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Author and £20k life coach bans ‘TERFs’ from applying for personal assistant job The Telegraph 16.03.23

Australian Woman Left Disabled Following Attack By Trans Activist Reduxx 20.02.23

Stop exploiting the Brianna Ghey tragedy Spiked 14.02.23

Edinburgh trans activist charged after alleged assault at University protest against women’s film Scottish Express 10.02.23

This is what ‘no debate’ looks like Eliza Mondegreen 11.01.23

Women Critical of Gender Ideology Heckled, Assaulted at Free Speech Event in London ReDuxx 27.11.22

Shakespeare’s Globe rushes to delete ‘derogatory’ poem on ‘transphobic Terfs’ The Telegraph 06.10.22

Police investigate apparent online threat to ‘burn’ venue hosting a feminist conference in Cardiff Wales online 04.10.22

Trans activist who shouted in the face of ‘fascist’ father and baby claims she was ‘protecting her trans friend’ but admits she was wrong as she faces calls to be sacked as Labour MP’s aide Mail 20.09.22

Trans activists are taking the piss Jo Bartosch in Spiked 07.09.22

Police probe call for trans-rights activists to use ‘any means you see fit’ to ‘fight’ feminist campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen as she holds ‘Let Women Speak’ event in Brighton Mail 06.09.22

It’s a bitter irony – how the literati pledging support for Salman Rushdie are too often cheerleaders of woke censorship Gillian Philip in the Mail 17.08.22

The gender debate is getting nastier Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 17.08.22

Girl ‘driven out of school for questioning trans ideology’ The Times 17.05.22

JK Rowling backs feminist campaigner who was ‘assaulted’ by balaclava-clad trans activists The Telegraph 16.05.22

Meet the activists on the ‘right side of history’ Stephen Knight in Spiked online 16.05.22

JK Rowling mocks trans protesters for scoring a ‘hilarious own goal’ Mail 15.05.22

Welcome to the insane world of identity politics The Telegraph 08.05.22

DOMINIC LAWSON: Why are women attacked by the trans lobby while we men get far less abuse? Mail 11.04.22

Why should I be ‘cancelled’ for arguing that biological sex is real? Posie Parker in The Spectator Mail 29.12.21

‘Trans activists threatened to BOMB my studio’: Lesbian entrepreneur gets ‘daily death and rape threats’ after JK Rowling plugged her feminist T-shirts on Twitter (but thanks author for sending her sales ‘through the roof’) Mail 29.12.21

Why is a ‘trans ally’ GP trying to fight the gender wars? Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 02.12.21

Troll GP likened JK Rowling to Jimmy Savile Mail 02.12.21

GP suspended over ‘offensive’ tweets to people who oppose trans rights The Times 01.12.21

GP, Adrian Harrop, who called woman ‘a venomous transphobic bigot’ and said ‘Cis people are just awful’ as he used Twitter to abuse people who opposed to his pro-transgender views, has his registration suspended Mail 30.11.21

Now teacakes are cancelled: Tunnock’s stumbles into a culture war after sending box of treats to controversial ‘transphobic’ LGB Alliance group Mail 22.10.21

Atwood falls foul of trans activists with Twitter post The Times 21.10.21

The misogyny of trans activists Julie Bindel 16.10.21

Does Owen Jones have a woman problem? Douglas Murray 06.08.21

With social media so full of menace, no wonder the bully boys are winning The Telegraph 01.08.21

Labour MP Rosie Duffield investigated by party for liking anti-trans tweet The Times 27.07.21

The hounding of Rosie Duffield Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 27.07.21

It is obscene: a true reflection in three parts Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie 15.06.21

Jo Bartosch on the “gobby lesbian” challenging Macc Pride over transmen-identified women who wish to detransition and live as lesbians – and she should know, she’s Keira Bell’s partner LGN 09.06.21

Welcome to the TERF wars Maya Forstater 22.04.21

Owen Jones vs Robert Webb. What happens when you don’t recant from criticising trans orthodoxy? Jane Clare Jones 30.04.21

American “Humanists” cancel Richard Dawkins over their Gender Delusion 

Richard Dawkins loses ‘humanist of the year’ title over trans comments Guardian 20.04.21

What happened when the trans mob came for Robert Webb? Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 16.04.21

Reddit, Aimee Challenor and a disturbing insight into the trans debate Julie Bindel in The Spectator 26.03.21

For the Sisters or the Misters? Jo Bartosch in The Critic 16.03.21

The only wrong way to be a woman these days is to stand up for women’s rights Suzanne Moore in The Telegraph 09.02.21

SUE REID investigates the pensioner publicly shamed by a drinks giant Mail 12.02.21

Why does Innocent think this pensioner is guilty of ‘transphobia’? Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 29.01.21

