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Every page of this site contains links to articles or videos created by people fighting back against the absurdity of gender ideology and the deeply sinister attempts to impose it on people in every sphere of life and in a manner that brooks no opposition. But as grassroots resistance to that ideology in general and to gender self-declaration in particular is increasing, it’s time to have a page for news and information about specific actions taken by those resisting. Information about the GRA and how to oppose the proposed reforms is on this page of this site, while lesbian protests at the Pride can be found here.



The reaction to the stickers appearing all over the place just now blows my mind. Pointing out a basic biological fact is apparently “hatred”.  I could write a lot more but the articles I would like to have written have already been done. Here they are:

Cheapening Transphobia: the Unlikely Victims of the Attack on #StickerWoman Beatrice Louis

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Here’s an extraordinary clip from an LBC radio phone-show featuring Dr Julia Long and someone called Vicky Lee. Well worth a listen Julia Long slays in LBC radio interview

Check out the #StickerWoman hashtag for templates for the stickers, for more reactions and for general hilarity.



















Earlier this year (2018) saw the emergence of the magnificent Man Friday campaign, in which women declared themselves men for the day and carried out random acts of manliness as a publicity-grabbing way to highlight our objections to the proposed “reforms” to the Gender Recognition Act, intending to allow self-declaration of Gender.

Being women, they of course stop well short of the violence promoted by countless members by the trans cult, who “celebrated” Pride month by exhorting their Twitter followers to “punch a TERF” – and worse – every single day. I doubt I am the only one to have lost count of how many such tweets I reported. Some of them still get off on posting stuff like that, being the brave warrior “women” that they are.

Here is an explanation posted by Hannah Clarke on Twitter.

Umm…who is inciting violence??

A constant refrain about GRC reform is that feminists have got it wrong and that it’s just admin. @fairplaywomen explains why “just admin” has serious implications for women but I want to talk about #manfriday and how self ID impacts the real world.

We know the Equality Act 2010 allows people protection under gender reassignment and that gender reassignment is from when someone is proposing to undergo any process…but that’s not what we’re protesting against.

SwimEngland, Caledonian Sleeper, High Street shops, Hampstead Ponds and many other service providers have set out guidance saying anyone who says they are a woman can access women’s facilities. This is not the same as being protected under gender reassignment in EA2010.

Of course as @ManFRIDAY_ discovered this only works one way at Hampstead Ponds as women claiming to be men are escorted off the premises by the police. So whilst we are fighting #selfID in law we are also having to fight the interesting interpretation of it in practice. The interpretation that makes all women’s spaces mixed sex by stealth. This impacts every woman who uses any public women’s space. And this has all come about because trans lobby groups have “advised” service providers, and women’s needs have been put second to men’s wants (as it ever was). We need to push back against this.

So we haven’t got it wrong. We are fighting what is happening in our changing rooms, our loos, our hospital wards and children’s schools. When you dismiss us as “wrong” you are clearly showing your male behaviour in dismissing “silly women”. And that is why we must keep fighting. We fight for the safety, privacy and dignity of women and girls in the face of your dishonest lobbying and underhand dismissal of us. #manfriday will not go away, especially not as a result of you sneering and calling us TERFs.

Links about #ManFriday

INTERVIEW: UK women are self-identifying as men to challenge proposed changes to the GRA as part of #ManFriday

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INTERVIEW: UK women are self-identifying as men to challenge proposed changes to the GRA as part of #ManFriday Feminist Current

INTERVIEW: UK women are self-identifying as men to challenge proposed changes to the GRA as part of #ManFriday


Updated 01.09.18