This is beyond satire, Woke Britain. Look out or you’ll render me obsolete Rod Liddle in The Times 24.03.19

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“I don’t think I can do this much longer: it’s too dispiriting. Every week I sit down to write this column and rack my brains for ways of lampooning Woke Britain. And every week Woke Britain gazumps me by doing something so fabulously absurd that any attempt at satire is rendered otiose.

Last week it was reported that an Iranian asylum seeker was refused entry to this country because the Home Office considered his religion too violent. Ah, good, you might be thinking: at last they’re getting to grips with those jihadists. You’d be wrong. This man is a Christian. A convert from Islam. The immigration officials wrote back to him insisting that the Holy Bible was “filled with imagery of revenge, destruction, death and violence”, and quoted a few verses of Revelation for good measure.

Never mind that the UK is, through our culture and constitution, a Christian country. Never mind, either, that the penalty for apostasy in Iran can be death, by hanging, shooting, stoning or being pushed off a “high place”. There are lots of things the state will kill you for in Iran, probably including wearing joke false breasts in front of an ayatollah. But apostasy is just about the worst.

This poor bloke wasn’t the first Iranian Christian to be denied entry to this country because of his faith. Another was told by the same idiots: “You affirmed in your asylum interview record that Jesus is your saviour, but then claimed that He would not be able to save you from the Iranian regime. It is therefore considered that you have no conviction in your faith and your belief in Jesus is half-hearted.”

I promise you I haven’t made this up. It is where we have got to with our self-flagellating hatred of our own culture. The Home Office is now reconsidering.

Or how about this? Tell me which of the two people in the following scenario should be about to get a visit from the police. Susie Green is the chief executive of a transgender campaigning group, Mermaids. Caroline Farrow is a Catholic journalist and broadcaster. Mermaids has been criticised for the vehemence with which it insists that young children who have doubts about their sexuality receive medical intervention to transition. And Green is a pioneer in this: she took her own son to America for hormone treatment when he was just 12, because he apparently told Mum that he fancied being a girl. She went to America because such treatment was illegal here. When the kid was 16 she took him to Thailand for genital surgery — again, a course of “treatment” that would have been illegal here at that age.

Green and Farrow debated the transgender issue on television. Later, on Twitter, Farrow referred to Green’s child using a masculine pronoun, because that is what her faith says he is — male — as well as what science says the poor kid is, and what I and probably most British people think he is.

Result? Farrow was told by Surrey police she would be interviewed under caution for “misgendering”. And Green? Her organisation is to receive £500,000 from the national lottery. My own view is that she should be in prison for child abuse and assault. But this is where we are now. Green has since withdrawn her complaint against Farrow.

Is there any hope? Not much. There is this, I suppose — a small straw to cling to as the waters rise over our heads. A man called Matthew Furlong has just won an employment tribunal claim against Cheshire police, after the force denied him a job because he was a white heterosexual male. This is the first time such a verdict has been reached, and commentators noted that “positive discrimination” would have to be more closely watched in future.

You bet. Why should any individual in our country, including Furlong, be discriminated against because of his gender or the colour of his skin? Yet it will continue to happen every day, without fail.”

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