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Every page of this site contains links to articles or videos created by people fighting back against the absurdity of gender ideology and the deeply sinister attempts to impose it on people in every sphere of life and in a manner that brooks no opposition. But as grassroots resistance to that ideology in general and to gender self-declaration in particular is increasing, it’s time to have a page for news and information about specific actions taken by those resisting.

Social worker suspended by her council bosses over her belief a person ‘cannot change their sex’ awarded damages of £58,000 after winning landmark harassment claim Mail 28.04.24

Banned Newcastle United fan raises £15,000 to sue BBC News 26.04.24

The women who refuse to be silenced: She’s had death threats, been ‘cancelled’ on TV and shunned by fellow MPs. In a rousing call to arms against those who want to erase women, MP ROSIE DUFFIELD unites a battle-hardened group of campaigners Mail 07.03.24

Tempers flare at vote to ban trans bathers from Hampstead Heath Ladies’ Pond as meeting is abandoned amid protests Mail 03.03.24

How a tranquil oasis for female swimmers became a front line in the culture wars: Bitter row over whether trans women are allowed to bathe in historic single-sex pond comes to a  ferocious head Mail 02.03.24

How Shahrar Ali beat the trans inquisition Jo Bartosch in Spiked 09.02.24

Women protest Network Rail’s capitulation to Stonewall Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 02.02.24

Father Ted writer Graham Linehan among group taking legal action against Belfast pub in row over ‘gender critical beliefs’ The Irish News 25.01.24

Women protest Network Rail’s capitulation to Stonewall Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 02.02.24

Social workers ‘scared to speak about trans issues’ The Times 12.01.24

The right to be gender critical Michael Foran in The Critic 10.01.24

Social worker wins discrimination case over gender critical beliefs The Guardian 09.01.24

My victory over the gender ideologues James Esses in Spiked 15.12.23

DIY giant Wickes fails to shut down website accusing it of being ‘woke’ The Telegraph 04.11.23

Cancelled? We can help! The support group for ‘erring’ artists The Times 29.10.23

Women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen who was doused with soup at rally is threatened with legal action by Campbell’s over fundraising mug that they claim looks too much like famous tin Mail 13.09.23

The Fahmy v Arts Council England tribunal judgment Seen 09.09.23

Coming out under my real name la scapigliata 22.08.23

Green Party’s trans court case is a sign of things to come Suzanne Moore in UnHerd 22.08.23

Arts Cancel England Jo Bartosch in The Critic  01.07.23

Gender-critical feminist wins harassment claim against Arts Council England over trans row The Telegraph 27.06.23

JOAN SMITH: Why I quit Humanists UK – the body that once stood for science and reason Mail 14.06.23

Patron quits Humanists UK in row over trans rights The Times 13.06.23

Half of England ladies’ angling team quit after trans woman is selected to join their squad Mail 10.06.23

Backlash over Oxfam’s trans guidance The Times 10.06.23

Arts council staff warned CEO ‘people already think we’re mad’ amid gender row The Telegraph 03.06.23

Adidas faces boycott call over swimsuit ad with male model The Times 20.05.23

Senior Arts Council England boss Denise Fahmy claims she was treated as a ‘threat’ over her views on gender and felt the ‘whole organisation turned on me’ after expressing sympathy for LGB Alliance, tribunal hears Mail 21.05.23

Arts Council ex-employee tells tribunal she faced ‘hostile environment’ over gender critical views The Telegraph 19.05.23

Joanna Cherry: comedy club reverses decision to cancel MP’s show The Times 12.05.23

Joanna Cherry starts legal action over cancelled Fringe show at Stand The Herald 08.05.23

Medical evidence over trans ideology: welcome to the doctors’ resistance The Times 07.05.23

Women’s Institute faces revolt over trans membership policy The Mail 18.04.23

Right boycotts Bud Light over campaign with trans influencer The Times 12.04.23

Nike is putting women last and money first Libby Purves in The Times 10.04.23

‘We take two steps forward… and then Nike does this’: Olympian Sharron Davies leads boycott of sportswear brand after it pays trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote its sports bra Mail 07.04.23

