Tara Flik Wolf mans up to JK Rowling

When I wrote my post about JK Rowling on Wednesday, I wasn’t aware that Tara Wolf – who proudly styles himself ‘Terfslayer’ – had, in his uniquely eloquent style, posted on the same topic on his Facebook page some days earlier. Alas, I only saw it after it had been widely shared on social media but I was pleased to see that Wolf appears to have turned over a new leaf.

He doesn’t say he wants to fuck JK up as he once notoriously said about ‘TERFs’. He doesn’t say he wants to smash her face in as he did about me earlier this year. Instead, he is inviting JK to debate him – and not publicly on some online platform or even by means of private electronic communication which, judging by this former Goldsmiths undergraduate’s command of written English, he would find rather taxing.

No, he is generously suggesting that their… let’s call it ‘exchange of ideas’… should take place publicly right in the heart of London, no doubt so that his devoted disciples can attend and learn as the brilliantly percipient Wolf demolishes the hapless JK with his dazzling oratory.

Just kidding.

Andy Meinke

The dude continues to behave like the ignorant, woman-hating, knuckle-headed thug he has always been and the only notable thing about his comment is the fact that it was ‘liked’ by – amongst over thirty others – Andy Meinke, who acted as Wolf’s adviser in court and who responded to the comment with FB’s new cute little emoji expressing ‘care’. It apparently didn’t occur to Meinke to advise Wolf against publicly posting comments expressing his fantasies about beating up women.

Once it had been publicised, Wolf’s post attracted a few dozen comments from critics – some angry, some mocking but all of them basically making the same point: the man is a jerk. In case this wasn’t already obvious, Wolf obligingly put in an appearance and posted a couple of comments so as not to leave us in any doubt.

But for all the bravado and pretending to love the attention, Wolf deleted the post and responses soon afterwards.

Scrolling down Wolf’s FB page, I was even more delighted to see a post back in April – this one also liked by Andy Meinke – expressing his wish that I die from COVID-19.

It’s a shame he didn’t use my real name and save me the bother of having to explain that Skepticat_UK was the name I used on Twitter and my old blog – the one his mates like trawling through desperately trying to find evidence that I’m the one who is the hateful, violent bigot (see towards the end of this post).

In any event, it gladdens my heart that the man who boasts of being a ‘Terfslayer’ is still so manifestly bothered by the fact that he not only didn’t slay me but that his behaviour – and the contributions of every single person who tried in their various ways to excuse it – gave me and countless others the determination to fight back and keep fighting back until we win.

He may be too dim to realise it but Tara Wolf has proven to be a real asset in the fight against the trans Taliban. May he keep up the good work.


Published 05.06.20

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2 Responses to Tara Flik Wolf mans up to JK Rowling

  • Why does he keep using “cunt” as an insult if he wants to have one? Or, claims he already does. Or, pretends he already does. Or, something.

    This is very confusing.

  • Expecto masculinus toxicmus!

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