Why do women support trans rights?

Over the past six years I have attended numerous meetings concerned with women’s rights and the threat posed to them by transgender ideology.

In the unlikely event that any of those in thrall to said ideology had even started reading this post, I’m confident that a number will have stopped doing so on reading the words ‘transgender ideology’, muttering that “trans people aren’t an ideology” or some such thing. For those sticking around, let me explain: transgender ideology (also called just ‘gender ideology’ or ‘gender identity ideology’) refers to the belief that everyone has a gender identity, which is independent of and takes priority over one’s biological sex in determining whether one is, in fact, a man or a woman. In the case of men who claim to identify as women, it follows that they should be accepted as women by everyone in all circumstances and the same goes for women who claim to be men. Thus, it is not people who call themselves ‘transgender’ who are an ideology. The word ‘ideology’ refers to the belief that people can claim to be what they are not and that such claims should be taken seriously without any consideration of the costs to anyone else.

Of the meetings and events on this subject that I have attended, the majority have attracted noisy protests, where activists have gathered to try to intimidate, shout abuse and drown out the attendees, most of whom were women. At every event, the angry male protesters were joined by women who participated in the bullying and the abuse.

I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel disputing the claims of Matt Walsh and other conservative men that feminism is responsible for transgenderism. His reasoning seems to be that, because feminists argue that expectations of how women should think, behave and present themselves are largely socially constructed (and referred to as ‘gender’), some men are inevitably going to demand to be accepted as women and vice versa and it serves us right for being so bolshy as to reject limiting, regressive stereotypes of femininity in the first place.

I won’t repeat the points I made in my video, save for one:

Leaving aside the differences between various schools of feminist thought, the fundamental purpose of anyone’s feminism is, surely, to challenge, to combat and try to overcome whatever stands in the way of improving women’s lives and well-being, wherever we are disadvantaged. Any ideology that hurts women and girls isn’t feminism. This isn’t to deny that many women who call themselves feminists support and promote transgender ideology. I contend that those women shouldn’t call themselves feminists and that supporting gender self-ID isn’t feminism.

Contrary to what some suggest, this is not the No True Scotsman fallacy, which occurs when you generalise about a group of people and exclude from the group, anyone who has a quality or trait or does something that doesn’t fit your generalisation. If I say, “no true Scotsman, even if he were born and raised in Scotland of Scottish parents, would put sugar on his porridge,” you can see why it’s ridiculous – why it’s fallacious.

But if I say, “no true vegan would drink cows’ milk”, that is not ridiculous and it’s not fallacious because the definition of a vegan is someone who chooses not to consume or make use of any animal products.

If you accept that the basic definition of a feminist is someone who supports women’s social, economic and political rights then, surely, no true feminist would support the right of men to declare themselves women, given the negative impact this can have on women (not to mention children and gay men).

So why do they support so-called ‘trans rights’?

From the fauxminists, as I call them, I’ve seen only one answer, which is that those men who claim to be women are indeed women – a kind of woman – because that is their ‘gender identity’ and that is what matters. That they are male and that the majority are heterosexual doesn’t matter; that the majority do not have genital surgery doesn’t matter; that most have a natural physical advantage over most women in sporting competitions doesn’t matter; that most are easily discernible as male and, as such, likely to cause discomfort and alarm if they access female-only spaces, doesn’t matter; that a great many manifest male-typical behaviours doesn’t matter.

Their female supporters prioritise the feelings of a small but ever-growing number of men over those of most women and no true feminist would do that unless they are using a redefinition of the word ‘feminism’, much as they use a redefinition of the word ‘woman’ to the circular, incoherent and meaningless “anyone who identifies as one”, which isn’t a definition at all.

However, I am less interested in discussing the definition of feminism than I am in trying to understand why any woman – whether she calls herself a feminist or not – supports gender ideology.

I have a few ideas – some of them informed by women who once supported what they called “trans rights” and no longer do – and I intend to talk about them in a video I am planning to make very soon. My opinions are unlikely to find favour with those women who still consider themselves to be ‘trans allies’ but I have arrived at them in the absence of any input from such women themselves and am open to changing them in light of their explanations. I have repeatedly posted an invitation on X (formerly Twitter) for women who support gender self-ID to give their reasons. Not a single one has availed herself of the opportunity to enlighten me, so this post is my last-ditch attempt at drawing an explanation from any of them for the following:

Why are you OK with male-bodied people being permitted to crush the dreams of young sportswomen by competing in women’s sports and winning the titles and honours that female athletes have trained hard for?

Why are you OK with men being appointed or elected to positions originally intended to increase female representation and address the specific issues affecting women?

Why are you OK with men calling themselves ‘lesbians’ and hijacking lesbian social groups and dating apps?

Why are you OK with boys and men accessing the public toilets and changing rooms designated for females, when doing so makes girls and women feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and unsafe?

Why are you OK with violent men – including rapists – being incarcerated in the female estate?

Why are you OK with physically healthy children being turned into lifelong medical patients and given interventions with potentially very serious effects on their health as well as resulting in sterility?

Why are you OK with young people, who’ve yet to reach full maturity, drastically changing their healthy bodies with irreversible surgeries?

And, finally, do you really believe that those of us who are not OK with any of the above are bigots whom it’s OK to try to threaten, intimidate into silence, cancel, shout over, get banned from social media, fired from our jobs and assault?

I’m hoping for serious, thoughtful responses that will make me reconsider the evidence I have accumulated over the past six years and, if I get any, I will include them in the video I am planning to make.

But I won’t hold my breath.


Published 30.12.23

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  • Julie Burchill uses the term ‘Vichy feminists’ which I think is rather appropriate.

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