Nike under fire for paying transgender influencer to model sports bra The Telegraph 06.04.23

Women won’t be silenced Ella Whelan 04.04.23

Revealed: The TikTok videos urging pupils to take part in school riots sweeping the country and giving advice on how to emulate rebellions against new rules on uniforms and unisex toilets Mail 28.02.23

Women’s rights protesters line streets outside police station as campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen is quizzed under caution over Brighton rally where trans activists attacked HER group Mail 24.02.23

Women are on the march against gender ideology Spiked 06.02.23

Women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen thanks Nicola Sturgeon for ‘waking up Scotland’ but tensions flare at Glasgow rally as activists clash amid row over transgender prisoner Isla Bryson Mail 06.02.23

Women playing men distorts theatre, claims Tom Conti The Times 25.01.23

Three cheers for ‘TERF Island’ Jo Bartosch in Spiked 26.12.22

Civil servants ‘fight back’ to defend binary biological sex The Telegraph 12.11.22

Protesters seeking to stop trans women using Hampstead Heath’s ladies pond The Telegraph 03.09.22

Hands off the Hampstead ladies’ pond Jo Bartosch in Spiked 30.09.22

Let Women Swim Lily Maynard 29.08.22

Let women swim! Helen Saxby in The Critic 25.08.22

The young can’t force their ideology on me’: how cancelled choreographer Rosie Kay is fighting back The Telegraph 26.08.22

You can’t sit out the culture wars The Spectator 23.08.22

‘Cancelled’ dancer Rosie Kay puts free speech centre stage The Times 10.07.22

Protesters in anti-Sturgeon T-shirts ejected from Holyrood gender law reform debate The Times 29.06.22

Woman suing rape charity over transgender row BBC 27.06.22

For grown men to pretend they don’t know what a woman is when they have a wife and children is absurd Mail 19.06.22

Nurses boycott Royal College after chief rejects gender-critical views The Telegraph 03.06.22

Comedy is our weapon against woke absurdity Joanna Williams in The Times 26.05.22

It’s not right-wing to be worried about trans-rights policies James Kirkup in The Spectator 26.05.22

An Interview With Muslim Women Shonagh Dillon 08.05.22

‘I don’t care what a bunch of 19-year-old gender-studies students think’ The Telegraph 24.04.22

Women won’t be silent as our rights are stolen Janice Turner in The Times 15.04.22

No charges over allegedly abusive Newport trans stickers BBC 15.04.22

Five rules for fighting transactivism Kathleen Stock in UnHerd 12.04.22

Feminists to use ‘respect my sex’ slogan in local polls The Times 05.04.22

Why I joined feminism’s undercover fightback… armed only with stickers: A secret group of women – including teachers, nurses and grannies – is resorting to guerrilla tactics to protect single-sex spaces Mail 21.03.22

Tate Modern in trans rights row as women protest against ‘one-sided’ film The Telegraph 25.02.22

As it happened: Newport Police Station protest in support of Jennifer Swayne South Wales Argus 24.02.22

The second gender war Maya Forstater in The Critic 30.12.21

Women’s rights campaigners target M&S, Primark and John Lewis in Milton Keynes to provide ‘safe single sex spaces’ MK Citizen 20.12.21

Feminist “dinosaurs” are getting organised Jo Bartosch 11.10.21

Trans-identifying man confronts Star Wars store owner over his ‘offensive’ sign: ‘If you are born with a d**k, you are not a chick’ Mail 07.08.21

Milli Hill: the campaigner cancelled for questioning the term ‘birthing people’ The Times 20.07.21

Antenatal guru Milli Hill dropped by charity after insisting: it’s ‘women’, not ‘birthing people’ The Sunday Times 11.07.21

