Transcript of Transgender ideology: Awful argument 7 – “It’s all your fault!”

Hi everyone, I’m Maria MacLachlan and this is the seventh video in my series about bad arguments by trans activists. I really thought I’d finished with toilets but there was one argument I forgot because, thankfully, I don’t see it too often and that is because it is so unbelievably stupid and dishonest. But it cropped up again recently – it will turn up from time to time – so I’ll say something about it.

Actually the first time I saw this nonsense was in a tweet a couple of years ago and it wasn’t made then in relation to toilets – as it usually is – but I’ve never forgotten it because it blew my mind and it’s still there on the Tweeter’s timeline so I found it and screen-capped it.

Further tweets from this person, who is in New York City, by, tell us that this alleged incident happened in *checks notes* Leicester, England and judging by the time it was tweeted, it would have happened at around midnight. Now, it could just be the way she tells the story but it doesn’t sound remotely plausible does it? Apart from the first sentence. Yes, a random drunk man may have behaved in a threatening manner towards someone walking alone late at night. But pulled a knife on her? Not to demand money or to molest her – he demanded to know if she’s a man or a woman so she showed him her vagina?

Some people took this story at face value and said, ‘Oh poor woman, how terrible, is she OK?’ etc, etc. The rest mocked it as mercilessly as it deserves. A lot of people commented about the difficulty of showing one’s vagina from a standing position but let’s not go there.

The local police, by the way, the following day publicly confirmed that no such incident had been reported to them, which you would surely do at the first opportunity if it happened to you to give them a chance to catch the weirdo.

Obviously the thing that is beyond the pale about this tweet are the words ‘Fuck you TERFs’. Not ‘Fuck you entitled men’,  or drunkards or violent hoodlums. ‘Fuck you TERFs’ as if it has anything to do with those of us who are Truly Exceptional Real Feminists. As if we are to blame.


In a later tweet she says of her friend:

 So to sum up, a woman gets attacked and degraded by a man because we insist that a woman is an adult human female and that men – whatever they call themselves – should keep out of our spaces? I presume that’s what she means by ‘TERF bullshit’, otherwise I don’t know what she could possibly mean.

Before I move on, I’d like to say that I don’t think the tweeter in this case made up this story. I believe it was fabricated by her friend in Leicester, who does in fact exist.  I’ve done my research and the friend is a self-described butch lesbian who hates TERFs and that’s all I’m going to say about her…for the moment.

But this leads me to my next anecdote, which is about an alleged incident in a Ladies room in a Walmart store in Connecticut in the spring of 2016 – note the date – which involved this young woman, Aimee Toms, who was supposedly told by a woman she shouldn’t be in the Ladies room and she was disgusting. This story featured in several newspapers, including the Mail and some fringe TV shows after Aimee’s video rant went viral.

Here’s a short clip of that rant.

So this unidentified woman, could not conceive of the possibility that a young person with short hair wearing unisex clothes and a baseball cap in a Ladies toilet in Connecticut was female. Not even when she turned around spoke in her very girly voice from her heavily made-up face on top of her female shape.

What a load of cobblers.

And what makes this story even dafter is the suggestion that the woman didn’t mistake Aimee for a young man who’d maybe wandered into the Ladies room by mistake. Aimee is convinced that this woman thought she was transgender, mistook her for a trans-identifying male with evil intent. And people who should know better picked up that story and ran with it.

Why? Why on earth would she think Aimee is trans? And if she wasn’t acting suspiciously – Aimee, I mean – why would this other person think that this supposed ‘transgender person’ had gone into the Ladies to hide out in there, presumably to then do something bad? It makes no sense…except that further on in the video Aimee gives a spiel about how awful it must be for trans people to be challenged and trans rights are human rights, etc, etc.

I think she fabricated the whole thing with the best of intentions. There may be a seed of truth as with the first story, that woman may have been accosted by a drunkard, that happens all the time I’m sure and Aimee may have been challenged by some myopic woman in the Ladies who thought Aimee was a boy and they just elaborated on the stories because they want to do their bit for poor, marginalized and oppressed men who want to be accepted as women and then they’d be able to bask in the warm glow of woke male approval.

