What’s happening in British universities is terrifying.

Absurd defamation of Kathleen Stock

So many of the links I add to the main Silencing page of this site are about students and lecturers and things happening on campuses that I decided they deserve a page of their own. While I was engaged in the rather tedious task of copying links across to this new page, I found myself wondering how, in spite of the thousands of words written in the articles linked to and with a large proportion by brilliant academics, the problems that I see happening in universities seem to be getting worse instead of better.

The youngsters who protest outside meetings where people – predominantly women – gather to talk about how the promotion of gender ideology affects us come across as brainwashed idiots parroting absurdities and claiming some things aren’t up for debate. Unlike some parents I know, if they were teenagers today, I would still want my brilliant children – who are now in their 30s and very successful, having achieved three degrees each – to go to college. But instead of waving them off, confident in the belief that they will thrive on the intellectual stimulation and hone their analytical skills and ability to think critically and sceptically without any more help from me, I would be watching them like a hawk ready to challenge every idiotic pronouncement they bring home.

Most horrifying is the treatment of some lecturers who are brave and principled enough to stand up against gender ideology get treated by both their colleagues and students. Read Are academics freely able to criticise the idea of ‘gender identity’ in UK Universities? if you can bear to.

Links to academia-related articles on transgenderism and trans activism around the world are added to this page.


Open Letter of Resignation from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality James Cantor 10.08.20

Academics tell of bid by Edinburgh University Press to censor article on transwomen Sunday Times 02.08.20

Raquel Rosario Sanchez: The trans lobby can’t bully me into silence: It’s the bitterest of ironies — how this academic studying violence against women was targeted by protesters with balaclavas and a baseball bat, simply for attending a feminists’ meeting Mail 08.07.20

Costing the Kool-Aid – bias & funding in a ‘gender diversity’ research project Lily Maynard 25.06.20

“Of course sex materially exists” Kathleen Stock 18.06.20

From South American Anthropology to Gender-Crit Cancel Culture: My Strange Feminist Journey Katherine Lowry 12.06.20

University of Alberta fires anthropology professor for saying biological sex is real The Post Millennial 04.06.20

Student to sue university over ‘transgender bullying’ The Times 25.05.2

Oxford ignores call to censor ‘ism’ texts The Times 05.05.20 and University rejects SU motion to ban ‘academic hate speech’  The Oxford Blue 03.05.20

Journal retracts paper on gender dysphoria after 900 critics petition Retraction Watch Guardian 29.04.20

Response to retraction of my paper on gender dysphoria  Stephen Gliske 30.04.20

Oxford University warned over free‑speech failures Sunday Times 12.04.20

Former student receives apology from University after transphobia controversy Durham’s Student Newspaper  10.04.20

The latest gender studies literature is indistinguishable from satire Julie Bindel 26.03.20

Selina Todd: feminism professor in trans row defended by free-speech activists The Times 03.03.20

Backlash as students give International Women’s Day a trans rebrand The Times 03.03.20

Gavin Williamson gives universities final warning on free speech The Times 07.02.20

Women’s Rights and Academic Freedom Part 2 04.02.20

Free speech at Oxford: do women have the right to defend their sex? (pdf) Michael Biggs January 2020

How I was de-platformed by Durham University Julie Bindel 31.01.20

Lawyer demands inquiry into trans ‘gag’ by university Sunday Times 26.01.20

Oxford University professor given security guards for lectures after threats from transgender activists Telegraph 23.01.20

Oxford college rows back on transgender discussion rules following outcry over free speech Telegraph 22.01.20

Women’s Rights and Academic Freedom Part 1 21.01.20

Sacked or silenced: academics say they are blocked from exploring trans issues Guardian 14.01.20

Freedom of speech upheld Rachel Ara 10.01.20

Kathleen Stock: life on the front line of transgender rights debate Times Higher Education 07.01.20

Help Stop Another Academic Outrage Mob Lee Jussim 22.12.19

Stonewall accused of censoring academics over gender issues The Times 10.12.19

Trans rights activists halt gender debate at Essex University The Times 07.12.19

Scottish schools transgender event cancelled amid fears for speakers’ safety The Scotsman 02.12.19

