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Posted 04.07.20: Can you believe the hate and abuse being directed at JK Rowling by the vile bigots of the trans cult? I shouldn’t be as shocked as I am but considering the comments she tweeted that inspired this latest tsunami seemed so anodyne in comparison to the response, this episode has a feeling of something quite different from what has gone before in this war we are engaged in. Below are links to some of the articles generated about her and, of course, she will be compensated for the Weald School in Billingshurst’s disgusting and ridiculous decision not to name one of its houses after her by getting the honour of a page all of her own on this site.

The most important link is first: J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues 10.06.20


And now the rest…

JK Rowling attacks Sir Keir Starmer over new women’s minister The Times 08.07.24

Play about JK Rowling trans row changes venue amid safety fears The Times 08.07.24

It’s great to play a character with ‘edge’: The Texan who’ll portray JK Rowling on stage The Times 07.07.24

JK Rowling accuses John Swinney of bluffing on gender The Times 02.07.24

JK Rowling agrees to meet Labour – but sets conditions over labelling organisations as ‘hate groups’ The Telegraph 26.06.24

J.K. Rowling’s glorious refusal to be kind  James Kirkup in The Spectator 24.06.24

Edinburgh Fringe venue threatens to pull play about JK Rowling’s trans rows The Telegraph 23.06.24

JK Rowling: Labour has dismissed women like me. I’ll struggle to vote for it The Times 21.06.24

Scores of actresses turn down roles in play critical of JK Rowling’s gender views The Telegraph 13.06.24

JK Rowling slams BBC’s new director of sport Alex Kay-Jelski after he said tennis star Martina Navratilova and Olympic medalist Sharron Davies were ‘not experts’ on trans athletes in female events Mail 12.06.24

UK Trans Activist Avoids Jail After Threatening To Murder JK Rowling, MP Rosie Duffield Reduxx 04.06.24

JK Rowling attacks Labour’s ‘indifference to women’ in trans row The Times 03.06.24

Green candidate in JK Rowling tweet row faces deselection threat The Times 29.05.24

JK Rowling: Why I decided to stand up for women The Times 29.05.24

JK Rowling slams ‘witch-hunts’ after rape crisis centre worker’s victory media 23.05.24

Trans wars on stage: play about JK Rowling heads for the Fringe The Times 18.05.24

JK Rowling is no bully Brendan O’Neill in The Spectator 13.05.24

BBC Apologizes to J. K. Rowling for Misleading Coverage of Her Transgender Sex Offender Comments  National Review 24.04.24

Shadow justice secretary agrees with JK Rowling over biological sex The Telegraph 22.04.24

JK Rowling may have the last laugh on SNP’s obsession with trans rights The Telegraph 25.04.24

JK Rowling is rightly turning her fury against those who colluded in the trans nightmare The Telegraph 18.04.24

JK Rowling: trans inclusion in misogyny law shows contempt for women The Times 16.04.24

The Harry Potter brats owe JK Rowling an apology Jo Bartosch in Spiked 12.04.24

JK Rowling: I won’t forgive Harry Potter stars over pro-trans views The Times 11.04.24

JK Rowling lambasts Police Scotland over handling of Let Women Speak Edinburgh rally Scottish Daily Express 07.04.24

JK Rowling’s victory over Humza Yousaf’s hate crime laws is a victory for all women Suzanne Moore in The Telegraph 05.04.24

Humza Yousaf describes JK Rowling’s tweets as ‘offensive and upsetting’ as he reopens feud with author Scottish Daily Express 04.04.24

JK Rowling will not face prosecution under Scotland hate crime law The Times 02.04.24

Hate Crime Act: JK Rowling is standing up for free speech for all, including trans rights campaigners who despise her Euan McColm in The Scotsman 01.04.24

Rishi Sunak backs JK Rowling in trans arrest row with Scottish police The Telegraph 01.04.24

JK Rowling challenges police: Arrest me under Scottish hate crime law The Times 01.04.24

JK Rowling dares police to arrest her over SNP’s new hate crime law The Telegraph 01.04.24

