The Thought Police are coming

They will tell you what to think
They will tell you what to say
They will prescribe your reading
And tell you must pray
And bow down to the gender gods
Policed by local cops
Big Brother’s really watching you
And they will never stop.

by Ali Bee

I’ve added a new page to this site. On it are the stories I know about where the police have responded inappropriately to what I believe are, in most cases, spurious complaints, whose overriding purpose is to silence disagreement with transgender ideology.

The police are turning into the trans lobby’s goon squad.

As I live in what is supposedly a country where my right to express an opinion is safeguarded by legislation, I would be very surprised to hear from the police and warned against expressing any negative opinions about them, however much they might not like it.

But were I to go onto social media and say anything like the following:

‘Gender’s fashionable nonsense. Sex is real.’

‘Transwomen aren’t women’

 ‘Gender is BS – pass it on’

‘Having your son castrated on his 16th birthday because he wants to be a girl is child abuse’

it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to have the police contact me. In fact, I exist in a permanent state of half-expecting it, I am prepared for it and, if it ever happens, I won’t take it lying down.

On social media and in many spheres of life, we now find ourselves expected to take on other people’s scientifically unsupported beliefs about gender and identity, as our own. Furthermore, some police forces are labouring under the misapprehension that when a trans activist feels offended by something that is said online, even though it is true and breaks no law, it is their duty to step in and have a word with the “offender”.

It isn’t. It is an abuse of police powers – and it’s time to push back.

So many people are horrified at the fact that virtually every wing of the establishment is in thrall to this iniquitous ideology, that those who become victims of police harrassment over it can be certain of support, not only from the fiery feminist activists and allies – including some in the media – but also from a cross-section of the wider public, who are finally waking up to what’s happening.

An example of a recent case is that of Harry Miller, who was contacted by a police constable for reportedly 30 tweets he made that had offended transactivists, including a retweet of some of the lyrics of this song by Ali Bee.

“We need to check you’re thinking”, said the PC to Harry, who was once a police officer himself.

Check your thinking?

The PC told Harry he’d been on a course and learned that “you can have a foetus with a female brain that grows male body parts and that’s what a transgender person is.”

And if that beggars belief, have a read of Harry’s account of the conversation he had when a police inspector called and described the statement that transwomen aren’t actually women as “engaging in hate”.

What madness is this!

Well, at least Harry didn’t get arrested in front of his own children and locked up in a police cell for seven hours as one woman did. She wasn’t arrested on suspicion of anything that could be described as serious or violent and – as a breast-feeding mother – she was hardly in a position to abscond, so what possible justification was there for treating her like this?

And, in spite of being told that he was being investigated for “hate speech”, at least Harry hasn’t been charged with anything so didn’t have the stress of an impending court case hanging over him for the best part of a year, only for it to be thrown out for lack of evidence by the judge, as happened to Miranda Yardley.

At least he wasn’t interviewed under caution as a ‘test case’ as Posie Parker was and who, it seems, is now being treated the same way by a different police force.

What the hell has happened to make police officers start behaving in this way, which is attracting both ridicule and outrage – especially at a time serious violent crime is so high?



Part of the explanation undoubtedly lies in the fact that they are commissioning “training” from Mermaids charity. I’ve seen and listened to a sample of this training and almost lost the will to live. Unsurprisingly, it is highly ideological rather than scientifically evidenced and the fact that the police are misplacing their trust in this diabolical organisation is alarming many people.

Times journalist, Janice Turner, who listened to the same sample, wrote a must-read column about it: Trans ideologists are spreading cod science.

By the way, rumour has it that these publicly-funded indoctrination – sorry, “training” – sessions are held in a hotel over three days.

Thing used in Mermaids indoctrination to enforce gender stereotypes



Police forces in this country have historically been dominated by white male culture and, as the inquiry by MacPherson found, have sometimes got things catastrophically wrong. It looks as if they are now over-compensating. Being indoctrinated by Mermaids and, as a result, believing in such absurdities as female brains in male bodies, perhaps they don’t realise that there is a world of difference between the racist murder of a teenager and hurting the feelings of autogynephiles. Goodness knows we’ve heard the trans cult make the daft claim that misgendering is violence often enough. Apparently some police officers are daft enough to go along with it.



