TERF is a slur

The contents of some of the tweets copied from the terf is slur website, in case it ever disappears.

Let me know if ur a terf so I can beat the shit out of you.“Trans women aren’t real women”. Ya know what’ll be real? Your pain when my fist meets your face. I wanna fight a terf in a dimly lit parking lot. I’m not into mass murder but I’ll commit terf genocide if I have to.. That’s the only thing terfs deserve, being doxxed and killed. You know she’s the one when she punches terfs for you. Would you kindly suck my womanly dick. I want to fight every terf in the world.I will fucking fight any terf scum. Terf=trans exclusionary radical feminist…burn them all. Trans women are women. Everyone denying that is invited to die in a fire. Terf voice: I am a piece of trash who does not value trans people and I should be set on fire. I haven’t pissed in the face of a terf in ages.   Terfs should be shot. Hope someone slits Germaine Greer’s saggy throat. Murder Germaine Greer.  Who the fuck is Germaine Greer and how can I kill her? You know I can’t even be bothered setting the terfs on fire myself go and fucking self immolate you cunts. If you are a terf, I want you dead. Round up every terf and all their friends just for good measure and slit their throats one by one. Time to eat a gryo and masturbate furiously to the sound of terfs crying. Suck my girlcock cunts.  Preferably choke on it.

Stop fucking implying that only women menstruate and that all women have vaginas and that everyone with breasts is a woman. The only good terf is a dead terf. My penis doesn’t undo the fact that I’m a woman although I bet it’s longer than yours. Cut your throat, terf. You complain about your period but trans women would give anything for your pain.  Death to all terfs. Go and die in a fire terf abuser. How many times do we need to explain to cis people that there’s no such thing as female biology? Kill all damn terfs. Do you know a terf? Cave their head in with a rock. Impregnating someone doesn’t make a trans woman any less of a woman. Getting pregnant doesn’t make a trans man any less of a man. You vile dirty terf cunts…You’re part of the problem if you talk about pregnant people like they’re all women. Kill every terf you see. All terfs deserve to be shot in the head. Another non-uterus bearer seeking to harm pregnant people with bad laws. I want to set every single terf on fire.  I hope every terf and their disgusting allies literally dies in a fire or from cancer. Female genital mutilation is not exclusive to just females, please stop being so cissexist. Colonize terf faces with a fist. Calling abortion and access to birth control a ‘women’s issue’ is transphobic and violent. Kill all terfs. A trans woman was always a woman so what do you mean by ‘biologically male’? Die terf scum. You’re just being cissexist. Shoot a terf today. Can we take a moment to just recognize that using penetration to define rape and sex is cissexist. Destroy and kill all terfs. Why can’t we throw every terf into the volcano and watch them burn.

Those terfy types seem to want to recast feminism as a support group for people raised female.  All terfs need to cease existing. Wipe them from the Earth. They are a plague to be purged. Feminism shouldn’t just be trans inclusive; it must actively center and elevate trans women. Terfs can choke on my girl dick. Trans inclusive is not enough. In order to collectively accept and embrace trans women as women, we need to center AMAB feminine experience. Somebody slap this terf cunt accross the face. What I’m asking for is the same thing that feminism asks of men: that cis feminism makes collective sacrifices to center trans women. Eliminate terf scum.  If your queer or feminist activism does not center trans women right now you are failing.  I wanna direct a snuff film where multiple terfs get shot in the head but don’t die, they just suffer in agony. Reminder to center transwomen today and every day! If you encounter a terf in the wild, deposit them in the nearest dumpster. For a year plus I have seen cis people say they are down with trans rights yet still assume only women get pregnant. Enjoy my ladydick in your mouth cuntwipe.

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