JK Rowling on Scotland’s new hate crime law 01.01.24

JK Rowling has exposed Scotland’s descent into dystopia Julie Bindel in The Telegraph 21.03.24

J.K. Rowling Threatens ‘Harry Potter’ Fan With Lawsuit Over “Lies” Deadline 2o.03.24

India Willoughby’s JK Rowling complaint did not meet criminal threshold – police | Evening Standard media 09.03.24

JK Rowling and the tyranny of preferred pronouns Brendan O’Neill Spiked 06.03.24

JK Rowling’s heroism has exposed the cowardice of Britain’s ruling class The Telegraph 28.02.24

JK Rowling criticises trans cat killer being called woman The Telegraph 27.02.24

JK Rowling: Trans murderer Scarlet Blake is not a woman The Times 27.02.24

JK Rowling labels Guardian journalist ‘progressive misogynist’ The Telegraph 15.02.24

JK Rowling attacks feminist library for ‘shaming lesbians’ The Times 03.02.24

J K Rowling’s critics keep getting humiliated Julie Bindel in The Telegraph 16.01.24

The myth of JK Rowling’s ‘heart of darkness’ Jo Bartosch in UnHerd 16.01.24

JK Rowling: I’ll happily go to prison for women’s rights The Times 18.10.23

JK Rowling blasts Lisa Nandy as ‘one of the biggest reasons’ women don’t trust Labour to ‘defend their rights’, after the MP said trans rapists should be allowed to serve sentences in female-only prisons Mail 11.10.23

Graham Linehan is right. These Harry Potter stars will regret their betrayal of JK Rowling The Telegraph 03.10.23

The smear campaign against JK Rowling Spiked 09.08.23

JK Rowling: Helping children change gender is medical scandal The Times 29.03.23

JK Rowling: Young teenagers unable to make decisions about transitioning The Times 07.03.23

JK Rowling: Attempts to silence me are a warning to other women The Telegraph 28.02.23

How I made a podcast with JK Rowling in her Scottish castle The Times 20.02.23

JK Rowling is no transphobe – and I should know Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 18.02.23

JK Rowling accuses Labour of letting down trans row MP Rosie Duffield The Times 23.01.23

Rape Crisis stands by trans survivors after JK Rowling opens single-sex centre The Times 13.12.22

JK Rowling criticised for launching ‘discriminatory’ women-only service for sex abuse victims Independent 12.12.22

JK Rowling attacks Labour over support for Nicola Sturgeon’s gender bill The Telegraph 27.11.22

JK Rowling hits out at ‘First Feminist’ Sturgeon over trans laws The Times 11.11.22

JK Rowling praises SNP’s Ash Regan for resigning over gender reform The Times 31.10.22

JK Rowling: Sturgeon is deaf to women’s concerns over gender ID The Times 14.10.22

JK Rowling backs women’s rights campaigners rallying outside Holyrood Mail 06.10.22

Composer suspended over tweet backing Rowling’s gender views The Times 08.09.22

JK Rowling condemns masked pro trans mob after violent clashes in Brighton at ‘Let Women Speak’ event: Two people are arrested as activists throw smoke bombs and hurl abuse during demo by women’s right’s campaigners Mail 18.09.20

Publishing needs JK Rowling to be a monster Victoria Smith in The Critic 06.09.22

My culture war with JK Rowling is fiction, says the Chocolat writer Joanne Harris The Times 17.08.22

JK Rowling attacks Chocolat author over ‘betrayal’ in gender row The Times 16.08.22

From Rushdie to Rowling – how identity politics turned violent Brendan O’Neill in Spiked 15.08.22

‘You are next’: JK Rowling receives death threat after supporting stabbed author Salman Rushdie LBC 13.08.22

As her foolish critics even cancel Quidditch, the kind of courage that JK Rowling displays is a rare and precious thing Louise Perry 26.07.22

Karren Brady defends JK Rowling over controversial tweet ‘Don’t want my rights eroded’ Express 25.07.22

JK Rowling backs parents told disabled daughter did not have right to female-only care The Times 15.07.22