I will not be silenced Milli Hill 10.07.21

Protest over Hubbard’s Olympic selection held in London TV NZ 28.06.21

Activism works Rob Jessel 24.06.21

In the trans debate, feminists cannot sit on the fence Jo Bartosch 17.06,.21

Dangerous women with their dangerous opinions take over Speakers’ Corner, reports MrMenno from Hyde Park LGN 29.08.21

Video: TERF WARS: The true story of the women fighting the transgender agenda (2021)

Video: Dysphoric (2021) – a four-part documentary series

TRAcists, Accusations and Acts 14.02.21

Open Letter to the Women’s Prize Wild Woman Writing Club 01.04.21

The gender heretics are finally winning the TERF wars Jo Bartosch in The Spectator 25.12.20

Reflections on WPUK: Making women’s voices count WPUK 28.11.20

In Defence of a Broad Church Approach in Gender Criticism Georgia McGraw in Uncommon ground 07.10.20

How women won the war against gender ‘self-ID’ James Kirkup 22.09.20

Standing for Women founder arrested Jo Bartosch 21.09.20

Standing up to the transcult bullies It’s a fair cop blogger 21.04.20

Why Can’t Women Be More Nice?  Helen Saxby  21.04.20

Guerilla Postcards from the Edge Lily Maynard 12.04.20

Video: Jackie Doyle-Price MP on trans rights vs the rights of women 05.03.20

Speakers Corner International Women’s Day 2020

WOMEN SAY on Women’s Day Lily Maynard 23.03.20




Women’s Human Rights Campaign: Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights

Launched in March 2019, this document has been put together to counter any move by the UN to change sex to gender in UN Law. Read all about it here and please sign and help to spread the word.

Manchester ReSisters standing up for women against the cult 27 July 2019










Greater Manchester ReSisters’ Protest at the People’s History Museum 03.08.19

What is a Woman and Who Gets to Tell Her-Story? Censorship, Dissention & Disruption at the People’s History Museum. Emily G 03.08.19

Leeds Councillor Sarah Field’s speeches should be read by everyone who purports to care about women

Sarah’s opening address at the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights event at Leeds Civic Hall recently starts like this:

“About three years ago, not long after I was first elected, I was contacted by a woman in Leeds, for advice. Her six-year-old daughter had been verbally attacked and then subjected to a violent outburst by a 17-year-old male who had been allowed to join a local girls group as a helper. This was because he said he identified as a female. What had this child done? She had asked him if he was a boy. And then this six-year-old girl had been made to stand alone in front of the entire group and apologise to him.”

and finishes like this:

“If your feminism prioritises the internal identifications of men over the material conditions of women then you are not a feminist. In a world of structural and systematic oppression, and an epidemic of male violence, we owe it to women and to the legacy of every feminist who has fought before us, to stand for ourselves.”

No wonder the Men’s Rights Activists of Leeds tried to incite intimidation and violence against attendees as they left but how dare they call themselves “anti-fascists”!


Another awesome speech from Sarah can be read here:

“Men know what a woman is in Holbeck.” Speech by Leeds Cllr Sarah Field The Daily Glinner 12.09.20

What are real girls made of?

If men want to ponce about in lacy knickers, who gives a toss…? Just don’t claim to be women!

A few days prior to GI Collection’s London launch of Carmen Liu Lingerie – said to be the UK’s first brand of lingerie for autogynephiles – they tweeted that “trans girls are real girls”. And what real girls need, obviously, are knickers that are “delicate, feminine and sexy” while still able to accommodate a large erectile protruberance plus oval-shaped sperm producing organs. Sticky “lingerie tape” is also helpfully sold by the company.

The degrading representation of women – sorry, girls – as sex objects promoted by Carmen Liu is offensive enough to feminists. Even worse is the normalising of the preposterous notion that men can actually be women. As the enchanting Desiree La Spud from the campaigning group, Standing for Women, told reporters, “the normalisation of transgenderism by events such as this one is causing massive problems for women”. She mentioned women’s sports with men competing as and beating women because “people are too scared to point out that they’re men” and being accommodated in women’s prisons and other spaces where they are sexually assaulting women.

