Shame on you, Canada.

I originally posted a few paragraphs of this story on the front page of this site under the title, ‘Shame on you Toronto’. As I like to keep front-page stories short and this one keeps growing, I’m turning it into a blog post.

Meghan Murphy is a Canadian feminist who has the courage to do what feminists are supposed to do and stand up for women. She is the creator of the excellent Feminist Current site.

Opposed to her are those who prioritise the feelings of men and their entitlement to redefine what women are.

I first got wind of the fact that Meghan Murphy was scheduled to speak at an event – organised by a group called ‘Radical Feminists Unite’ – in a building belonging to the Toronto Public Library (TPL) when I saw something about a bunch of local authors threatening to boycott the library.

Alicia Elliot, Catherine Hernandez and Carrianne Leung launched a petition entitled, ‘Stop Hate Speech from Being Spread at the Toronto Public Library’, stating that,

If this event moves forward, the signed writers and publishing professionals will no longer, in clear conscience, participate in TPL events. In addition, in solidarity with the trans community, we will stage peaceful demonstrations both online and in front of the Palmerston branch on the night of the event.

They were supported by other writers, including Michael Redhill and Zoe Whittall. (You’re forgiven for not knowing who any of these people are.) Whittal urged people on Twitter to sign the petition and was reported by a Canadian newspaper as saying,

I doubt very much that the (Toronto Public Library) would rent a room to an anti-gay activist in 2019. Why rent to an anti-trans activist?

It’s depressing that this utterly stupid comparison to anti-gay activists keeps being made even though I explained ages ago why it’s a crap argument.

The petition also complains that Meghan

has publicly argued that trans women are dangerous to cis women, and should not have access to women’s locker rooms, bathrooms or prisons. In May of this year Murphy travelled to Scotland to speak out against the country’s reform of their Gender Recognition Act to be more inclusive of trans people, saying it would “nullify women’s rights.” On top of that, she has also been banned from Twitter for violating their Hateful Conduct Policy.

Ah, yes. Meghan was banned from Twitter for calling Jessica Yaniv ‘him’ before they had even created this rule compelling people to submit to an ideology they disagree with and use other people’s preferred pronouns. But calling a man who was suing immigrant women trying to make their way in their adopted country for refusing to wax his testicles ‘him’ instead of ‘her’ is obviously such an appalling, brutal and hateful act that her banning is quite justifiable in the eyes of morons with fascist inclinations. I’m talking about you: Alicia Elliot, Catherine Hernandez, Carrianne Leung and everyone who signed your disgusting, dishonest petition.

As for pointing out that some men are dangerous to women – what’s wrong with that? Goodness knows there are enough reports of violent and sexual crimes to show that predatory and violent men don’t stop being predatory and violent when they start calling themselves ‘transgender’. (And, obviously, not all men – including those who claim to be women – are predatory or violent! This shouldn’t need repeating but it does because cultists are so intent on ascribing to their critics claims we’ve never made.)

As I’ve said more times than I can count, just the presence of a perceptibly male person in a space you expect to find only women can be enough to frighten and traumatise many women and girls, given that so many of us have endured sexually inappropriate behaviour from men.

I can understand why these men, who are desperate for what they call ‘validation’, don’t want a strong articulate woman to be heard talking about such inconvenient truths but what is it with these women supporting them? I don’t get it and the content of the petition provides no answers. Instead, they characterise Meghan as one who seeks to “disseminate hate speech”.  In their jaundiced handmaidenly view, pointing out vile and hateful behaviour that threatens and upsets women is “hate speech” if the men who behave like that “identify” as women.

In a province where 20% of trans folks have been physically or sexually assaulted due to their identity, and 34% have been verbally threatened or harassed, we should be safeguarding access to public institutions to our most vulnerable. Offering Murphy a platform means denying the resources and promise of safe and equitable space to trans communities.


