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My account of what happened to me at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park on 13 September 2017 can currently be read on my blog: When vicious entitled thugs attack, I fight back. This page is just for a few examples of the reactions to the incident from transcultists.

These are not entirely consistent. Some weren’t in the slightest bit interested in what actually happened, where it happened, what I was doing or saying. They were simply happy that someone described as a ‘TERF’ – and therefore fair game – was assaulted.

Others were intent on blaming me and would not entertain any other version of events than that I had either provoked the attack by “sticking my camera in their faces” or had attacked first. The three videos of the incident that I have posted on my blog show quite clearly that I was a victim of unprovoked assaults, attempted theft and criminal damage to my camera and that I fought back to the best of my ability. Contrary to another widely disseminated falsehood, the police – who have other footage, not in the public domain – are satisfied that this is what happened and are taking the matter seriously with one of three assailants arrested and charged so far. But – let’s face it – those who are so delusional as to believe they are really women when they are men and vice versa are probably not best able to decide on the truth of anything.

Update: On 13 April 2018, a man calling himself Tara Wolf  was found guilty at Hendon Magistrate’s Court of assault by beating. It was his first offence and he received a standard fine plus costs amounting to £430. I have blogged my experience of being on trial (and, yes, I did mean to put it that way) here:

The ostensible trial of Tara Wolf – Part 1 & Part 2

See also: The madness of our gender debate, where feminists defend slapping a 60-year-old woman Helen Lewis 20.04.18


I love what Helen Saxby wrote on her blog:

“Watching footage in the news this week of a male person running into a crowd to swing a punch at a sixty year old woman, you might be forgiven for assuming this was another example of male violence against women, and therefore proof that women sometimes need spaces of their own, in order to stay safe. You’d be wrong in this instance, because in fact this was apparently a trans-identified male doing the punching, so it’s not male violence at all: in fact the sixty year old woman is the one to blame because she wants to go to a feminist meeting about gender. It’s a neat trick: if you make sure women can’t go to feminist meetings about gender they will not be informed enough to criticise an ideology which transforms a fist-swinging male into the victim of a sixty year old woman who wants to go to a feminist meeting about gender.”

Comment on youtube beneath a video showing attack on me by trans activists.


Joss Prior’s defamatory tweets






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