Desiree was the organiser of a picket by feminists outside the launch event for the lingerie line on 28th February. What fun we had! A big thank you to Prick News for the publicity, even if their reporter did shamefully deadname Desiree as the courageous Women’s Rights Activist, Dr Julia Long.

When these three intrepid British feminists visited the US…

Venice Allan, Posie Parker, Julia Long











…these  are some of the stories they generated./

A Baseless Hit Piece on British Feminists in the New York Times Madeleine Kearns 07.09.19

Why British Feminists Are Such a Bunch of Evil Witches Jane Clare Jones 07.02.19

Liberal Women Oppose Gender Ideology — Listen to Why Madeleine Kearns 04.02.19


Terfs take America… Spectator.US 31.01.19

Bipartisan Women’s Rights Groups Protest the Equality Act Madeleine Kearns 30.01.19

Opposition to transgender “madness” sparks an unlikely alliance American Spectator 29.01.19

Prominent lesbian attorney slams transgender activism as a ‘MEN’S RIGHTS movement’ Mail 29.01.19

From the imitable Ali Bee The Ballad of Posie Parker 


And while they were, this is what women back home were getting up to:

Women have been standing up for women all over the UK!

A Woman’s Place is in The ReSisters

Statues dressed in ‘transphobic’ T-shirts The Times 29.01.19

To resist gender-transitioning of kids, be willing to lose friends, activists say Christian Post 29.01.19

Feminist campaign group uses statues to fight “hyper political correctness” South Wales Argus 28.01.19

This is why a radical feminist group campaigned in Leeds city centre today Leeds Live 27.01.19

There’s only one Posie Parker!

Only one worth talking about anyway. Kellie-Jay Minshull aka the Posie Parker has been a tireless campaigner for the apparently highly controversial idea that a woman is an adult human female. She has also successfully drawn out the ugliest side of the #transcult, who have victimised her relentlessly and got her permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook.

She raised £700 for a large poster giving the dictionary definition of ‘woman’ to be displayed on a billboard in Liverpool during the week of the Labour Party conference in September 2018. Thanks to complaints by trans activist bully Dr Adrian Harrop and others, the billboard company meekly caved in and removed it, thereby achieving far more publicity for Kellie-Jay and her poster than she could otherwise have dreamed of. She’s been on TV, she’s been on radio and, of course, achieved national press coverage. She told a meeting in Manchester that she’d been inundated with orders for the T-shirt she’s wearing in this Sky News clip, where she wipes the floor with Harrop.

Get the T-shirt!

Now you too can be a proud wearer of the stylish, educational and surprisingly provocative T-shirt. Order it and other cool merchandise from the Standing For Women shop. Hurry while stocks last!

TRAs keep trying and failing to silence her!

Here is some of the coverage after the poster in Liverpool was removed:

Feminist poster banned because it could ‘offend trans people’ Times 11.10.18

Feminist’s poster removed after complaint from transgender activist Times 26.09.18

Feminist blogger’s billboard defining ‘woman’ as ‘adult human female’ is removed after complaint from Twitter activist who claimed it would make transgender women feel unsafe Mail 26.09.18

And then:

Another pro-woman billboard appears in Birmingham… above a sex shop Pink News 02.10.18



And then this:

‘Woman definition’ campaigner projects dictionary definition of woman onto London buildings  13.10.18

And now Leeds…

Woman poster removed from Leeds billboard and investigated Leeds Live 19.10.18

Also, check out Kellie-Jay’s blog where she gives her account of how she was dealt with by West Yorkshire police for publicly criticising Susie Green of the Mermaids charity for getting her 16-year-old-son castrated and visit her youtube channel. Here’s my favourite video.

And here’s a lovely video from a youtuber called Rose of Dawn Posie Parker: The Right To Criticise Trans People Should Be Defended!


Posie Parker’s Facebook page is permanently banned

The cultists are obviously terrified of the influence she has, not to mention the popularity of her merchandise, which can be purchased here. How silly of them to think they can shut her up. Those who followed her page are encouraged to follow this one instead: Standing for Women.