Feminists like Meghan who defend the right of people to express themselves as they please – provided they cause no harm to others – are not responsible for physical and sexual assaults nor threats and harassment of trans people or anyone else. If you are going to claim otherwise then the onus is on you to explain how. Violent transphobic thugs like the ones I’ve exposed here and the ones who are violent in real life are not feminists and are not influenced by feminist ideas any more than the trans activists who threaten and carry out violence against us are.

Why don’t these sanctimonious twits put their big girl pants on and engage with the actual content of what Meghan says? Invite her to debate with one of them? Let us hear their astoundingly brilliant arguments of why we should think of adult human males as if they are women exactly like us and accept them into our spaces – especially the ones who boast about their ‘lady-dicks’ and post selfies of their erections on social media, the ones who’ve used those ‘lady-dicks’ to rape women and under-age girls, the ones who would punch an older woman in the face without a thought then claim it was self-defence? Why don’t they do that instead of telling bare-faced lies about Meghan Murphy’s views?

Once again, trans activist bullies did their utmost to harass and intimidate peaceful women wanting to attend a meeting and discuss the impact that transgender ideology is having on their lives. Once again, it seems the police stood by and allowed hundreds of protesters to yell at and abuse the women attending the meeting because intimidation and abuse are the only weapons at the trans cult’s disposal. They have no rational arguments, no basic human decency and no respect for the rights of others to disagree.

Here’s a report from the scene by Sue-Ann Levy.

Note: Shouting ‘trans rights are human rights’ doesn’t cut it. What ‘rights’ are we talking about here? The right to cheat women out of places in sports teams and medals tables? The right to access women’s changing rooms and deprive us of the privacy, dignity and feeling of safety those places afford us? The rights of rapists and paedophiles to serve their sentences alongside vulnerable women prisoners? No. Those are not ‘human’ rights; those are male privileges that hurt women.

No feminist – and certainly not Meghan – has ever suggested that trans people shouldn’t have the same human rights as everyone else. No less – but no more either.

Meghan’s talk at TPL was entitled Gender Identity: What does it mean for society, the law and women?  A video of it is available and a slightly edited transcript of her talk can be read on her website. It is a shame that she had to spend any time at all correcting the falsehoods that had been spread about her or pointing out the irony of the protesters’ behaviour.

What she says early on in her talk bears repeating:

So, actually, let’s talk about bigotry — what does that word mean? “Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.” And let’s consider, for a moment, who it is, in this debate that is intolerant. Who is inside this room to have a conversation, to consider valid questions and concerns coming from primarily women; who wishes to form their own opinion, based on information and rational thought, rather than mob mentality; and who is it that’s decided to vilify, hate, threaten, bully, ostracize, and silence. Based on no information, a refusal to listen, a refusal to engage, and based on invented, dehumanizing stereotypes.

Please do either read the whole transcript or watch the video or do both because what she goes on to describe is horrific and it beggars belief that this is going on in what is supposed to be a liberal democracy.

It gets worse.

There were many accusations on social media that the TPL was breaking the law by allowing this meeting to go ahead. Head librarian, Vickery Bowles, in an interview with a dreadful woman called Carol Off, pointed out that:

It’s not defined under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms … as a hate speech. Otherwise, Megan Murphy would not be allowed to speak about these things. She would be facing criminal charges. But she’s not. Sometimes … when you’re defending free speech, you’re in a very uncomfortable position where you’re defending perspectives and ideas and viewpoints that many in the community, or a few in the community, whatever, find offensive. But it’s at that time that it’s most important to stand up for free speech. That is what makes Canada a democratic country, and that is what we need today more than ever.

In refusing to submit to pressure even from Toronto’s Mayor, John Tory, Vickery Bowles has turned out to be one of the heroes of this debacle and Tory isn’t the only politician that could learn something about honesty, decency and integrity from her.

