalen

Below I am posting just a few examples of the many deeply unpleasant Tweets that were made after Magdalen had gone into palliative care for what turned out to be the last few weeks of her life and after her death on 13 September 2019. I do so as evidence of the posters’ lack of decency and humanity, their profound ignorance of what Magdalen was like and their sheer dishonesty. Of course, most commenters prefer to remain anonymous. The exception is notorious sports cheat, Rachel McKinnon who, remarkably, is currently a college professor.

Magdalen never once advocated for hatred of or violence against trans people or anyone else. She was a better person than any of them.

Edited to add this collection from Nicole Jones: Magdalen hate tweets 13.09.19-11.12.20

See also: The tweet heard ’round the world: Charleston professor sparks global Twitter debate  Post and Courier 29.8.19


Hateful trans cultists on FB

And here’s a thread lifted from a loathsome Facebook page.


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