Hate for Maria MacLachlan

The cult has never forgiven my sin of getting in the way of a bunch of vicious male trans activists’ fists and boots. Being somewhat naive about how low they are prepared to go in defence of an iniquitous ideology, it took me a long time to understand why they hadn’t all simply condemned and distanced themselves from the assaults, as having nothing to do with the vast majority of trans people.

But this was just after our Tory government had announced its intention to reform the Gender Recognition Act and make gender a matter of self-identification. For those in favour, everything seemed to be going swimmingly until an older woman got punched and kicked by three palpably male people who claimed to be women. The trans lobby correctly realised that this act of violence, news of which quickly went viral, could hamper their campaign for the right to self–identify and they had basically two choices. Some behaved like the decent people they are and condemned it unreservedly. Hundreds of others promoted an insane DARVO-style version of what happened, which continues to this day.

That is why, in January 2020, I made a new video for the front page of this site, showing what actually happened and including many examples of the trans cultists’ response, which I also include on this page for posterity.

Links to my blog posts about the attack and the trials – as well as articles written by other people – are here.

Comments on YouTube September 2017 beneath a video showing attack on me by trans activists.







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