Even though Vickery Bowles has publicly explained the rigorous process by which the library’s current policy governing third-party bookings had been arrived at in consultation with lawyers and a constitutional expert, a local Councillor called Kristyn Wong-Tam proposed a motion that another review of that policy be undertaken in consultation with Toronto’s LGBTQ community. In proposing the motion, Wong-Tam strongly implied that the library’s policy doesn’t already align with the city’s human rights and anti-discrimination policies, which I find hard to believe, given the work that went into getting it absolutely right. Unless, of course, the city’s human rights and anti-discrimination policies specify that any criticism of transgender ideology, any suggestion that that ideology might hurt women, should be forbidden, in which case Toronto’s human rights and anti-discrimination policies aren’t worthy of their name.

Kristyn Wong-Tam refers to “the protection of residents from discrimination harassment and intolerance especially those who are living with homophobia and transphobia targeted at them” thereby giving yet more credence to the absurd suggestion that feminists discussing their concerns are guilty of “hate speech”.

I have personally heard from friends who are very hurt on the particular matter and I want to just acknowledge that that hurt is is something that we need to be mindful of … especially for those who are trans and non-binary people that they are especially hurt because they felt that their city and, more importantly, their beloved Toronto library institution didn’t back them when they need it to.

They are hurt because a public library wouldn’t support them in trying to prevent a feminist being heard describing some of the horrible things that have been happening to women and women’s services. Jesus wept, this is absolutely unbelievable!

The motion was passed 20-1.

After Toronto, the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver were forced to relocate Meghan’s speaking engagement there, after threats of violence by the cult. See Free speech event at SFU in jeopardy after threats of violence.

SFU’s Director of Security assessed the security risk as “11 out of 10” and suggested violence could be used by a group called the Coalition Against Trans Antagonism, which is not affiliated with the university.

In no time at all trans activists were celebrating their mistaken belief that they’d managed to get the event cancelled. Is it possible to imagine a more ridiculous comment than the one shown right? “Defend the lives of queer folk”, as if their lives were in any way threatened by women listening to Meghan Murphy. For crying out loud, these people are bonkers!

In fact, another venue was quickly found in downtown Vancouver and the meeting went ahead. The video of it, which I’ve yet to watch, is here.

Inevitably, some protesters showed up and behaved despicably, necessitating a heavy police presence.


The bright pink sign says, “your identity is valid even if you’re not entirely sure what it is”. Seriously.

And  check this out: ‘Anti-bigotry’ activist was super racist outside Meghan Murphy event

By the way, here’s a report of yet another writer – this time in Edmonton – publicly condemning his local head librarian because she congratulated Vickery Bowles on her principled stand.

And here is some of what Canadian transgender speaker, Jenn Smith – who, I’m told, was banned from Twitter for stating his male pronouns – has to endure every time he gives a talk. This one was in Victoria, BC.

As we have seen time and time again in different countries, these people are not interested in debate and prefer to spend their time and energy trying to stop feminists and our allies being heard. As a result, venue after venue after venue has cancelled scheduled talks under pressure from trans activist bullies.

So far as I know, not one of these venue cancellations has prevented the targeted event from going ahead elsewhere and with increased publicity. In the UK at least, this behaviour by trans activists has resulted in a growing backlash against the transgender lobby and quite right too. It’s high time the same happened in Canada which, frankly, looks like a terrifying place to be for anyone daring to express an opinion the trans cult doesn’t like.

Although the lack of protest outside the latest WPUK meeting might suggest our home-grown bullies are learning from their mistakes and realising that these tactics are losing them public sympathy, I still urge anyone attending these meetings to get themselves organised to meet in advance in large groups and take with you personal alarms, which you can use to do to the bullies what they are doing to us and drown out their voices. Think about other ways of resisting that are legal and expose the police for their failure to do their job in keeping the peace and protecting victims of harassment.

I’d just like to give the final word to my friend, the delightfully erudite Pia in Australia, whose reaction to the woke mob in Toronto precisely echoes my own.

Nicely put, Pia.

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Published 04.11.19

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