Here’s another one. 


Mhairi Black,  who is an SNP MP – Scottish National Party Member of Parliament – claims she has been challenged when entering female toilets and not once but several times. She hasn’t said where this has happened or who challenged her nor on what grounds but she offers this claim as a reason why she supports gender self-ID and leaves us to join the dots. So the implication seems to be that she was challenged people who thought she was male and shouldn’t be in female toilets and that would have been a very unpleasant experience, of course, and she doesn’t want trans people to have to go through the same experience, which is very noble I’m sure. But I don’t believe for a second that anyone has ever mistaken Mhairi Black for being male. It happens to some women, it didn’t happen to her. She looks and sounds female – why would anyone doubt think she isn’t?

Now look at this.

What a balloon! Full of hot air. The only remotely manly thing about Mhairi Black is her total lack of empathy for other women but note the politician’s mendacity. A woman’s assertion that she won’t share intimate spaces with men is immediately twisted into wanting a room all to herself so that Black can act all sanctimonious. Does she think we’re all bampots or something? Of course that’s not how the world works – nobody wants it to work like that! How it works is that certain spaces are sex-segregated and most of us like it that way and you, Mhairi Black, are trying to change it because you don’t care about women and you think that men can be women just because they say they are, which makes you the bampot!

Not all such anecdotes are fabricated. Sometimes they are true.

In the spring of 2016, which happens to be when a so-called bathroom bill was enacted in North Carolina, a video showing a gender non-conforming woman being bullied by police was circulated with the narrative that it took place in North Carolina and was a consequence of the new bathroom legislation.

According to the fact-checking website Snopes, the location probably wasn’t North Carolina and the video was in fact posted on social media in 2015 – well before the bathroom bill debacle – and could be even older.

I think that what probably happened on that occasion is that the non-conforming woman was bullied by police because they didn’t like her bossy attitude and demeanour not – not because they thought she wasn’t female.

I think a similar thing happened with this 16-year-old lesbian in McDonald’s in Hull, England also in the spring of 2016 as the bathroom bill debates were raging across the pond. She says she was asked to leave MacDonald’s because she’d used the ladies toilet because staff thought she was a boy. MacDonald’s management – and the police actually – tell it differently. It doesn’t matter. This is a typical comment that was made on Twitter about it.

Bathroom bills inevitably lead here? How?

Butch women sometimes get mistaken for men – always have done, probably always will do. It happens to friends of mine and it has nothing to do with bathroom bills or anti-trans prejudice. At worst, it has to do with being ignorant and maybe being lesbophobic but oftentimes it’s a genuine and harmless mistake that embarrasses the person who makes it more than anyone else.

Right. So here is Lindsay Broadwell, a self-described butch lesbian who is a Labour Councillor in…*checks notes*… Leicester! If you happen to google her name, you’ll see that she has quite a colourful life. She has encountered at least one knife-wielding maniac in recent years but that’s not relevant here. It wasn’t by anyone asking her sex on that occasion.

I’ve no idea what she is talking about here or how you even do that – ‘use lesbians as a prop to go after trans people’. Unless she is talking about the complaints coming from lesbians themselves about their erasure as a group defined as female homosexuals because heterosexual men are claiming to be lesbians and some are even expecting genuine lesbian women to have sex with them.

Why would she think any of these unhappy experiences she claims to have endured would be a result of transphobia rather than lesbophobia? She doesn’t explain it and now she has deleted the tweet. Maybe she’s realised it’s not a good look for a Labour councillor to say something so irrational.

It makes no sense whatsoever to blame those us who won’t pander to such absurdities as that men can be women for the fact that butch-looking women are sometimes mistaken for men – especially given that so many Totally Enthusiastic Real Feminists are butch lesbians. It is just typical that the gender cultists – which shamefully also includes some lesbians – should try to pin this one on us.

But of course, they do.