Cambridge student stages silent protest


This is Jay Man, a student at Cambridge University, who has been dressing as a handmaid and staging silent protests in Cambridge. Follow Jay on Twitter.

Jay tweeted: “My message ‘acknowledging biological sex is NOT hate speech’ and the ‘woman:noun’ separate protest – described as ‘anti-transgender’, ‘discriminatory and unacceptable’, ‘disrespect’, and King’s students are ‘putting all our power into solving this issue’.”

This is the story she’s referring to: King’s College Council votes not to fly transgender flag Varsity 23.02.19


The incredible adventures of #stickerwoman Lily Maynard 10.07.20

The reaction to the stickers appearing all over the place just now blows my mind. Pointing out a basic biological fact is apparently “hatred”.  I could write a lot more but the articles I would like to have written have already been done. Here they are:

Hateful “anti-trans” stickers have been spotted in toilets and in public spaces around Edinburgh Edinburgh Life 10.10.18

Cheapening Transphobia: the Unlikely Victims of the Attack on #StickerWoman Beatrice Louis

Women Don’t Have Penises Brendan O’Neill

Stick ’em Up? Jonathan Best

What Happened To Our Movement? Connor Kelly

Is it a crime to say ‘women don’t have penises’? James Kirkup

Here’s an extraordinary clip from an LBC radio phone-show featuring Dr Julia Long and someone called Vicky Lee. Well worth a listen Julia Long slays in LBC radio interview

Check out the #StickerWoman hashtag for templates for the stickers, for more reactions and for general hilarity.


The spring of 2018 saw the emergence of the magnificent Man Friday campaign, in which women declared themselves men for the day and carried out random acts of manliness as a publicity-grabbing way to highlight our objections to the proposed “reforms” to the Gender Recognition Act, intending to allow self-declaration of Gender.

Being women, they of course stop well short of the violence promoted by countless members by the trans cult, who “celebrated” Pride month by exhorting their Twitter followers to “punch a TERF” – and worse – every single day. I doubt I am the only one to have lost count of how many such tweets I reported. Some of them still get off on posting stuff like that, being the brave warrior “women” that they are.

Here is an explanation posted by Hannah Clarke on Twitter.

Umm…who is inciting violence??

A constant refrain about GRC reform is that feminists have got it wrong and that it’s just admin. @fairplaywomen explains why “just admin” has serious implications for women but I want to talk about #manfriday and how self ID impacts the real world.

We know the Equality Act 2010 allows people protection under gender reassignment and that gender reassignment is from when someone is proposing to undergo any process…but that’s not what we’re protesting against.

SwimEngland, Caledonian Sleeper, High Street shops, Hampstead Ponds and many other service providers have set out guidance saying anyone who says they are a woman can access women’s facilities. This is not the same as being protected under gender reassignment in EA2010.

Of course as @ManFRIDAY_ discovered this only works one way at Hampstead Ponds as women claiming to be men are escorted off the premises by the police. So whilst we are fighting #selfID in law we are also having to fight the interesting interpretation of it in practice. The interpretation that makes all women’s spaces mixed sex by stealth. This impacts every woman who uses any public women’s space. And this has all come about because trans lobby groups have “advised” service providers, and women’s needs have been put second to men’s wants (as it ever was). We need to push back against this.

So we haven’t got it wrong. We are fighting what is happening in our changing rooms, our loos, our hospital wards and children’s schools. When you dismiss us as “wrong” you are clearly showing your male behaviour in dismissing “silly women”. And that is why we must keep fighting. We fight for the safety, privacy and dignity of women and girls in the face of your dishonest lobbying and underhand dismissal of us. #manfriday will not go away, especially not as a result of you sneering and calling us TERFs.

What is #ManFriday?

Feminists join men-only swim in protest of proposed law to enable people to self-identify as male or female The Independent

INTERVIEW: UK women are self-identifying as men to challenge proposed changes to the GRA as part of #ManFriday Feminist Current

A Scottish Hostelling Experience



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