I’m reminded of when my three assailants were being sought by police. One of them can be seen in the clip below pushing and intimidating a woman on his own side who’d tried to intervene in the assault on me. That this assailant was described as “a man” in a police press release drew a complaint from Zoe O’Connell who, at the time was a Lib Dem councillor in Cambridge and who had posted on his blog a disgusting and libellous account of my behaviour during the assault, which he has not removed, in spite of it being given the lie by the subsequent court case (and, no, I won’t afford lying basket cases like O’Connell the courtesy of using his preferred pronouns).

As a result, the kind and well-intentioned detective constable in charge of my case got a ticking off for it from his superior officer. The two other suspects weren’t ‘gendered’ at all in the press release, even though both had been identified by me as male. Some newspapers made the most of this absurdity and quite right too. What is the point of putting out press releases in the hope that someone will identify and provide information on the suspects if you’re not allowed to give the most important part of the description?

And it’s pretty obvious from his appearance and voice what this particular assailant is, wouldn’t you say?

Petitition: Misgendering is not a crime – End the politicisation of the police


Police Operational Guidance

Police follow College of Policing guidance on ‘hate incidents’ and ‘hate crime’ and a cursory glance at this reveals an obvious problem to those of us who are familiar with transgender ideology and trans activists’ modus operandi.

The problem lies in these words, emphasis added:

perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender.

The core tenet of transgender ideology is that transwomen are women and transmen are men. Those of us with all the parts of our brain working as a team – and that includes many trans people themselves – know that this is not true and we can present sound, valid, scientifically-supported arguments against it. Those who promote this notion cannot. That is why they cynically promote falsehoods and resort to fallacious ad hominems and straw men.

That is why they keep sloganeering stuff like ‘trans rights are human rights’, without ever specifying what ‘rights’ they are referring to. They know that those who challenge that ideology believe trans people should have the same human rights as everyone else but it isn’t a human right to force everyone from prison authorities, to sports bodies to parliamentary candidate selection panels to pretend that trans people are what they are not!

That is why they repeatedly make deliberately ambiguous assertions like ‘trans people’s existence is not up for debate’.

Most significantly, that is why they choose to perceive the merest whiff of disagreement as hatred, why some are devoting a massive amount of time and energy into trying to silence their critics and a few are prepared to go to frightening lengths to do so.

This tweet, one of hundreds found on Twitter by searching “you hate trans people”, is typical.


Those words – “perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice” – are a gift to unscrupulous trans activists, a handful of whom are using them to get the police on board with their strategy of trying to silence critics. The police handling of cases so far reveal an appalling lack of judgment on their part that is, I believe, leading them to actions that are unethical and may be in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights.

Having said all that, the police officer responsible for this account isn’t the only one I’ve heard claim that most police officers have no sympathy with transgender ideology and I’m sure that comes as no surprise to trans people themselves. But how sinister is this claim about gender critical feminists in the police?

…we are terrified of being outed and/or attacked. I run a fairly well known GC Twitter account…and have never mentioned my role in case the TRAs go after me and doxx me. I believe I would lose my job (or at best I’d keep my job but my name would be mud and I would never progress or move to a sought after role in the future). One of my Inspectors is a TW and I have spoken to colleagues about awful behaviour we have seen and heard of, and it is all brushed under the carpet for her when it really wouldn’t be for other officers. There is a grip of fear surrounding trans issues and front line officers imo don’t want to be caught out.

The police need to get their house in order and fast if they have any interest in maintaining public confidence.

In light of recent experience, I’d advise anyone who publicly challenges trans activists to be prepared to record unexpected phone calls from the police. I’ve placed a voice memo app on my mobile where I can find it quickly, should I need to use it to record a conversation on my landline. Remember to put the phone on loudspeaker so both sides of the conversation can be heard. If you’re unsure about the legality of recording phone calls, read this.

Do not let them intimidate you!

I’ll leave you with this performance by Ali Bee.



Published 06.04.19

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