The woman behind and on the right of this photo is the handmaid extraordinaire who runs the Twitter account called ‘Hetty Spoon’. On the left, we are told, is her wife who, facially can very easily be mistaken for a man – at least in that photo. We don’t, of course, see her height, her shape, her hands, her neck, we may not notice there is no shadow… no sign of facial hair closely – at least I assume there isn’t, I haven’t analysed the photo closely – and we don’t hear her voice. I can’t explain what appears to be male-pattern balding but there are a quite few physical differences between men and women generally that the cultists seem to be in denial about, which leads them to say absolutely ridiculous things like this.

Yes, of course the only way to tell if someone is male or female is to rummage in their pants.

Going back to her first tweet, you may be wondering what she means by Stock’s claim that her wife is acceptable collateral damage in our war on trans women. I wondered the same but it was easy enough to discover that it is a reference to something said in an article published on Medium last year by philosopher professor Kathleen Stock, co-written with five other feminist academics – I mean real academics, not gender studies. It was entitled: Doing better in arguments about sex, gender, and trans rights.  (Edited to add: I don’t mention this in the video but I blogged about this article here.)

I said at the time that the article would be way over the heads of most trans activists and so it proved to be. I’m going to read the part where it supposedly says Hetty’s “Viking love goddess” of a wife or whatever is acceptable collateral damage:

Given the occasional fallibility of our capacity to sex others, arguing for same-sex spaces for females, such as bathrooms, dormitories, and changing rooms, means that sometimes, females in those spaces will be missexed; and sometimes, males in those spaces will not be perceived as such. We see the former as a regrettable cost that has to be balanced against, and is nonetheless smaller than, the greater harms to females, should women-only space effectively become unisex via a policy of self-ID. 

So Kathleen Stock et al are being open and honest about the fact that we sometimes get it wrong. Not often but it happens and they are making the argument that, though this is regrettable, it is not as bad as what can happen to women and girls were we to allow men access to women’s spaces.

That is an argument that Hetty Spoon and every other handmaid with their head up the trans cult’s arse totally ignores.

After all, the harms to females are just things like more perverts hiding cameras in toilets to spy on women, more ten-year-olds and septuagenarians being sexually assaulted,

But what does any of that matter compared to the indignity of a gender non-conforming woman being asked to produce ID or a trans-identifying man not being validated as the woman he claims to be?

As I said at the start, I don’t see this stupidity too often but there are many more examples than I have included here and it’s sickening that these anecdotes whether real or imagined or hypothetical as mooted by Hetty Thingummy’s wife, come from women who are misusing them to target feminists with hate and as propaganda against legislating for sex-segregated public toilets.

Now that is not something I am necessarily in favour of, by the way. I think it would be extremely difficult to get any such legislation right, given that – what I said in the last video – I don’t think that trans-identifying females who pass as men should be forced to use women’s spaces if they’d rather be in the Men’s Room, good luck to them. This isn’t about equality – or at least not equality in the sense of giving everybody the same. It is about giving people what they need and what women need is privacy and safety from men and if trans-identifying men feel they need that too, it shouldn’t be at our expense.

If schools, businesses, public services, local authorities, whatever care about women and girls, they will provide us with female-only toilets and changing rooms, whatever the law says, otherwise they are likely to run into problems sooner or later.

OK, I know this video has been a bit rambling. I’ve depended a lot on anecdotes and other people’s videos and it’s a bit long but to sum up what I’ve tried to show here is that, in order to further their agenda advancing transgender rights at the expense of women and girls, trans activists will do any or all of the following.

  1. They will fabricate implausible scenarios and blame TERFs;
  2. They will take things that have actually happened – like videos that went viral – and attribute to them false narratives;
  3. They will come up with bizarre hypothetical situations about people having to show their genitals to prove what sex they are.
  4. They will blame people they call ‘transphobes’ but who are actually mostly people who don’t care what trans people do, as long as the ones that are born male, leave women alone, stay out of our spaces, sports, etc.
  5. They will completely disregard and misrepresent what women are saying and our legitimate concerns about being forced to share spaces with men.

Shame on them.

That’s all for now. Thanks for watching. Bye.


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