No, the fight for trans rights has nothing to do with the Holocaust Rosa Freedman in The Spectator 16.12.20

Shaming Feminists Who Believe In Basic Biology Isn’t Working Anymore Libby Emmons 14.12.20

What evidence have you seen…? Twitter thread by Maya Forstater 02.09.20

How progressive misogyny works Suzanne Moore in The Spectator 29.08.20

Trans advocates who threaten violence are seeking power not equality The Post Millennial 18.07.20

Sexism is alive and well in the transgender debate Debbie Hayton 13.07.20

Jonathan Ross accused of transphobia after publicly supporting controversial comedian Graham Linehan Independent 18.03.20

The mobbing of Debbie Hayton Post Millennial 05.03.20

Polo Lounge clubber ‘ejected over anti-trans campaign T-shirt’ The Times 21.01.20

The Polo Lounge in Glasgow: scene of more inhumanity from the trans cult Maria MacLachlan 21.01.20

Feminists Blamed for Alleged Deadly Assault on Trans-Identified Man by Male, Non-Binary Trans Ally Women Are Human 03.01.20

Stitch Up, Bristol Fashion Elsa Egret 13.12.19

Patient branded transphobic after asking for female medic The Sunday Times 08.12.19

Thistle Pettersen: How I Became the Most Hated Folk Singer in Madison Uncommon Ground 10.11.19

Birth coach is ‘hounded out’ of industry charity Doula UK after transgender activists brand her Facebook message claiming only women can have babies as offensive Mail 02.11.19

Attacked in Public – When “Punch a TERF” Is More Than Just a Meme Andreia Nobre 16.10.19

SNL’s Michael Che Under Fire on Twitter for Calling Caitlyn Jenner a ‘Fella’ on Weekend Update 28.10.19

Cosmopolitan and What People Need to Know About Anti-Woman Magazines Claire Heuchan 08.10.19

When did threatening women with violence go from broke to woke? J.J. Barnes 05.10.19

Dead rats nailed to walls and public condemnation of rape crisis centres is a devastating sign of the times JJ Barnes 01.09.19

VOX needs a fact checker WoLF Caroline ffiske 06.09.19

Trans activism’s latest trick: vandalizing women’s shelters  Meghan Murphy 29.08.19

The tweet heard ’round the world: Charleston professor sparks global Twitter debate  (about the unutterably hateful Rachel McKinnon) Post and Courier 29.8.19

Young woman terrorized by trans activists Women are Human 29.08.19

‘Bullying by trans student at Bristol University could cost me my visa’ The Times 24.08.19

On Hurting Trans Women Kitty 03.08.19

One week in the war on women Graham Linehan 17.05.19

Woman ‘attacked in racist incident at May Day march’ Morning Star 03.05.19

Male Transgender & Trans Activist Called Out for Years of Sexual Predation Against Adolescent Girls: Jonathan (“Jessica”) Yaniv Women Are Human 26.04.19

INTERVIEW: Attacks on radical feminists reach Argentina Feminist Current 02.04.2019

Transgender singer cancels gigs after calling for feminists to be punched The Times 21.03.19 see also Trans Pride Scotland Statement from A Woman’s Place UK 23.03.19

City council cuts funding to Vancouver Rape Relief over its trans exclusionary policy 14.03.19

Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter Mail 09.02.19

Jonathan Yaniv is a Predator Miranda Yardley 25.12.18

Man Who Identifies as Woman & Lawyer Targets Gender Identity Disbelievers with Job Loss & Lawsuits Women are Human 10.12.18

Lone lesbian pushed off Baltimore LGBTQ Commission’s Law and Policy Committee WOLF 09.12.18

Plea to Trans Lobby A letter in The Times 08.12.18

Trans lobby sent me death threats, claims professor The Times 06.12.18

Rosa Freedman: Professor’s door ‘covered in urine’ after gender law debate BBC 05.12.18

Transgender lawyer suing Graham Linehan was convicted of threatening a man with a golf club Roll On Friday 22.11.18

NHS sued over transgender fertility treatment Sky News 27.09.18 (I’m not entirely comfortable with putting this one here but can’t see where else to put it.)

The story of my first brush with trans activism and what I learned Jonathan Best 15.08.18

Trans activism is excusing & advocating violence against women, and it’s time to speak up Meghan Murphy 01.05.18

Colonizers Vs. Defectors, Or: Before You Call Us Phobic, Check Your Own Fear And Disgust Gender Apostates blog 25.06.18

‘Non binary Queers’ Gay-Bash Lesbian Outside St. Louis Gay Bar, Brag About It On Twitter  Gender Trender 2.6.18

Statement from Helen Steel after horrendous bullying at an Anarchist Bookfair in London November 2017.

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