Dame Maureen Lipman, 76, backs JK Rowling over trans debate Mail 18.07.22

JK Rowling backs parents told disabled daughter did not have right to female-only care The Times 15.07.22

Police investigating JK Rowling death threat after trans activist urged Twitter users to send bomb to author’s home Mail 03.07.22

Women like JK Rowling have been vilified and abused. Now it’s clear they speak for the majority The Telegraph 18.06.22

JK Rowling defends girl ‘driven out of school for questioning trans ideology’ The Times 17.05.22

JK Rowling backs feminist campaigner who was ‘assaulted’ by balaclava-clad trans activists The Telegraph 16.05.22

JK Rowling mocks trans protesters for scoring a ‘hilarious own goal’ Mail 15.05.22

Brian Cox slams ‘deeply unjust’ treatment of JK Rowling over trans row: ‘It is total fascism’ Metro 06.05.22

JK Rowling tweets image of ‘white, bearded, Stonewall-approved lesbian’ after facing fury for sharing snap of ‘inspirational’ black lesbian lawyer friend Allison Bailey as she begins court battle with controversial LGBT charity Mail 26.04.22

JULIE BINDEL: What the new book fantasising about the death of JK Rowling tells us about the sickening hypocrisy of publishers today Mail 23.04.22

Transgender writer Gretchen Felker-Martin kills off JK Rowling in horror novel The Times 22.04.22

JK Rowling joins ladies who lunch and laugh off trans fury The Times 12.04.22

Why JK Rowling became the face of the culture war The Times 07.04.22

Even Twitter is ganging up on JK Rowling Joan Smith at UnHerd 04.04.22

Twitter allows Trans attack on JK Rowling  The Times 04.04.22

J.K. Rowling Backs Warning Against Immediately Affirming Gender Dysphoria Newsweek 02.04.22

Row as BBC Radio 4 presenter ‘brackets’ JK Rowling alongside sex offenders Mail 02.04.22

I stand with JK Rowling — women need space in which to be women Nimco Ali 24.03.22

Care about the trans debate? Ask yourself this question  James Kirkup in The Spectator 14.03.22

JK Rowling rounds on Keir Starmer over gender The Times 13.03.22

JK Rowling: Keir Starmer misrepresents equalities law by saying ‘trans women are women’ The Telegraph 12.03.22

JK Rowling finally reaches peak trans (possibly also having three Weetabix for breakfast)

JK Rowling says Labour sees women as ‘they who must not be named’ The Times 09.03.22



And my favourite is her response to the execrable handmaid Laurie Penny: JK Rowling brings down the hammer of the gods…and Laurie Penny pays the piper The Glinner Update 07.03.22

JK Rowling is too big to cancel – so now the Left wants to pretend she never existed Suzanne Moore at The Telegraph 22.02.22

Film producers plan ‘woke’ Harry Potter series which would see trans female cast as the wizard’s mother amid JK Rowling gender row Mail 15.01.22
J.K. Rowling and the death of nuance James Kirkup in The Spectator 05.01.22

School erases JK Rowling over transgender views The Times 05.01.22

Gender code akin to 1984, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling says The Times 30.12.21

‘Trans activists threatened to BOMB my studio’: Lesbian entrepreneur gets ‘daily death and rape threats’ after JK Rowling plugged her feminist T-shirts on Twitter (but thanks author for sending her sales ‘through the roof’) Mail 29.12.21

Let’s celebrate the bravery of JK Rowling Janice Turner in The Times 24.12.21

US quidditch leagues to change name in effort to break from JK Rowling Guardian 20.12.21

So much for gratitude: The Harry Potter stars and Hollywood studio who owe their fortunes to JK Rowling’s genius have turned on her. But like her refusal to be cowed by trans extremists, she’s not taking their attempt to cancel her lying down Mail 17.12.21

The attacks on J.K. Rowling only prove her point The Spectator 16.12.21

JK Rowling is right to call out Police Scotland’s transgender nonsense Debbie Hayton in The Spectator 15.12.21

