Some trans activists must be the dumbest people alive!

I think it’s fairly well-established now that transgender ideology is based on unsupportable tenets and that those promoting it cannot put a coherent argument together. Instead, they rely on misrepresenting the position of their opponents and labelling us in a manner intended to, at best, dismiss our arguments as unworthy of consideration, at worst, mark us out as legitimate targets for intimidation and violence.

Encouragingly, I’m meeting more and more transgender people who are reasonable, who can empathise with us, who are capable of remaining civil in disagreement and who are brave enough to put their heads above the parapet. Others – and their allies – comprise what I call the ‘trans cult’ and they seem to be the dumbest people alive. Or the most dishonest. Or both.

A typical example surfaced last week when a photo of a sticker produced by the National Front was shared on social media by so-called “trans rights activists”. The National Front is a British fascist group that many people thought had disappeared a few decades ago. There is nothing particularly surprising about the sticker, which says: “Don’t be a gender offender. Support the traditional family.” It includes an outline image of a traditional family: Father – taller than the rest – stands behind mother, daughter and son, with his arms stretched protectively around them. All are attired and coiffured in a style typical of the 1950s. The message couldn’t be clearer: ‘Your sex defines your place in the world – do not rebel against heterosexuality, marriage or rigid gender stereotypes and roles’. Of course, devotees of the trans cult think the sticker is all about them.

It is also unsurprising that the photo was being circulated with the narrative that the sticker has something to do with feminists by a certain trans activist, who is both exceedingly dumb and possibly the most shameless liar in England (being responsible for the ‘headlock’ meme about me). What is surprising to me is the number of people who appear to have bought into that narrative.

I mean, what possible overlap is there between feminism – which, in its authentic form fights for female liberation – and fascism? How unutterably stupid can you be not to see that the sticker promotes the very antithesis to radical feminist ideology? Do they actually think that radical feminists are really all gender-conforming heterosexual women who dream of traditional marriage and motherhood?

I don’t think so. I think they’re even more stupid than that. I think they only need to see or hear someone say, “Oh, look – the NF are TERFs!” and they get orgasmic. “We’ve been calling them Nazis for long enough, now we’ve got the hard evidence!”

Yes, they’ve been calling us Nazis for long enough and, in doing so, make themselves look ridiculous. Let me borrow from a previous post, in which I listed a few things that made the Nazis notorious.

  • Attempted genocide of Jews and gypsies
  • Mass murders of other civilian populations in many places in Europe
  • Forcible medical experiments on adults and children
  • Euthanasia of physically or mentally impaired children
  • Forcible sterilization of those with hereditary conditions
  • Persecution of homosexuals with thousands of gay men sent to concentration camps

And what is that makes gender critical feminists notorious and targets for abuse and violence?

  • Refusing to countenance that people born male can be women.

And we – unlike trans activists – don’t threaten, carry out or celebrate violence against anyone, we don’t try to silence anyone, and we don’t try to prevent anyone meeting, whether by trying to get venues to cancel bookings or by bringing our bodily strength to prevent physical access to them. We don’t even encourage children to become the subjects of medical experiments. On a spectrum with regressive, violent, authoritarian politics at one end, the trans activists are a lot closer to that end than we are but, as part of their strategy of trying to discredit us, demoralise us and divert attention from what we are actually saying, they pretend it’s the other way round and some trans allies are indeed dumb enough to believe it.

Let’s just have a look at what is actually being said:

This is what an ‘ideology’ actually looks like…the terf/bigot/racist/evangelical crossover is overt.

This doesn’t stand up to a nanosecond’s scrutiny. There is no ‘cross-over’ at all. The position of gender critical feminists is that ‘woman’ means ‘adult, human, female’ and nothing else. You can’t be ‘born in the wrong body’, you can’t change sex, if you are male you are not a woman and cannot become one and vice versa. That is not bigotry, that is a position supported by biology and shared by all sane and rational people, including sane and rational transgender people. All anyone can do is present as their idea of the other sex and live as whatever ‘living as’ a member of the other sex means to them. And that is fine as long as they don’t impinge on the rights and well-being of anyone else. For a surprisingly high number of transgendering males, however, ‘living as a woman’ means spending time online promoting violence against women. And sometimes it means being violent in real life.

This is the classic transcult tactic of pretending that gender critical feminists believe that trans people don’t – or shouldn’t be allowed to – exist, that they aren’t ‘valid’, that they should be deprived of basic human rights, etc. But this is just so much bovine manure they fling out when cornered by an argument they can’t refute.

The response from Tracey Jensen – selected out of all the daft responses because she happens to be one of the Aunt Lydias of academia that I blogged about recently – is, of course, a classic ‘guilt by association’ fallacy, which is a form of ad hominem. Jensen thereby demonstrates that even academics can lack critical thinking skills. In this case it’s inexcusable because, of course, no feminist “keeps company” with fascists. Fascists hate feminists almost as much as trans activists do. If I wanted to sink to their level I could show some of the tweets that were levelled at me by boorish, misogynistic, right-wing men after news of my assault went viral and say, “The cross-over is overt…” even though, to be fair, none of them actually celebrated the violence in the way that the trans cult did and none of them pretended I was the aggressor like trans cultists did.

As I once said on Twitter, “To everyone who seems to think they are making some kind of killer point when they say both gender critical feminists and religious conservatives oppose transgender ideology, I’d like to remind you that you’ve got this guy on your side.” The guy in question being David Challenor, who is detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for the foreseeable future.

But the fact that some of those who promote transgender ideology are brutes or sexual perverts or both, is not the reason transgender ideology is flawed. An argument has to be evaluated on its content and not on the person making it. If an argument is based on true premises that lead to a logical conclusion, it is a valid argument even it is made by a man who raped and tortured a little girl while he was dressed as a baby. (I hasten to add that I’m not aware of any valid argument made by David Challenor or by any of the men who see being violent and abusive as part of ‘living as a woman’.)

By the same token, if fascists agree that a woman can only be an adult human female, that doesn’t make it a bad argument. As far as I’m aware, this would be the only argument that fascists and feminists can expect to have in common. Feminists reject gender stereotypes; fascists – like many trans activists – embrace them.

For those with a mind to read more about this, let me introduce you to the Genetic Fallacy.

I live in hope of one day hearing valid argument from a member of the trans cult but they just don’t seem capable of putting them together. In the meantime, I would say to everyone who is demoralised, intimidated or distressed by the constant lies and labelling (TERF, bigot, Nazi, transphobe etc.) Don’t be. They do it to divert attention from the serious and legitimate concerns feminists raise about the effect of transgenderism on women and children. And, believe me, you become immune to the insults. (Frustration at both the stupidity and dishonesty remains a problem, however.)


Published 11.01.19

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4 Responses to Some trans activists must be the dumbest people alive!


    You have to read this shit on Sunday Morning Coming Down after you have coughed in your sleep and your nearly sixty year old female body which bore seven children has let you down. It is Fucking Hilarious……

  • When is the documentary about the abuse, lies and general hatred from TRAs towards women (and all those who hold biological truth above a recently constructed ideology) being made?

    I imagine there is no film maker prepared to risk his career to show the world the truth. This is not a criticism of film makers. I have seen how people’s livelihoods have been screwed over by activists.

    Only when the public are exposed to the truth will we begin to win this fight.

  • Absolutely, positively razor sharp and brilliant! Truth sparkles.

  • Excellent, absolutely spot on, as always.

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