Rattling the Honey Badger’s cage

What members of the trans cult are too stupid to realise is that every time they post abuse or threaten violence against those of us standing up to their attempts to bully us into submission, they give us ammunition against them.

And what they’re too stupid to realise about me in particular, is that when they show in no uncertain terms that I’ve managed to rattle their cage – which I do by refusing to stop calling out their abuse and attempts to intimidate me – it gladdens my heart.

Since having launched this website at the end of 2017, I’ve only received one abusive comment through the contacts page and that was from somebody calling himself “Big Frank” and using a fake email address.

“Big Frank” didn’t like something I’d said about a friend of his.

What “Big Frank” realised is that when you use the contact form on this site, there is nothing to stop you from demonstrating that you’re a coward and entering a false email address.

What he didn’t realise is that I can find out whether the email address is a real one by responding to it, which I did. It didn’t bounce back so I knew it was real. My first thought was that my abuser had taken on a new gmail address to be able to abuse me and anyone else anonymously. Easy enough to do and only worth bothering about if done repeatedly.

But, to my astonishment, I saw that entering that address into the email field had triggered google into finding the (real) owner of that address and adding his rather attractive profile pic to it because that is what google does. Here is what the correspondence in my inbox looked like.

I googled the profile pic and found it belonged an American who’d posted a number of reviews on a review site. Admittedly, at the time of contacting him, I hadn’t worked out what had happened and thought my anonymous correspondent had simply stolen a pic off the web. But then the man asked me what email address they’d given. I told him and he said it was his. And everything fell into place. Here are a few extracts from his side of our conversation.

No, he didn’t hack into the real Frank’s email. He simply made up an email address, not realising or caring that it was already owned by someone else.

I know that “Honey Badger” is a typical fetishist’s name but I don’t imagine they all write with such a thick Scouse accent. I also know that my Honey Badger has left abusive comments on other feminists’ blogs, as well as on the blog of transsexual Miranda Yardley. He gets off on abusing women – and transsexuals too, evidently – but he types well enough with one hand, so no harm done.

And he apparently doesn’t realise just how much information he gives away about himself when he posts on a blog.

Honey Badger and I had a pleasant exchange that went like this:

I then banned the email address “Honey Badger” was using, which meant any subsequent comments posted giving that email address would go straight into the bin without me even knowing about them and he’d have to use a different email address to be able to comment publicly. If he did so, he would give me even more information about him. After seeing that he was on this site this morning, I couldn’t resist looking in the bin. He’d posted two very similar comments, and I approved them just long enough to take screenshots before binning them again.

Here they are:

The reference to my underwear, by the way, is this enchanting picture of me, which Badger finds very triggering for some reason. Gorgeous sexagenarians must be his thing.

Anyway, after two failed attempts to post, it finally penetrated his thick skull that I’d blocked him and he obliged me by posting a third time, from the same device but using a different email address and this time calling himself…wait for it…

He was obviously fed up having already bashed out two abusive rants so kept the third one short but didn’t have the brains not to repeat any of what he’d said in his other persona, the one in which he called himself “Honey Badger”.

A few thoughts on these comments:

The first is that I am repeatedly called a liar but my abuser doesn’t specify what he thinks I’m lying about, let alone provides any proof that I am and that is because he can’t. I have never lied about anything on this blog and every time I state something as fact, I support it with evidence.

He, on the other hand, is a proven liar and not very good at it. It will have been obvious to everyone that the “Big Frank” persona was the biggest cock and bull story since the virgin birth, even before I showed the evidence that he was a fabrication.

Secondly, there is no doubt in my mind about the real identity of this individual. I believe he is obsessed with hating on feminists; I also believe he has participated in the ongoing hate campaign against Caroline Farrow. Far from being what he absurdly calls a “cis het bloke”, he is a trans-identifying bully and autogynephile. Goodness knows, I’ve had enough abuse from the likes of him to be able to recognise the modus operandi. It’s not uncommon for them to claim to be what they call “cis” while hiding under the cowardly but convenient cloak of anonymity. I, however, can tell the difference between the different kinds of detractors and the most abusive are, invariably, men who present as (their warped idea of) women.

Underneath the lipstick and dresses invariably lies an old-fashioned misogynist who calls women ‘ugly old slags’ and thinks it bothers us.

How little they understand women.



Published 28.04.19

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12 Responses to Rattling the Honey Badger’s cage

  • For info. I understand Rev Stu got similar emails/messages.

    He traced the IP address and it was a Manchester Talktalk address.

  • Well done for sussing him Maria.Some people are so insecure they can only feel ok when putting down someone else. Sad f**k.

  • Arsehole full of wind and too scared of you to give his real name. You should’ve gone to prison for telling the truth and for not managing to remember to indulge some thug’s fantasy? Sheesh!

    And what’s with “Justice Grant”? Doesn’t he get it was tried in a Magistrates Court?

    • Oh that would have been fantastic! Imagine the damage that judge would have done to his reputation and the trans fascists’ cause if he’d sent me to prison?

      I don’t know why Thicko seems to have promoted Grant in that fervent imagination of his, lol.

  • LMAO, Maria, you legend!

    I suspect this lad isn’t very well and even though he comes across as a total turd, I feel a bit sorry for him, especially coming up against you!

    But why is he putting quotes around “husband”, is he accusing you of living in sin? LOL.

    • I’ve no idea why he would think I’d call him my husband if he wasn’t my husband. The man is a dipstick but he won’t be coming back here.

  • I love the way he calls you a liar, then accidentally reveals he made up an imaginary friend to back his own lies! What an intellect.
    Nothing else to love about such trolls. I wish you didn’t have to put up with it. Thank you for all your work.

    • you dont even no who the honey badger is mclachlan ye little tramp…

      • Yes, I do. Your name is Michelle-Louise Burrows (formerly Lewis) and you are currently living in Stalmine nr Poulton-le-Fylde. As you sound like a Scouser and support the Reds, I’d guess you were born in Liverpool.

        • Can you prove that, Ms MacLachlan?

          I am a friend of her husband so I’ll just warn you now that your comment is now in the hands of her solicitors and if you do not remove this slanderous allegation you will be dealt with.

          • Oh good. I welcome the opportunity to present the evidence I have to a judge. Thank you.

  • Really sorry that you suffer such appalling abuse.

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