Miranda Yardley

Blog: Inside the warped mind of a Trans Rights Activist

A couple of days ago, a trans rights activist (TRA) published an article on Medium entitled, I was one of the transactivists on the channel 4 documentary, I regret what I did — this is why.

The documentary in question – which was, in my opinion, excellent and well worth watching – was Trans Kids: It’s Time To Talk. It aired last week and can currently be viewed on Vimeo.

Quite a few people on the gender critical side of what is laughingly called this “debate” have applauded the author, Esther Betts, for being courageous. It is a sign of the times we live in that admitting you behaved abominably after the evidence that you did has already been broadcast on national TV, is called “courageous”. In any event, others – including me – aren’t quite so charitable.

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