JK Rowling attacks ‘Orwellian’ transgender rape policy The Times 13.12.21

Troll GP likened JK Rowling to Jimmy Savile Mail 02.12.21

REVEALED: The middle-class actress who let trans hate mob loose on JK Rowling Mail 26.11.21

JK Rowling hails For Women Scotland in trans row The Times 24.11.21

The sinister stunt against JK Rowling Julie Bindel 23.11.21

JK Rowling’s address posted on Twitter by trans activists The Times 23.11.21

JK Rowling trans row: Downing Street condemns gender activists GB News 22.11.21

Why the targeting of J.K.Rowling is so terrifying Posie Parker in The Spectator 22.11.21

JK Rowling exposes Twitter troll’s pipe bomb threat The Times 20.07.21

Literary festival’s Harry Potter quiz vanishes in row over JK Rowling gender remarks The Times 03.05.21

BAI complaint over JK Rowling ‘transphobia’ accusation upheld Irish Times 15.04.21

Transgender critics slam BBC for naming JK Rowling’s blog on sex and gender on good writing prize list Mail 30.12.20

JK Rowling urges end to ‘climate of fear’ around trans debate The Telegraph 09.12.20

Etsy bans craft-maker from selling ‘I love JK Rowling’ items that ‘promote hatred’… while promoting badges and cards carrying slogan ‘F*** JK Rowling’ Mail 08.10.20

I’ve read JK Rowling’s ‘transphobic’ new crime novel. I’m transgender & sensitive to such abuse – but there is NONE in this book Debbie Hayton 11.10.20

Literati rally to JK Rowling’s defence in row over Cormoran Strike book The Sunday Times 27.09.20

JK Rowling’s new thriller takes No 1 spot amid transphobia row Guardian 23.09.20

Amazon, a serial killer of authors’ reputations The Sunday Times 20.09.20

Trans activists deluge JK Rowling’s new Cormoran Strike book with bad reviews The Sunday Times 20.09.20

Making a demon of JK Rowling is a wretched sport, born of misogyny and resentment
Catherine Bennett in The Guardian 20.09.20

Now they want to burn JK Rowling’s books Brendan O’Neill  16.09.20

Video: JK Rowling and the Vicious Smear Campaign The State Media 16.09.20

Row over JK Rowling’s new novel on ‘transvestite killer’ The Times 15.09.20

Trans activists hate Rowling because she’s a woman James Kirkup 15.09.20

Row over JK Rowling’s new novel on ‘transvestite killer’ The Times 15.09.20

J.K. Rowling’s latest novel isn’t ‘transphobic’ Nick Cohen in The Spectator 13.09.20

Rowling poster removed from Waverley station despite zero public complaints The Times 12.09.20

JK Rowling returns human rights award to group that denounces her trans views Guardian 28.08.20

The genius of the ‘I ♥ JK Rowling’ stunt Jo Bartosch 31.07.20

The Mystery of the Disappearing JK Rowling Poster Lily Maynard 30.07.20

Network Rail’s cowardly JK Rowling decision Stephen Daisley 30.07.20

JK Rowling: Edinburgh rail station advert in support of author removed The Times 30.07.20

Children’s news website apologises to JK Rowling over trans tweet row Guardian 23.07.20

Our apology to JK Rowling over transphobia allegations The Day 22.07.20

Strategic Ignorance and JK Rowling Graham Linehan 21.07.20

Harry Potter books prove UK lockdown hit despite JK Rowling trans rights row Guardian 21.07.20

Sex, gender and gender identity: a re-evaluation of the evidence Cambridge Care 21.07.20

Blood on her hands: JK Rowling’s Edinburgh handprints vandalised with red paint  Edinburgh Live 13.07.20

The folly of begging to differ with JK’s right to disagree Euan McColm in The Scotsman 11.07.20

Why feminists like me stand with JK Rowling in trans rights row Susan Dalgety in The Scotsman 11.07.20

Harry Potter and the curse of cancel culture — why JK Rowling was disowned by a generation The Times 09.07.20

