Stephanie Hayden won’t be my friend!

There I was, extending the hand of friendship and not only does he refuse it but he blocks me on FB and then goes and boasts about it on Twitter. I’m broken-hearted, obviously – not only at his rejection of me but at his claim that I’ve “only ever shown hostility and hate” towards him.

That’s just not fair! Why, every time I see him in real life – which, in case you’re wondering, has always been in court watching this notoriously prolific litigant pursue his favourite pastime – I smile warmly and gaze at him fondly. Unfortunately – and probably due to an understandable lack of self-esteem on his part – he invariably misinterprets my well-intentioned and cordial behaviour as hostility and calls me horrid things!

By the way, by “casual defamation” he means, “saying things that are true and supported by evidence or just expressing a personal opinion based on information that is in the public domain”. I have no doubt that if I ever said something that could reasonably be said to be defamatory, he’d be serving papers on me faster than shit off a shovel.

Aww, I sense he really doesn’t like me.

“Maria does not understand boundaries,” says the man who’s been before the criminal courts on eleven occasions for 21 offences and has spent six months in prison for obtaining property by deception.

He could, of course, have just accepted my request or queried it directly with me. Instead, he posted the tweet pretending it was “all very awkward” while manifestly unable to conceal his delight. He even pinned the tweet, meaning that it would remain visible at the top of his timeline for as long as it was pinned and, in subsequent tweets – shown below – he speculates on what I might have been doing looking at his FB page in the middle of the night. Except that in his playbook ‘looking at’ = obsessively stalking which, apart from flattering himself, seems kind of hypocritical from a man who boasted during Kate Scottow’s trial that he discovered her true identity by doing exactly that although, of course, he doesn’t call it obsessive or stalking when he does it.

The trial, which I speak about in a video here, saw Scottow convicted under the Communications Act 2003 for persistently annoying Hayden, who has demonstrated time and again that he won’t take what he dishes out when there’s a chance he can sue or get someone prosecuted.

From a subsequent tweet:

These people are so obsessed that they go searching the social media profiles of transgender people in the early hours of the morning in the hope of finding information to use against them, to harass them, and dox them. This is not normal behaviour IMO. Get life and go to bed.

If looking at someone’s open-to-the-public FB page is ‘obsessed’, I wonder how Hayden would describe his mate James Billingham’s behaviour in actually infiltrating feminists’ FB pages with security settings at maximum and doing exactly what Hayden alleges “these people” do. This is, funnily enough, what that other convicted criminal – Tara Wolf – accused me in court of wanting to do when I was filming the trans cultists at Speakers’ Corner. There is, of course, not one iota of evidence that I have ever wanted to or ever done any such thing but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

OK, time to face the music. This is what happened.

After a pleasant night watching comedy and partaking of a little wine I had a look at my Facebook before going to bed. Not that it matters, but this was actually just after 2 a.m. I was fast asleep well before 3.  On FB, I saw a friend had posted this:

Trying to be helpful, I had the idea of looking at Hayden’s FB to see if there were any pics of him looking like a woman. There weren’t. In the minute or so I was there, apart from accidentally sending a friend request, I simply discovered that Hayden does the same thing that so many trans-identifying men do, which is to post countless selfies taken using a filter which is, of course, a dead giveaway of their transgender status. So, unfortunately, my FB friend will have to make do with one from the usual selection.

I don’t know what the pic was wanted for but, hopefully, we’ll find out in due course. For posterity, here are screencaps of Hayden’s tweets and my favourite responses from his followers. Enjoy – but note that one of them claims to have also got a friend request from me. This is untrue. I don’t even know who this person is.

Also, make sure you don’t have your mouth full when you read Hayden’s tweet implying that he didn’t accept my friend request because he wanted to stay on the moral high ground.

As for you, Hayden, it really isn’t normal behaviour, IMO, to get so orgasmic over an obviously mistaken friend request that you rush to post it on Twitter before seven a.m on a Saturday morning. Get a life.


Update 21.06.20

With reassuring predictability, Hayden is triggered enough by my response to misrepresent it thus.

Just to be clear, I have never actually met Hayden in a toilet queue or anywhere else. Obviously, I wouldn’t have been in a toilet queue with him because he’s a bloke and I’ve no idea why he would lie about this. I recall some months ago he said this:

Hayden and I both know this is a lie. There was NO queue for the ladies. I walked along an empty corridor to reach the toilet and as I entered it I saw Hayden walking down the corridor several metres behind me. There was no ‘meeting’ and he has no idea whether I was bothered to see him following me or not. But I am gratified to know he felt he needed protection from me in real life. It’s so much easier to be brave online.

What a sad sack.

Published 20.06.20

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4 Responses to Stephanie Hayden won’t be my friend!

  • you come across as a really disingenuous, spiteful and bitter person in this post. quelle surprise.

    • Whereas you come across as courageous, intelligent and witty.

      Oops, no, sorry. I meant you come across as a waste of space who gets off on posting insults while hiding under the cowardly cloak of anonymity.

      Takes all sorts, eh? ?

    • Nice line in irony. You mean quelle surprise that someone who is first beaten up then lied about and bullied by the shits of the earth for ever afterwards manages to keep a sense of humour and uses it to wipe the floor with scum like you.

  • Hilarious! You possess what many of the TAs lack, witty sparking humour!

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