Trans activist bullies who “didn’t watch” my video about them hated it

So I made this hour-long video to put on the front page of this site for posterity and I have now made an abridged version, which can be seen here.

After enduring a tsunami of abuse, falsehoods and defamation over the past twenty-seven months, my main aim in making these videos is simply to get the truth about my assault by trans activists at Speakers’ Corner in September 2017 out there.

I’ve done this by using the videos taken at the location, zooming in and slowing down on the crucial scenes. This tends to be a more satisfactory way of showing what actually happened than selecting stills and adding to them a false narrative in the hope that people are stupid enough to believe it.

It’s a shame that many are but, fortunately, most people without a dog in the fight are inclined to believe more of the truth than the fantasy version concocted by a certain trans activist – especially after seeing the actual footage. This is why the defence – which was based on the original fantasy version with embellishments added by others – was rejected by District Judge Kenneth Grant.

However, that same judge did accept part of the false testimonies cooked up by defence witnesses for which there was no evidence whatsoever. This is an important part of the reason I made the video, which undermines the testimonies of Kat Higgins, Ananya Jaidev, Laurel Uziell and Devawn Wilkinson in the eyes of all but the most beguiled devotee of this iniquitous pseudo-cult.

I’m not aware of any trans activist who admits to watching very much of the video bar this one, who is transgender and whose comment made me laugh.

OK, it’s just another dude literally mansplaining why I can’t possibly be a feminist but, all the same, what labyrinthine thought process produced the idea that no feminist would call a man who thumps a woman and runs away ‘sissy’, which literally means ‘cowardly little fucker’?

And if that’s your only comment after watching fifteen minutes of the video, I’d say you’re the one with the weird problem. Literally.







In fact, all the trans activists who saw fit to comment helpfully gave credence to what I say about them in the video, specifically this:

When I use the term ‘trans activists’, I mean people who promote transgender ideology, whether they describe themselves as transgender or queer or as trans allies or whatever.

And by trans ideology, I mean certain silly and potentially harmful ideas that flow from the nonsensical core tenet that someone who was born male can actually be a woman, can be female even and vice versa for someone who was born female.

Obviously not all trans people go along with this falsehood because many are too intelligent or too honest or both.

Whereas trans activists are stupid or dishonest and usually both.

Apparently, a lot of people were offended by this explanation of what I mean by the term ‘trans activist’. I’ll hazard a guess that it was this bit that provoked complaints to youtube, after which the site put some kind of age restriction on the video as if that’s going to make a difference to anything.

Looking at the reasons why such restrictions may be placed on uploaded videos, my best guess is that some of the foul content of the trans activists’ tweets was deemed unsuitable for minors. Quite right too.

Judging by a few comments I’ve seen, what offended them was that I am describing an “entire community” thus. Well, yes, I am. As long as we are clear that the community in question are only those who promote transgender ideology whether they are trans or not, then that is a description I stand by. I mean, look at the kind of nonsense trans ideologues say.

Present a reasoned and evidence-based argument of how someone born male can actually be a woman – even female – using coherent, non-circular definitions of the crucial terms ‘woman’ and ‘female’ and I will revise my position. I’m afraid simply saying “it’s all very complex” or “pick up a biology book” doesn’t cut it. What is happening in the real world is crystal clear and there is a wealth of evidence on this site that men who are behaving in stereotypically macho, thuggish ways are claiming to be women and women are getting hurt in the process.

Two of my favourite responses because they so typify trans cultist thinking were these:

Posting tweets that are unashamedly defamatory and abusive to prove that they are defamatory and abusive is “wanting to vilify” them? “Making claims about them”? Needs some other kind of evidence other than the defamatory abusive tweets themselves? Oh, how the stupidity burns!

Surprisingly, the individual responsible for the concocted narrative had an almighty tantrum over the video, even though he claims to have only listened to a few minutes of it.

My least favourite comment is the first one in a thread of typically defamatory and abusive comments, the whole of which can be seen here.

Obviously I take strong exception to the allegation of racism.  There is not one iota of evidence that I am or ever have been racist. This is an outright lie from someone who makes a habit of telling them. As I say in the original video, the man has no conscience.

I don’t know what the dolt means by ‘used being a humanist’. You don’t need to be a humanist to attack religion and as religions – rather like trans ideology – depend on personal faith, they are legitimate subjects of criticism. All beliefs are – including mine.

However, my criticisms have focused on harmful things said and done by fundamentalists, which they have justified on the basis of their beliefs. Here, for example, is a blog I wrote about a couple of Christians who relied on the power of prayer – rather than get medical assistance – for their seriously ill child, who died as a result of their negligence. Here is one I wrote about the burqa, which I describe as a symbol of oppression and an insult to every woman who has ever struggled for justice and equality. In the distant past, I also spent many a happy hour arguing with Young Earth Creationists and other Bible literalists.