JK Rowling’s stance against the thought police The Communists 09.07.20

As a trans woman, parent and teacher, I say JK Rowling is absolutely right; it’s child abuse to push kids towards changing sex Debbie Hayton 07.07.20

How J. K. Rowling Became Voldemort Helen Lewis 07.07.20

JK Rowling’s treatment is a grim sign of how Twitter mobs have poisoned our cultural life Telegraph 06.07.20

JK Rowling compares trans treatment to gay conversion therapy The Times 06.07.20

Best-selling children’s author Gillian Phillip is sacked – after adding hashtag ‘I stand with JK Rowling’ to her Twitter handle amid bitter row over transgender rights  Mail 05.07.20

Proposed new law could make JK Rowling a criminal Herald 02.07.20

J.K. Rowling’s lonely fight for women’s rights Ayaan Hirsi Ali 25.06.20

Transgender author who quit agency says JK Rowling ‘in with wrong crowd’ The Times 25.06.20

An apology to JK Rowling Petra Bueskens 23.06.20

Authors spit dummy and resign from Rowling’s literary agents Maria MacLachlan 23.06.20

Authors quit JK Rowling agency over transgender rights Guardian 22.06.20

Video: JK Rowling Said I Am Biologically Male Blaire White 19.06.20

Video: Is JK Rowling Transphobic? Rose of Dawn 15.06.20

JK Rowling and the publisher’s staff revolt: Workers at publishing house Hachette threaten to down tools on her new children’s book because of her ‘transphobic’ views Mail 15.06.20

Neil Oliver: JK Rowling outrage is a load of hufflepuff that misses her point Sunday Times 14.06.20

JK Rowling: flood of tweets reverses Noma Dumezweni’s praise of author The Times 13.06.20

Why J.K. Rowling had to be denounced Douglas Murray 12.06.20

Speak up for J.K. Rowling Meghan Murphy 12.06.20

What the cancelling of JK Rowling is really about Alex Massie Spectator 12.06.20

Jameela Jamil And The Art of Victim Blaming Uncommon Uncommon Ground 12.06.20

To women: I apologise on behalf of the entertainment industry Graham Linehan 12.06.20

JK Rowling: Trolls rain down curses, misogyny and sexual threats The Times 12.06.20

Why I Stand With J.K. Rowling: Words Matter Uncommon Ground 11.06.20

The Failed Silencing of J.K. Rowling Nicole Jones 11.06.20

Why abuse of JK Rowling is a problem for trans rights activists – Gina Davidson The Scotsman 11.06.20

The hounding of JK Rowling shows a society that has forgotten how to think Sarah Ditum Telegraph 11.06.20

Who decided that letting posh young actors police my womanhood was progress? Suzanne Moore in the Telegraph 11.06.20

How dare the Body Shop tell JK Rowling what to think Debbie Hayton The Spectator 11.06.20
The Times view on limiting free speech: Rowling is Right 10.06.20

J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues 10.06.20

J.K. Rowling Doubles Down On The Truth About Transgenderism: It Hurts Women Libby Emmons 10.06.20

JK Rowling and the trans activists: a story in screenshots 09.06.20

Video: Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull lays into Daniel Radcliffe 09.06.20

JK Rowling conjures trans Twitter storm The Times 08.06.20

I’m not anti-trans says JK Rowling Telegraph 08.06.20

JK Rowling and the road to terfdom James Kirkup 08.06.20

They Tried to Burn JK Rowling as a Witch and Got a Woman on Fire Instead Gender Heretics 07.06.20

The sexist crusade against JK Rowling Brendan O’Neill 07.06.20

JK Rowling is Right—Sex Is Real and It Is Not a “Spectrum” Colin Wright 07.06.20

J.K. Rowling and the Trojan horse of misogyny Tom Farr 07.06.20

Tara Flik Wolf mans up to JK Rowling Maria MacLachlan

JK Rowling mentioned me in a tweet and the shit hit the fan Maria MacLachlan 03.06.20

JK Rowling fell foul of transgender thought police by Debbie Hayton The Times 03.06.20

JK Rowling Does Not Have Time for Your Bullshit Gender Heresies 30.05.20

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