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Stand Up for Female Rights – Say NO to Changing the GRA!

All the information you need about responding to the consultation is available from Fair Play for Women. Go and sign up now!

Updated to add: WPUK have also added guidance to their website here.

From the Government Website

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

Government response to women’s petition 5.6.18

Government respond to petition: Consult with women on proposals to enshrine ‘gender identity’ in law

“The Government has not yet decided whether or not to introduce a self-declaration model, and will not change the Equality Act 2010 provisions which support organisations to run single sex services.”

Here is a helpful unrolled Twitter thread by James Kirkup.

“Some facts about the events that preceded the Government statement here that the coming consultation on the Gender Recognition Act will be narrowly drawn and not affect the Equality Act’s single sex exemptions. “

And here is one by a feminist lawyer:

Gender identity is not, and will not anytime soon become, a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

And now a news story:

Ministers put curbs on trans rights The Times


Further Information

A useful Factsheet by Sages (removed)

“Following the publication of the Transgender Equality Report, the UK government intends to consult on amending the Gender Recognition Act. This will have significant impacts on both trans people and others, especially women, children, and the lesbian and gay community. This fact sheet explains the proposed changes and some of the implications.”

And a very helpful and interesting two-part look at the history of transgender legislation has been published by Fair Play for Women and Girls. Here’s a link to the first part.

Transgender rights: How did we get here? Part 1 Equality Law


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