Artist ready to sue university over trans rights speech ban The Times 25.11.19

Oxford Brookes University cancels feminist speaker Rachel Ara after students accuse her of transphobia The Times 20.11.19

Why censorious young women are leading the charge to shut down free speech on campus Telegraph 12.11.19

Outrage after Goldsmith University academic claimed to be transgender for four years and asked students to call her ‘Mx Tippy Rampage’ before admitting it was a satirical character for a book Mail 07.11.19

Revealed: The academics who need panic alarms or face death threats for their ‘radical’ views The Telegraph 08.10.19

University of York Abolished Research Associate Position to Silence Me Louise Moody 08.10.19

Meet the academics hunted down and hounded out of jobs for having the ‘wrong’ thoughts Telegraph 13.09.19

Young woman terrorized by trans activists Women are Human 29.08.19

Professors bullied into silence as students cry transphobia The Sunday Times 17.08.19

Discussing law and policy is not discussing an “abstract thought experiment” Kathleen Stock 08.08.19

U.K. PhD student to be investigated for “transphobia” The Post Millennial 04.08.19

UCU needs to defend freedom to discuss sex and gender Morning Star 25.07.19

UCSB investigates feminist grad student for saying men can’t become women The College Fix12.07.19

Universities Asked to Reconsider Their Alignment With Stonewall SCAN (Lancaster Students paper) 09.07.19

Are academics freely able to criticise the idea of ‘gender identity’ in UK Universities? Kathleen Stock 03.07.19

Journal editors quit in protest over ‘transphobic’ academic The Times 26.06.19

Stonewall is using its power to stifle trans debate, say top academics The Times 16.06.19

Imperial College professor issues ‘grovelling apology’ for promoting articles questioning transgender lobby Telegraph 31.05.19

Feminist academics in uproar over new union chief’s ‘Terf blocker’ as they complain of assault on free speechTelegraph 24.05.19

Students Condemn ‘Transphobic’ St Hilda’s Professor The Oxford Student 29.04.19

Camille Paglia and UArts fight back against the snowflakes The Sunday Times 21.04.19

Camille Paglia vs the trans-Taliban Julie Bindel 19.04.19

A College President Stands Up for Academic Freedom Claire Lehmann 16.04.19

Cambridge University withdraws fellowship of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson who refuses to refer to trans people by their preferred pronouns Mail 20.03.19

Open University forced to cancel conference following threats from the transgender lobby Telegraph 20.03.19

Trans activists fail to block research suggesting gender dysphoria is ‘contagious’ Telegraph 19.03.19

Open Letter to the University of Illinois Nina Paley 28.02.19

Terror Tactics Triumph, Silence Freedom of Speech at Bristol University Conatus News 10.02.19

Universities are allowing free speech to be curtailed in favour of ‘rule of the mob’, former equalities chief warns Telegraph 02.02.19

The gender wars, academic freedom and education Alice Sullivan & Judith Suissa 25.01.19

Trans lobby sent me death threats, claims professor The Times 06.12.18

Rosa Freedman: Professor’s door ‘covered in urine’ after gender law debate BBC 05.12.18

Academics are being harassed over their research into transgender issues Guardian 16.10.18

Full transcript: Women’s right to free speech in UK universities Raquel Rosario Sanchez 22.10.18

Academics are being harassed over their research into transgender issues Guardian 16.10.18

Trans Goldsmiths lecturer Natacha Kennedy behind smear campaign against academics Times 08.09.18

Terror Tactics Triumph, Silence Freedom of Speech at Bristol University Conatus News 10.02.19

What happened when I was banned from a free speech debate on campus Angelos Sofocleous 11.02.19

Snowflake students must learn how to argue The Times 20.10.17

Campuses are breaking apart into ‘safe spaces’ Frank Furedi 05.01.17

Ten arguments for – and against – ‘no-platforming’ Eric Heinze, Professor of Law and Humanities at Queen Mary, University of London 01.03.16