Both Christianity and Islam are, of course, ‘foreign’ religions. I don’t recall ever having said anything about Anglo-Saxon paganism. But how interesting that this man apparently thinks such fundamentalist and abhorrent beliefs should be ring-fenced from criticism, while reserving the right to defame and abuse women whose opinions he doesn’t like.

None of the tweets in his tantrum thread are likely to disabuse anyone of the idea that he is a narcissistic bully. In fact, we should be thankful to him for demonstrating the fact so clearly.

In particular, he tells us that he thinks a physical attack is a perfectly reasonable reaction to someone filming a bunch of fascist thugs who’ve come to shout at and intimidate a group of peaceful, law-abiding citizens in a place famous for free speech.

He even repeats one of the falsehoods he invented the day after the assault, that I was supposedly abusing people on Facebook the previous day, even though in my blog about the assault I linked to the screenshot that I took of the entire conversation, which shows this to be just another whopper.

Every allegation he has ever made about me – not only in that thread but in dozens of other Tweets he’s made over the last twenty-seven months – is a total fabrication. Thanks to the efforts of similarly vile, trans activist bullies, I was banned from Twitter over a year ago and have no other public social media. I’m not the one who’s been “banging on” about Speakers’ Corner – he is. So his excuse for why he posted a new video attacking me on the two-year anniversary of the assault, doesn’t wash.  In any event, if I want to talk publicly about something that happened to me, I will do so regardless of him or any other crackpot trying to shut me up.

Just to be clear – everything I have ever said about him on this website is supported by the evidence produced by him. He cannot say the same and yet last year he had the gall to email me this:

“But let me make myself very clear once and for all, we fell out, but this is now bordering on a campaign of harassment, you have multiple mentions of me on this blog and various insults.

But this is far beyond that, this is flat out malicious defamation. I will be seeking legal advice for malicious communications, defamation and harassment at the beginning of next week, you have the weekend to remove these baseless lies, I couldn’t give a toss about you sharing my tweets or having an opinion of me, but I will not put up with the baseless lies and the whole ‘honey badger’ bullshit.”

Evidently he is someone who can dish it out but can’t take it. The word ‘sissy’ springs to mind.

Oh and don’t let the phrase “we fell out” lead you to think we were ever friends. The very first I knew of his existence was when he came charging into the Facebook conversation the day before Speakers’ Corner – see link above – and called me, a “raging terf imbecile” and a “moron”.

The page he was objecting to in the email is this one about the troll who called himself ‘Honey Badger’ amongst other things and who’d left dozens of abusive comments on many feminist blogs. He first appeared on this site below my blog post taking down a stupid piece he wrote on Medium. He seems to think I’m alleging that he and ‘Honey Badger’ are the same person but, as he didn’t specify what wording he objected to and expected me to take down the whole damn page without any reciprocal offer for his actual defamatory comments about me, I took the threat with a pinch of salt and the purchase of a new irony-meter after the one I had exploded when I read the accusation that I was the one telling malicious and baseless lies.

Anyway, I am delighted that so many people watched the video to the end and to have seen so many positive comments about it. I particularly appreciate the comments of Fionne Orlander not least because they obviously annoyed the hell out of my tormentor.

Fionne is one of an increasing number of trans people that I’ve seen putting their heads above the parapet. Two years ago I counted them on one hand. Not any more.

I thank everyone who watched and commented publicly on the video – including those who literally handed me the stick with which to beat you. As I said in the video, I will never stop calling out the despicable behaviour of trans activists.

As you will know if you’ve seen the video, I include in it dozens of examples of the defamatory falsehoods and unsupportable accusations they have made over the past two years and three months. I have now uploaded many of them to this page of this site but there are plenty more to add.

To those who are interested in what happened at Speakers’ Corner but prefer to give the cultists’ behaviour a miss – I hope you give the abridged version a go instead.

Published 18.01.20

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2 Responses to Trans activist bullies who “didn’t watch” my video about them hated it

  • I am so sorry that you have been treated this way. I am in the US and live in Virginia. I am a liberal, albeit, Center Left. Our State just became “Blue” with the Democrats winning the majority in all branches of govt. here. One State Senator has authored bills to allow men in women’s sports, changing your sex on Birth Certificates without any medical intervention (just a signed document) and being able to have “M” “F” “X” or “Other” on your driver’s license. The impact of this is far-reaching. All Small Loans, scholarships, grants…any opportunities that have been hard-won by women will be eliminated and given to men who say they are women just by “identifying.” This is legal fraud! I have had friends call me a TERF, a Bigot, Racist, unfriend me from FB, etc. I have been a liflong liberal and always fought for others’ rights and I still do, but this is not UNICORN WORLD. WE ar NOT in a reality TV show or a video game. We are NOT mythical creatures that can “Transform” when we please. I am very concerned. Thanks for your courage. You inspire me and you are not alone. Peace! <3

  • Well done Maria, you always have my support. x

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